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    Pharaoh - Lockdown Guide

    Hi my name is Remco and I write this guide about Pharaoh to show my experience with him and share it with you guys. I am not saying that I am a godlike Pharaoh player, but i still go my experiences with him, even some competitive.

    Before reading this guide please note that this is my opinion and I don't adjust this guide to people who yell/rage about my build-up

    Hero Description

    Base hp 606 ( I find this not incredibly high but ok, makes him balanced)
    Base mana 221 ( Same here)
    Base armor 2.9 ( high enough)
    Base movespeed 310 ( Mind = Blown, this is incredibly high, but he needs it)
    Str 24 Gain 2.4
    Agi 13 Gain 1.2
    Int 17 Gain 1.3
    Again is not high but it what makes him balanced,

    His attack animation is amazing if you can handle it even though his agi is really low and his gain also.
    Damage is 55-57 ( Its quite good but i also like the little difference between his max power hit and min power hit, had a little problems with his 37-55 I think)

    Alright Skils

    Here I am going to show you Pharaoh his spells and explain how to use it

    Pharaoh his Hellfire is an amazing awesome skill, it interupts spells like ,and their ulties and grip and his fissure.
    I prefer getting this spell either on level 7 and max it out on 12-13-14 or on 10-12-13-14

    This, This is the ****. This makes Pharaoh in what he is, into how I play him. Its everything you can imagine.
    Its a harras dealing 100true damage and 100 Mana burn, Combined with Tormented soul its quite a harrasment, I will come back later on this.
    Its quite the lockdown, combined with hellfire and a barbed armor just counter-initiate and pop wall and just look at them doing nothing scared of you and your mummies of doom.

    Again this is a proper good harrasment and last hitting tool ( no not last hitting heroes, but creeps). Or even those more skilled in math and soul skills you can even snipe ( shoot somewhere on the map with right calculation to kill an enemy who ran with low hp to kill them)
    Also a good reveal to help your lane and other lanes revealing ganks because of the reveal, Or to see where there trilane goes to either counter it or you have to go in it and tower hug (x.x)G-('-'Q).

    Great ultimate with a good AoE stun and damage you can say that the damage is low but its balanced for what you do with it, might even me quite Overpowered.
    Once you hit some skill level with this ultimate you should never miss it and almost always hit more then one target with it.
    The Staff of the Master effect is nice, but now what you will really be aiming for on Pharaoh

    Pharaoh his skill build!
    First I will say it and then explain, its goes like this
    2 - 3 - 3 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 1 - 4 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 5 - 4 - 5^10

    Or if you prefer 3 On level 1 to scout the enemy trilane

    3 - 2 - 3 - etc

    Okay now in normal English
    Build 1

    Level 1 - Tormented Soul
    Level 2 - Wall of Mummies
    Level 3 - Tormented Soul
    Level 4 - Wall of Mummies
    Level 5 - Tormented Soul
    Level 6 - Wrath of the Pharaoh
    Level 7 - Tormented Soul
    Level 8 - Wall of mummies
    Level 9 - Wall of mummies
    Level 10 - Hellfire
    Level 11 - Wrath of the Pharaoh
    Level 12 - Hellfire
    Level 13 - Hellfire
    Level 14 - Hellfire
    Level 15 - Stats
    Level 16 - Wrath of the Pharaoh

    Build 2

    Level 1 - Wall of Mummies
    Level 2 - Tormented Soul
    Level 3 - Tormented Soul
    Level 4 - Wall of Mummies
    Level 5 - Tormented Soul
    Level 6 - Wrath of the Pharaoh
    Level 7 - Tormented Soul
    Level 8 - Wall of mummies
    Level 9 - Wall of mummies
    Level 10 - Hellfire
    Level 11 - Wrath of the Pharaoh
    Level 12 - Hellfire
    Level 13 - Hellfire
    Level 14 - Hellfire
    Level 15 - Stats
    Level 16 - Wrath of the Pharaoh

    Pharaoh his Item build
    Again this is how I build him and has been working out 24/7 for me

    Begin game items
    For Obvious reasons

    Stops harassment

    Turn it into a Ring of the Teacher late
    53 g for + 1 Stats its cool
    Early game items

    And no ghosts. I know ghosts are recommended but you just don't need them, you do need the HP and your base MS is already that high just abuse it

    If you did buy the Minor totem and are not wanting to buy a Power supply and you still want the +70 ms and the more hp and even some armor you should be getting this ( I did not try it out yet but I will do in the soon distance and give feedback)

    Mana (0.65) and Armor (+3) aura to push the tower then the enemy lanes is gone, And the +6 damage helps you laning

    Helps you with mana problems, get power supply when your enemy lanes spams his spells or a bottle when you just like it more.
    I Most of the time get both

    I know it is cheesy but just use the flying courier to ferry the bottle around

    Always, Always no I am not joking ALWAYS carry one with you, Once you hit 6 you can just tp in and get a couple of easy frags. Usefull if the enemy trilanes/tower dive.

    Mid-Game items

    It just makes you the lockdown hero you want to be , You just leap onto people pop it and they can't do anything about it, Many people will just get stressed when you leap onto them in teamfights and pop barbed so they get all confused. Also if people know what they are doing they will ignore you for the duration of the barbed so you can just stand there and auto-attack and get some nice hellfire dps
    The stats on it are also quite nice

    If you really want to, I prefer not.

    After reading a comment about that puzzle box should be core I realised I forgot this item. It is pretty good if you combine it with your wall and gives the extra ms you lack if you went for steams, because allot of people favour ghosts for some reason

    Alright, only get this when you are able to get it in 20 minutes and they have a trilane, all you have to do is ulti - codex and there goes a support. But don't buy it if it really late in the game or if you delay your barbed.

