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    Taunt Internal Hero Names

    I will update this post to look better later~

    Hon heroes sometimes have a different internal name which can be annoying to find unless you already know it or have some reference.

    Here is the only folders hard to find...

    Hero Name (folder name)

    Balphagore (bephelgor)
    Blacksmith (dwarf_magi)
    Blood Hunter (hunter)
    Bombardier (bomb)
    Dark Lady (vanya)
    Demented Shaman (shaman)
    Glacius (frosty)
    Keeper of the Forest (treant)
    Madman (scar)
    Magebane (javaras)
    Magmus (magmar)
    Moon Queen (krixi)
    Myrmidon (hydromancer)
    Night Hound (hantumon)
    Nymphora (fairy)
    Pandamonium (panda)
    Pebbles (rocky)
    Pharoah (mumra)
    Plague Rider (diseasedrider)
    Slither (ebulus)
    Soul Reaper (helldemon)
    Swiftblade (hiro)
    Thunderbringer (kunas)
    Voodoo Jester (voodoo)
    Warbeast (wolfman)
    Wild Soul (yogi)
    Wretched Hag (babayaga)

    Thanks, hope it makes things easier.
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