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    HoN TV - Watch Matchmaking

    I really like watching Honcast while eating, and during the holidays, nothing new was added... Thus came this idea.
    HoN TV

    Contained within Matchmaking, to queue up for HoN TV would insert you into a brand new matchmaking game if one is available (since we cannot join while in-progress yet).

    These are the points I think are important to mention.

    1. HoN TV would be like Solo Matchmaking -- can't spectate your friends.
    2. HoN TV viewers have read-only access to the chat -- can't talk.
    3. HoN TV viewers could leave whenever they please -- no stats (obviously).
    4. Players would not know (at all!) that they are being observed.
    5. Players' names could appear blanked out (XXXXXXX) in order to prevent PM abuse.

    Since the engine has slots made for Observers/Referees, why not use them?

    That is the basis of my suggestion. Please feel free to give feedback, suggestions, appreciation or disgust.
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    skype conversation:
    person1(player): ok queue on 3
    person2(obs): ok
    Person1(player): 1,2,3
    -person1 and person2 queues-
    Person1(player): i rightclick x hero, are we in same game?
    Person2(obs): oh yea we are now i can sit and tell you everything that happens!
    person1(player): SWEET FREE WIN FTW!

    only way it would be possible to inplement would be with delay but i think that would be extreamly hard and take loads of server power...

    so instead just go browse recent games for one or two competitive players, download replay and enjoy

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    Its not Like Ingame-TV is that new, but did u ever hear of delay? 90s delay like in Counter Strike and eveything is fine.

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