    You should get this as first item so right after ghosts marchers ( dismantle and then turn into steams later)

    You should also get only one level of it because most of the support players hp will stay low. Since this item is used to kill supports as Pharaoh if you get it

    Should not get this in a 2/1/2 build, as you should not play Pharaoh with a 2/1/2 build because then this build will fallter

    Remember your ring of the teacher? turn it into this. It will help your carry ( melee or ranged doesn't matter) and will help you a bit also, just a little.
    Also goes good with your puzzlebox

    Or you make a nomes wisdom if you have a an int carry as main carry (like repulsor and tort) Its quite cheap in my opinion and helps out your team allot.
    The stat gain is also quite nice

    If they have lots of magic AoE damage, Helps your team out and urself just like the item above.

    End-game Items.

    If you actually managed to get this you should have already won the game but okay.

    From here on you buy buybacks because that will help your team more then buying more items

    Okay for those who did not understand about how to play Pharaoh with the build up I mention then please pay some atention to this part

    Your team pushed up the bottom tower hoping to force a teamfight ( you are legion) your team exists out of lvl 7(no pk)lvl 6(striders only(warded so you can see tp's to tower and rune spot) lvl 11 ( has ghosts, bottle, powersupply) and lvl 11 ( who has steams and firebrand because of you epic Pharaoh ganks) and there is you, lvl 10 who has Steams bottle powersupply and Ring of the teacher

    Vs a team existing out of lvl 10, lvl 12, lvl 5, lvl 10 , lvl 4.

    In this situation you will be going in first because of the lack of pk on magmus, You should focus on the hero with the most team fight potential in this it would be hag or defiler, But hag has her blink so it would be difficult to get to here without her blinking away.
    So you should focus on Defiler.

    Imagine the same Situation again but with magmus with a pk

    In this case you will be going in second to lockdown defiler, Magmus should be taking the heat from your back and you and flint will be happy bashing into defiler and destroying that ultmate. ( killing defiler is extremely easy with a barbed ( ghosts also deal dmg to defiler vs barbed)

    Some Q and A ( Questions comming from myself and Answers also)
    If you have any Questions please enter it in the comment section)

    When will I pick Pharaoh in a public game?
    Never, Unless you will be able to solo a side-lane which will almost never happen with a public game unless you are in the higher tier list.

    So you claim Pharaoh can't dual lane?, But I did great last game look at match replay **********
    Yes I belive Pharaoh will be a waste of a slot in a dual lane because he requires farm and then you will have some babysit stealing your xp, making him even more useless then you will be because you are underleveled. Pharaoh requires an Experience advantage in order to play him, You can still do great, but no as great as you would in a solo lane.

    Why is Pharaoh so good in a solo lane?
    Well, He has two herrasing skills, Wall of mummies and Tormented Soul. These two skills will be able to dominate you lane as soon you ding level 5'ish not saying you will not be able to dominate without those levels but as soon as you get that level you will be at your best.

    I have mana problems with Pharaoh, What to do?
    You should be buying a bottle, I know it is cheesy but it works, Just ferry it around with a courier ( Yes this is lame). Also a ring of the teacher will really help you out.

    What role(s) do(es) Pharaoh have?
    Most see him as an initiater but I can't see it, his HP is to low and his gain also. You can say you can buy items to fix this but it really wont work, also you dont have the big AoE stun, you can say his ulti is but it just isn't as scarry as magmus his ulti, or behemoth his Roflstomp.

    So what role do you play him as?
    As a lock-down hero and I find him unique in his purpose, Hellfire -> ulti -> Wall -> barbed -> GG, the poor victim can't do anything without damaging himself except for damaging the other players on Pharaoh his team. You should be going in after the initial intitation, And no HES NOT A BLOODY TANK THERE ARE NO TANKS IN HON BECAUSE THERE IS NO AGRO RANGE, GET OVER IT.

    Lol nice rage but umh, You just said that lockdown would just result in damaging other players, got anything to say about this?
    Ty, And yes I have, Its fear that makes them creep out and they will just be like OMFG what did just happen ? while your team just hacks and slashes trough the enemies numbers.

    Pros and Cons of Pharaoh

    + He is a fun hero to play and very interactive.
    + He has great Lockdown potential
    + Big AoE damage
    + Great Ganking Potential
    + Great Solo Laner
    + Lots off stuns and CC
    + Can kill heroes anywhere on the map (Some skill required)

    - His wall get countered by Leaps
    - His soul is hard to snipe with
    - He requires team communication
    - He is not pub potential

    This is the End of my guide, If you would please leave your comment below, and if you saw any errors or would like to debate with me about something then please also make a comment.

    Yours Faithful

    Remco Paulusma
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    How exactly is pharaoh useless in a 2-1-2? he is an excellent pubstomping mid hero because of ganks and my personal favorite hero. At most psr brackets trilanes are not seen, and I think that pharaoh is a perfectly viable mid or sidelaner. pharaoh+valk or pharaoh+bomb are awesome lanes that have heroes whose skills have synergy with wall.

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    This is my experience with him, It may have some synergy but still lacks if you compare it to solo lane, And versus most mid heroes he will have allot of problems.
    In mid he is quite awesome I agree but most of the time the mid heroes are stronger in mid then Pharaoh, of course you can outplay them but its still quite difficult to lane against a SS or repulsor
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    No Hellfire until level 10 = no way to counter any channeling ults.

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    It's sacrifice you must make, but your ulti also has a stun

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    It just makes you the lockdown hero you want to be

    You're gonna have to add more justification than this for your first core item...

    From here on you will see items and you will be like lol wut really? bad cuz mad ?

    I unfortunately stopped reading here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartianChild View Post
    You're gonna have to add more justification than this for your first core item...
    I unfortunately stopped reading here.
    done and done, ty for comment

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