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    • Vanish is a Toggled skill that slips Scout into Stealth.
    • Vanish has a fade time of 0.5s and takes 30 Mana to activate.
    • While Vanished, Scout moves 25% faster. This bonus does not improve with ranks.
    • Vanish has an upkeep of 2/3/4/5 Mana per second. Be careful not to run out of mana as Vanish will break and in addition not grant Flurry. Accounting for Rank 4 Vanish's drain without a Runed Axe can be very difficult so strive to use Vanish in short bursts.
    • Auto-attacking while Vanished will break Vanished and grant you the "Flurry" buff for 1/2/3/4 attacks or 4 seconds. While in Flurry, you attack 300%(!) faster. This huge attack speed bonus is why Scout will be itemized for raw Damage over Agility or Attack Speed.
    • Leveling Vanish is essential due to the skill's cooldown progression of 24/18/12/6s and the above bullet on Flurry.
    • Vanish is completely counterable by Dust of Revelation, Sentry Wards, Bound Eye and more. Pay attention or be prepared to type "wtf i was invis".
    • Despite the limitations of invisibility, this is your bread and butter skill.

    Electric Eye

    • Electric Eyes are small blue wards that Scout may plant. This is the hero's most unique skill.
    • The range on planting Electric Eyes is 100 (melee, same as Scout's physical attack).
    • The 0.8s casting animation for throwing down an Electric Eye is may be cancelled; however, whatever Eye you have planted will not grant vision/truesight/detonation for 0.8s. Remember this so you don't blow up one of your rune/vision eyes with "E".
    • Electric Eyes have a vision radius of 700 units and possess Truesight.
    • Scout may have 2/3/4/5 Electric Eyes active.
    • Eyes include a Detonate ability, which which destroys an eye to Silence all targets in a 450 Radius for 3 seconds. To do this manually, select an Electric Eye and use "Q". Note that all Eyes share a 15s cooldown on this skill. Eyes can be Control Grouped on unused keys for your convenience. This ability can be used while silenced and disabled.
    • Learning Electric Eye also grants Scout the sub-skill "Detonate". Scout's Detonate has a 30s cd (+15s more than the Eyes' and activates their manual cooldown) and will select and detonate the closest Eletric Eye to Scout. This sub-skill may not be used while silenced and disabled. Manually silencing with your Eyes' was designed to be superior while rewarding good coordination and planning. Reserve Scout's Detonate for emergencies.
    • Proper Electric Eye placement will be covered in later (with screenshots).
    • Electric Eyes are essentially "free wards". They work as both Observer/Sentry wards but have their placement limited by a melee cast range and Scout's busy farming schedule. Lastly, their vision range is inferior to that of Observer Wards.


    • Disarm is Scout's only passive skill and is essentially an enhanced critical strike.
    • Disarm procs on a 10/15/20/25% chance and causes Scout to deal 1.25/1.5/1.75/2x damage when it does.
    • In addition to extra damage, Disarm procs will Disarm the target for 1s. A Disarmed target is incapable of auto-attacking.
    • Once Disarmed, a target may not have the Disarm effect on them for 2s. The critical strike aspect of this skill will function regardless.
    • As a critical strike Disarm scales best in terms of gold per damage with Damage, rather than Agility or Attack Speed.
    • Disarm has deadly synergy with Flurry and makes Scout a noteworthy anti-carry hero.

    Marksman Shot

    • Marksman Shot is the oddball of Scout's skill-set, despite being his ultimate.
    • Marksman Shot deals 250 + 10/20/30% of an enemy's maximum Health in damage to them from 1500/2000/2500 yards away with a cast time of 2.25/1.75/1.25s.
    • Marksman Shot uses up 125/175/250 Mana and applies a 20/30/40% slow (known as "Wounded) to enemies hit by its projectile.
    • Marksman Shot should be used differently depending on how far the game has come along.
    • Early game, Marksman Shot should be used to assist ganks/and steal kills from allies (for gold). Harassing with Marksman Shot is not particularly effective at until mid-game but at 6 and beyond it provides Scout with a safe and effective way to chip in to fights without risking death.
    • Mid-game Marksman Shot use should be more judicious as you should have a Runed Axe (and thus +150% Mana Regen). Harassing/finishing are prioritized; this ability is also handy for assisting in ganks outside of an arm's reach.
    • Late game Marksman Shot is the bane of tanks everywhere. Even the meatiest of heroes take a pounding from Marksman Shot's impressive scaling damage.
    • Marksman Shot is usually worthless at close range, stick to Flurry hits.
    • Losing vision of a target with Marksman Shot results in it being cancelled (unlike Flint Beastwood's "Money Shot" which is otherwise similar). This can be cumbersomely countered by setting up an Electric Eye where you predict your target will run to.

    Skill Build
    1. Electric Eye
    2. Vanish
    3. Vanish
    4. Electric Eye
    5. Vanish
    6. Marksman Shot
    7. Vanish (maxed)
    8. Electric Eye
    9. Electric Eye (maxed)
    10. Disarm
    11. Marksman Shot
    12. Disarm
    13. Disarm
    14. Disarm (maxed)
    15. Attribute Boost
    16. Marksman Shot (maxed)

    Skill Build Explanation

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    Starting Item Builds
    Dual Lane
    Tri Lane

    Starting Item Builds Explained
    As one of the worst laning heroes in the game, Scout's early play-style revolves around surviving lanes, avoiding fights and patiently farming up his core items. These staring item load-outs complement such an ideology and are named after the setups they should accompany. Remember to buy your items and move out of base quickly to make setting up an Electric Eye or two safer and easier (get your allies to escort you if possible).

