Thread: Puppet strings leaped valk bug

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    Puppet strings leaped valk bug

    During this game Puppet string'd a Valkyrie who had just leaped into the air and I thought that the puppet used his ability before hand because the animation goes off. However, Puppet's ability is cancelled because of the leap. Not sure if this is supposed to animate or if this is a gameplay bug, but this should probably not happen because we were confused about it.

    Here's one of my world reknown highlight videos showing the bug in action:

    As always thanks for the game,

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    I saw this video and it's not only with puppets strings. I played devourer, when valk leaped just while i did ulti. I used for 1 sec and he leaped. It happened 2 times. Very annoying.

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    Intended, it's called max channel range mechanics for Devourer & the like.

    For Strings, it's because it has a leash range too.

    Sidenote, if you TP'ed out while you had strings on you, you most certainly wouldn't want to get teleported back to the strings.

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