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    How about Gimp Torturer - wears a black leather suit with zips and chains over himself.

    Or Ryu/Ken Legionaire for the spinning kick spins - with a good ol' dragon fist ultimate. SHOURYUKEN!

    Sumo-wrestler Pandamonium - keep the flurry and cannon ball animations, and make them palm thrusts elsewhere.

    Spock Nymphora. Beam me up.

    DJ Chipper - I imagine that one would be a rather simple skinning/model thing - maybe change the attack animation to records instead of saw blades.

    These are eaaasy.

    Those are just the ones that don't already have skins, too!

    Balrog Gladiator, for example...

    Bolds are ones I could see happening.
    Italic is my "actual" suggestion, as far as the contest's one per person rules are concerned.
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    Contractor (support/tank, builds towers that hold items, and repairs buildings for gold... sort of like printing your own money)
    Hoarse Whisperer (pusher/semi-carry, short ranged AoE attacks, and scaling % based damage)
    Harlequin (a pusher/semi-carry that boasts the ability to juggle balls and deal out bad punishment)
    Foreman (pusher/support, scavenge gold dying creeps, maintain your towers, send in extra creep waves, and buff up your nearby creeps/allied non-hero units)
    Domination Mode (Play using a points system that guarantees no 30 minute+ games!)

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    Hell if I can make it into submittable art but you get the jist:

    Make Pestilence have an alternative skin that is a Lady Bug.

    Made a poll for this at:

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    Doctor Repulsor

    He needs to be riding a magic flying carpet!

    the painting above is The Magic Carpet, 1880 by Apollinari Mikhailovich Vasnetsov
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    I love Beast Rampage, as there aren't so many animal-like heroes in Newerth. 1-sword Swiftblade is also a must.

    However, here's my own entry:

    But with a Scythe and heavily armored, to represent his slow base movementspeed. Model has potential for tankiness as well as fast movementspeed.

    Attack animation would be kinda like the original, but more of a dark purple orb that he throws with his free hand, not that piercing projectile he has at the moment.

    Death Pulse: Lifts Scythe one-handed over his head.

    Ultimate: Typcial Scythe move with both hands, like SR alread has.

    Taunt: Look at the picture ^
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    Werewolf (Warbeast)

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    Plagues lost his Dragon
    Wandering Plague

    Remove the mount and make him a Plagued humanoid.(should resemble plague just off his dragon but far less solid)
    the Plagues gases should be active and rise. (could also swirl around him as he moves)
    As he moves there should be a green gas trail behind him.

    Auto attacks should just fire out of his arms, and be the same as original attack animation.

    Contagion will be fired from both arms in a "clap" like motion.

    Extinguish should be just like Contagion except it gets sucked in instead.

    Plague Carrier should be fired from his head in a regurgitation like manner, really suck his model in to show its a big one (like a ripple from his feet up to his head)

    Cursed Shield can be 1:1 unless the someone comes up with an amazing idea.
    Item- Sol Lantern:
    Skin- Mexican Tundra
    Loading Screen-

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    I'd personally like a HoN remake of the Spectre skin on Sand Wraith and go with what his original set looked like:

    And gotta go for the Greek god Zeus Thunderbringer!

    -UnumSceleris------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please overview all my heroes in Dream! [R4R]
    (Please view my downloadable custom hero pack! ^_^ ) --> It has Sarutobi, Raven, Seraphim, Obsidian Angel, Blaze, Longshot, and Spectre all testable now!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NomesWisdom View Post
    Make Vindicator incredibly manly.

    Make him huge and drop the book. He should be animated slightly differently so that he walks more manly as well. As for the spells, the cast sound for curse should be changed to a manly taunt. His ult should be him yelling in a huge manly voice SILENCE.
    Quote Originally Posted by Disco_Bison View Post

    *this isnt a real suggestion
    page 13, check my post out
    Not everyone prefers Coke over Pepsi, does that mean Coke's recipe is wrong or Pepsi's is right? Probably not, but when Coke pisses off its customers and then Dr Pepper is released, everyone forgets about Coke and Pepsi and just drinks the superior product that is Dr Pepper.

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    Concept Art is from Diablo 2 because that's the only picture I can find.
    But something similar, serpent like creature with 2 claws.

    This model wouldn't be too different to the original slither model so it will be easy to recognise as a slither model for new players. Same colour and similar style.
    I don't think his animations would need to be changed. Maybe a couple of slight teaks so they match up with the model.
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    as one of those cows from the diablo 2 secret cow level. but instead of a polearm he would have his log or w/e
    Thanks kronofogde!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoSo_oSoZ View Post
    Richard Hag

    "Too bad its me...Richard Hag."

    Richard is your average everyday old man sitting around in his tighty whities and watching TV. When he dons his trustworthy trenchcoat and hat he becomes the legend: Richard Hag.

    Moves (replace bats with whatever theme you want, or keep the Wretched Hag bat theme)
    • Haunt: The inside of Richard Hag's trench coat is lined with bats. Richard Hag quickly reaches into his trench coat and throws a bat.
    • Flash: Richard Hag swiftly peaces out (or in).
    • Scream: Richard Hag unleashes a deadly scream from the depths of his trench coat.
    • Blast: Richard Hag opens his trench coat (tighty whities in full view) and unleashes the fury waiting underneath.

    Taunt: "Too bad its me...RICHARD HAG."

    Richard Hag's estimated age.

    Those are bats. Use your imagination.