    :LoggersHatchet: is a must-have for Scout, even if you can last it fine without it. :LoggersHatchet: eases competitive last hitting (great against allies in the pubbiest of pubs, enemies in all games) and cheaply improves neutralling speed by +32% since Scout is all auto-attack, all the time. :RunesOfTheBlight: are a common consumable that are particularly attractive on Scout who is worn down in lane by harass and basically incapable of living hard burst damage.

    :IronBuckler: and :GuardianRing: both mitigate harassment, have useful upgrade options (in :IronShield: and :RingOfTheTeacher and come cheaply. Scout should dart in and out of the creep line, attempting to take as little harassment as possible while still farming. The aforementioned items are a great help in this. :GuardianRing: is the more appropriate item in tri lanes because of it's aura when upgraded to :RingOfTheTeacher:; the synergy between three heroes, one lane and an aura that buffs Armor by 3 and Mana Regen by +0.65 is apparent and awesome.

    Lastly, the two :MinorTotem: in the Tri Lane build are just lovable filler that can be replaced with more :RunesOfTheBlight: or a :HealthPotion:.
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    Core Item Build (top to bottom, order is relevant)
    Dual Lane
    uckBoots: + uckBoots: + :IronBuckler: = :IronShield:
    Tri Lane
    :ScarabRing: + :GuardianRing: = :RingOfTheTeacher:
    Winning Lane?
    Losing Lane?
    Start Carrying
    Build Runed Axe
    :Manatube: + :Lifetube: = :Sustainer:
    :Broadsword: + :BastardSword: + :Sustainer:= :RunedAxe:
    Upgrade Marchers
    :Punchdagger::Punchdagger: + :Marchers: = :EnhancedMarchers: (1500g, easy game)
    :BolsteringArmband::GlovesOfTheSwift:+:Marchers:= :Steamboots: (1450g, hard game)
    Final Core (6525-6625g)
    :LoggersHatchet::RunedAxe::Steamboots: or :EnhancedMarchers:
    :IronShield: or :RingOfTheTeacher:

    Luxury Items
    Dying very little/not at all?
    :Warhammer: + :Warhammer: = :Shieldbreaker: (4400g, great farm, preferably complete before 30 minute mark)
    :Halberd: + :Halberd: + Demon Edge = :SavageMace: (5400g, good or worse farm)
    Dying a lot?
    :MightyBlade: + :Warhammer: + :ShrunkenHead: (1300g recipe) = :ShrunkenHead: (3900g, dying to excessive Magic damage/disables)
    :Sustainer: + :BlessedOrb: + :Nullstone: (1000g recipe) = :NullStone: (4850g, dying to Pestilence's Swarm, Panda/Succubus/Devourer ults and other single target shenanigans)
    :Portalkey: (2150g, dying to enemy stealth detection in the form or wards/dust/gem and cannot contribute to team fights)

    Tips and Tricks

    Damage vs. Agility & Attack Speed
    The bullets for both Vanish and Disarmed mentioned this argument but I will elaborate. The way DotA/HoN DPS itemization is setup, items that provide straight+Damage will provide better GPD (gold per damage) than items that provide +Agility or +Attack Rate assuming you already have a high Attack Rate. Thanks to Flurry, Scout's Attack Rate will be at breakneck speeds (when it counts) with little to no items supplementing Flurry. In addition, Disarm is a critical strike and by DotA/HoN mechanics, critical strikes use all+ Damage rather than just base (from Agility) damage like certain mechanics (images and +% base damage) do. These two factors make anything other than +Damage on Scout comparatively inefficient in terms of DPG.

    The Truth About Shrunken Head
    Shrunken Head is not a be all end all defensive item on Scout. Premium Guide author Lethe explains this well...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lethe View Post
    [One] thing about Scout that people don't realize is that his carry potential comes nearly solely from flurry. Pwn is right in his assessment that you should focus on this aspect. Scout is NOT like madman or tdl, who turns on shrunken and charges in, hacking away.

    That is why "survivability" items outside of str steamboots like shrunken head or frostburn/fws do so little on Scout compared to other heroes. You land a successful flurry, exactly how much do you accomplish for the next 5 secs or so while vanish is on cd? Virtually nothing: You attack targets without invis, without MS boost, without AS boost, etc. It is nothing compared to what Scout does once vanish is off cd...
    As such, getting Shrunken Head on Scout should be very, very situational. Due to mechanics of Flurry, Shrunken Head should be used with careful timing and at the following moments:
    1. Immediately following or coinciding with a Flurried auto-attack out of Vanish.
    2. Before using Vanish.
    3. If you are routed and subsequently revealed by an enemy gank-squad, popping SH and then a Homecoming Stone can save your life.

    Using Shrunken Head during Vanish and before Flurry will result in a massive and embarrassing DPS decrease that can singlehandedly lose fights for your team. You've been warned.

    Extra Regen In Lane
    Buying additional:RunesOfTheBlight: and :HealthPotion: is hugely preferable to dying as Scout. At the start of the game (and at PSR/MMR levels below 1600) you should ask your allies to buy a courier. Politeness/saying please will increase your likelihood of success and is recommended not as a saintly guide-writer but rather as a player who has pub'd around more than you would care to know and has tested this theory extensively. Proper courier usage involves briefly leaving your lane to meet your courier so you don't risk getting it killed. Flying couriers are immune to this rule but rarely show up in games below 1600.

    Although this tip is indeed pretty basic, lots of pubs suffer from "courier anxiety" and I'm taking a small step towards curing that. At least in my head.


    Game #1 (1500 TMM)
    Match 26200578
    This game stars pubstar kirbyruled, who has created yet another sub account due to an abundance of Christmas money and boredom. Watch and love as kirbyruled nearly throws an easy game with a death, an EMBARRASSING death, even more death and an out of order build (Phase Boots before Runed Axe) that hurts more than it helps. Preach what you teach fellas.
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