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    Bearloth ----> Predator

    Strong and territorial animal

    Bearloths are strong and territorial creatures who often live in cold or secluded locations. They are covered with a thick fur, are very strong, and attack with ferocity.

    Sounds like a Bearloth could do anything a Predator can do. Sure, some of it doesn't make sense. But it's cool as hell, and it's a throwback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apostate View Post
    Street Shark Myrmidon

    His Ultimate would simply increase his size and play a comical animation.

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    Winter Wild Soul -

    wears winter gear as a humanoid, turns into a were-polar bear with his ult

    beardulon is now polar beardulon

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    Alt Avatar: The Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. (copyright, etc etc...)


    Time Leap, Rewind: Don't need to do much visually for these. Rabbit Hop for time leap could be a re-name..not sure how to do rewind.

    Curse of Ages: When the target gets stunned, the target shrinks momentarily like Alice did when she drank the stuff in the vials.

    Ult: A giant transparent clock could appear in place of the normal Chronosphere.


    "I mustn't be late!" (for ult)
    "The queen will hear about this!"
    "I'm late, I'm late!"
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    Jeraziah as the Savage 2 Chaplin.
    Copyrighted I guess, but it's the same company

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    Wildsoul as an african/aboriginal warrior that throws spears, with a huge armored/battle painted boar. (boar form)

    Boar would look like


    but huge and beastly, of course.

    A new voice would probably be in order as well.

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    Gentlemadon is needed
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    Spartan Moraxus
    Quake is the same.
    Arcane Shield is Large Bronze Spartan Shield.
    More Axes can be swords or spears.
    Matraxe covered in Spartan shields, swords, and spears.
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    Disco Engineer

    Basic Engineer model, except in a white suit, some 80's bling and shades instead of goggles.

    'Shaken not Stirred' [The Keg]

    Same animation as keg except Engineer tosses a cocktail shaker. Instead of that hissing should before the keg lands, plays a shaking sound. Replaces the exploding sound with Engineer saying "Dy-no-mite!'

    'The Man' [Steam Turret]

    Can't exactly think of an 80's related idea. Probably the plays the same animation as the regular Steam Turret, only more blinged out.

    EDIT: Written by TheMadman.

    "The steam turret is a boom box which shoots waves of sound infront of it, and it bounces rhythmically each wave of the turret's damage"

    'Get your Grove on.' [Tinker]

    Replaces the tinker simple on top of towers with a disco ball. Friendly catapults glow blue underneath and musical notes starts flowing from them. Enemy catapults glow red underneath and sparks starts shooting from them.

    'Shagadelic' [Energy Field]

    Replaces the gadget in the center of the field with a disco ball propped up by a stand. Every hit on the disco ball shatters it a bit until it finally drops off the stand. Plays a sound clip of an audience going "Awwww". Engineer says "Whats The Skinny?"right after.

    The ground around the Energy Field is transformed into a disco floor, checkered white at first but colours change at regular intervals.
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    If you want to sell your game, S2, do a male Ophelia

    Vote vote for Ophelio

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    Armadon with a Top hat a monocle , and maybe a tuchedo , oh and he needs to speak like a gentleman

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    id love to see a Voodoo Jester wearing sombrero(and poncho)...

    ...tossing hot tamale(stun...lets say they are tossing it to each other cuz its too hot;recover-from-hotness period acts as a stun) ,giving others temporary sombrero(mojo...chillin' n' healin'),pouring hot chili sauce(cursed em bad time on toilet),cactus that shoots needles (ult...self explained)
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    Raptor jester looks extremely nice!
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    Here's my suggestion, hope you like it

    Male Fayde — Hooded, of course. Deep voice and acts Sith-like from Star Wars.

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    Swiftblade, but with a gigantic sword.
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    Pout: Scout Alt Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by SnowCrow View Post
    Scout most played in Public Games, 1720 MMR (or PSR) IRL
    10/10 quality player

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    Lion Legionnaire from Savage 2 I'll post link tomorrow I'm on my iPod.

    Legionnaire Level 12
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    Assasin from Savage 1 and Savage 2!

    I need for the war effort.

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    Thunderbringer's alt avatar...

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    Soul Reaper as CATS

    In the English translation of the Japanese Game "Zero Wing", CATS uttered his famous line:

    Now, CATS walks Newerth as Soul Reaper!

    Now, there are two ways of doing this. The first is to make a model which looks like CATS, but is modeled in a sophisticated way. The second method would be to have CATS have a pixelated model/texture, to match the original.

    All of his sounds would sound very retro-gamish, with his attack animation and first skill making "pew pew laser" noises, and of course--WHEN HE KILLS YOU WITH HIS ULT, HE YELLS, "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!"

    Copyright Issues: I have played several low budget games such as Escape Velocity Nova which have spoofs or references to CATS. I doubt that these companies payed for the rights, and I doubt that there will be any copyright problems for something so old and widely used today.

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