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    Why are 90% of the suggestions COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. FFS idiots read the goddamn OP, same with u guys giving more than 1 suggestion. 37 pages is ridiculous.
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    Alt Avatar for Jeraziah "Judgaziah"

    Wears one of those old fake white wigs on his head and uses a huge Gavel for autoattacking instead of a sword.

    When his ulti is activated everybody on the map hears "ORDER IN THE COURT"

    Other random quotes for him could be things like:

    "Justice never sleeps"
    "I will condemn them all"

    And ofcourse you get to keep "Justice will prevail!" xD
    Check out my DREAM support hero, Eaurora

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    Wretched Hag - Mad Scientist Concept

    Mad Scientist Wretched Hag

    This skin would be an old scientist, hunched over (to keep some link to original Wretched Hag) and holding a potion and/or test-tube in each hand.

    Haunt - Mad Scientist tosses a poisonous concoction on the enemy target

    Flash of Darkness - Mad Scientist throws down a smoke bomb/potion, disappearing and reappearing at the target location.

    Sonar Scream - Mad Scientist shatters his empty test-tubes/flasks/beakers on the ground and the glass damages nearby enemies.

    Bat Blast - Mad Scientist hurls many potions forwards in a cone, inflicting his poisons on all enemies caught within the blast.

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    Old Man Jereziah

    Hi. So my idea is for Jereziah... it's old man Jereziah.

    You could have this old, scrawny Jereziah (something like a Tibetan Monk) but I was thinking just show an old, boney man in white cloth undies that struggles around on a stick, yet he can still lay the beats on these whipper snappers!
    He could make old person sounds like exaggerated coughing, cackle with glee, use the line 'back in my day... etc.
    I would enjoy laying the beats with a frail, old fella for the lolz - would you?

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    Dampeer as a human vampire would be nice.

    Terrorize: Same animation
    Vampiric flight: Either he grows bat like wings and does the same animation or he turns into a swarm of bats and flies at the enemy.
    Blood thirst : Same blood red aura
    Consume: Same blood spray animation, either has the same red orbs circling him or possibly bats to count the charges.

    Art: something like these(concepts not actual art obviously)

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    Commando Flint Beast Wood. Duel wielding two mp5ks. Ripped shirt, kind of a Rambo look!

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    I would really like to see an unmounted forsaken archer. The overall appearance would be similar, only she would walk instead.

    I think a lot of people would actually use this.

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    A truly silenced Vindicator.

    Uploaded with

    (absolutely none of the presented material is copyrighted and i allow S2 to use my image for the Community Alt Avatar Contest and more upon request )

    Hope u like
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    Chef Swiftblade!!!

    He can be fat or skinny (preferably fat), and wielding two large kitchen knives. No need to change any of his moves appearances, just a straight re skin !

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    Grizzly Bear Pred!

    Grizzly Bear Predator!

    Yeh he kinda looks like a bear already but his face is a bit raptor like! Make him into a proper bear!

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    Female Scout...

    Just a concept - hope u enjoy
    As for the hair - i couldn't decide D:
    So here are both hairstyles

    Vanish : Smoke bomb before vanish
    Electric Eye: Same
    Disarm: Same
    Marksman Shot: Combines her 2 blades and hurls as a giant 'electrified' shuriken (instead of taking aim - she'd be winding up to throw)

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    demented shaman as having disco fever.
    Fro, green or cheetah print button up shirt, black leather pants, and a disco ball or glowing orb on top of his cane

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xehn View Post
    Just a concept - hope u enjoy
    As for the hair - i couldn't decide D:
    So here are both hairstyles

    Vanish : Smoke bomb before vanish
    Electric Eye: Same
    Disarm: Same
    Marksman Shot: Combines her 2 blades and hurls as a giant 'electrified' shuriken (instead of taking aim - she'd be winding up to throw)

    Honestly, did you make this?

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    Ghost Catcher Engineer

    Ghost Catcher Engineer
    "I ain't afraid!"
    "Who else are you gonna call?"
    "I hear you've got a ghosting problem..."

    Skin: Tan one piece suit. Backpack becomes a vacuum pack and gun becomes a vacuum. Instead of shooting out bullets, you shoot out tiny miniature round ghosts that cackle on impact.

    The Keg: A flashlight instead of a barrel. When the flashlight hits the ground, it explodes with a short burst of light.

    Steam Turret: A vacuum using reverse suction to shoot out little ghosts instead of a turret that shoots out bullets.

    Tinker: Instead of the usual tinker sign, places a red circle with a diagonal line through it on top of towers/turrets affected by Tinker.

    Energy Field: Change the color of the energy field to include orange along with the blue. Other than that, the ultimate actually fits very nicely with the theme.
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    I don't know if it has been mentioned but... The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    - Pestilence/Conquest

    - War

    - Death

    / - Famine

    It would make an awesome bundle .

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    RAMPAGE as... ODIN
    Riding his horse SLEIPNIR (6 legged horsed obviously)
    Holding a spear as a weapon... and making the animation work with the spear

    magically enchanted spear hits for horned strike, something of that same kind for stampede, might not need any change for chain that binds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WigglyFace View Post
    Saving a spot for Disco Pharaoh. Working on illustration.

    White suit, platform shoes, fedora style hat or Afro, SEQUINS!

    Hellfire = blinky floor lights like in Saturday Night Fever
    Mummies = Bouncers
    Tortured Soul = flying disco ball. Explodes in glitter and confetti
    Wrath of the Pharaoh (Wrath of the Dance Floor) = pelvic thrust > fires streamers > Pharaoh is pulled along in classic right-arm-pointing-to-the-sky fashion.

    BTW: Are there requirements for illustrations or are well worded descriptions good enough?
    Hellfire flavor text: Rythm is gonna get ya!

    Man, i hope you win!

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    Read all 37 pages....Mexican Fiesta Jester still the best !

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    I was thinking about this.

    wretched hag should be changed to look like the new format for the elderly or people than ever before.
    Change the bat. Waiting for the dentures is limited and will warp like to add such beauty from the fountain after the beam completed or abandoned them after the old fountain.
    (From the same place that year.)
    Ultimate port from being used to power the next wave. Want to change. Power from the wave form is the blue sea wave rushes forward, instead
    It would be funny to read, but should be a colorful sight well

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