    You don't want to get caught on the wrong side of his bat blast

    Make any changes necessary to suit the audience of HoN. Please vote for Dick Hag.
    This is hilarious. Best Alt Avatar hands down.

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    Vlad Dampeer, a cloaked visage of darkness.

    I would suggest an alternate avatar Dampeer. I would have him as a tall slender male in a long black, concealing cloak, with red runes pained along the hem, the sleeves and the rim of the deep hood. I would have his arms and legs be encapsulated in this cloak. Under his hood his face should be pale and shadowed, but sharp, I will attach a rendered out image that I did as a rough mockup of his head. Under his cloak, which for the most part will be covering him, he will hold a long slender serrated sword (serrated for maximum bloodletting of course). For his auto attacks his hand will swiftly flit out from under his cloak and strike with the sword, sending cascades of blood to the ground when he has his bloodthirst is up, the same red aura will suffice. I would have him running on the ground rather than flying, or I have three ideas on this count. One he could float on a red cloud and move much like sand wraith. Or he could run in a, im not sure how to describe this, but scout like, ninja like, fashion, you know leaning forward and sprinting, with his feet kind of out behind him, you kind of know what I mean. Or three, he could merely stride in an elegantly unconcerned fashion. Increased movement speed may make this look goofy though, or cool, like he is gliding with every step. For his vampiric flight, if he is walking I would have him turn into a shadowy bat, or regular Dampeer shape, and charge towards the enemy, much like Magmus’s lava surge but with shadows. For his terrify, I would have him again change to shadow form, for a flash, or simply rise up, in much the same manner as regular Dampeer. For his ult I would have his hood fly back and his mouth grow wide, not that it would be all that notable in combat, but in replays it would be cool and with a sound effect it would work, with the same essence animation. This Dampeer would be much more the classic vampire, like Dracula, or Hellsing from that anime series. I would name it either Classic Dampeer, or Vlad Dampeer. Vocaly, he should sound something like the dreadlords from Warcraft 3, arogent, disinterested, deep voice.
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    scarecrow legionnaire. Maybe can use crows to attack for his passive spin ability.

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    There needs to be something mechanical robot like in armored core, so I was thinking:
    Flint Beastwood -> White Glint [ ]
    or w/e this is [ ]

    -Maybe name it Armored Beast? lol, i'm terrible at naming stuff.
    -The robot should also hold dual wield guns, probably rifles since it makes more sense.
    -attack animation should have the weapons alternate in attacking
    -Movement would have the robot glide/hover/etc.
    -Dying animation could have some kind of ejection thing for the pilot and when the hero revives, some kind of rebuild animation? optional i guess
    -Voice could be from the pilot or just random robotic sound (please no robotic voices tho)
    -Should also have shoulder weapons, one for flare that resembles white glint's shoulder weapons and another for ult which is a huge cannon
    -Explosive Flare -> left shoulder weapon fires a spread missile that covers the area of effect and lights up that area just like the current flint's animation
    -Hollowpoint shells -> when it procs, maybe some kind of gleam in the robots eye area and have both the guns shoot at the same time
    -Moneyshot - > the right shoulder weapon should look like either a cannon or gigantic sniper. If its a cannon, it will charge up and shoot a huge straight instant laser beam to the target (not damaging anything else, it doesn't have to make sense!). If its a sniper, then...I guess the animation could be the current's
    -Dead eye (optional) -> like how moraxus, when u level up this skill, you see some small spinning sensor or just a antenna that's attached to the back.

    Imo, this would be awesome, though I probably didn't explain details from what I have in mind.

    Edit 1: -Idle could be like reloading the guns or even doing the robot, rofl
    Edit 2: -Because of maybe copyright stuff, S2, maybe you can attempt to have something SIMILAR,....that is all.
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    Chipper as a giant Chiprel that shoots acorns instead of rockets

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    Quote Originally Posted by WigglyFace View Post
    Saving a spot for Disco Pharaoh. Working on illustration.

    White suit, platform shoes, fedora style hat or Afro, SEQUINS!

    Hellfire = blinky floor lights like in Saturday Night Fever
    Mummies = Bouncers
    Tortured Soul = flying disco ball. Explodes in glitter and confetti
    Wrath of the Pharaoh (Wrath of the Dance Floor) = pelvic thrust > fires streamers > Pharaoh is pulled along in classic right-arm-pointing-to-the-sky fashion.

    BTW: Are there requirements for illustrations or are well worded descriptions good enough?
    GG /thread

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    Maliken as the Black (or Cursed) Knight

    Or he could look more like this guy, but without the horse:

    Sword Throw: As is. (Just change the sword to whatever the new one looks like.)

    Sword of the Damned: As is. (Colors of Enchanted Flames and Life Essence are welcome to change.)

    Hellbourne Zeal: As is. (A visual could involve a dark aura around the knight that grows in size/intensity as he loses HP.)

    Possession: Same mechanics, but make him turn into a humanoid dragon instead. I called him the Cursed Knight because he suffers from the curse of the dragon or some crap like that. Regardless of the backstory, HoN needs a playable dragon, and it fits in so well with this guy.

    A few ideas for how his ultimate would look:

    Edit: None of these pics are mine.

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    as a team of Chippers on foot armed with each of his weapons (one has sawblades, another rockets, another tar, another with a walkie talkie to communicate with the underground chiprels for his ult, not sure what to do for focus buffer)

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    Spit fire slither - all spells are fire damage
    auto attack is fire
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