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    2 small graphic bugs

    1. Enemy sac stone on the ground showed up on minimap as friendly with a mouse over image of a white box

    2. Neutral creep taken over by whispering helm still has sleeping effect over it at night

    *edit* whoops sorry I forgot to make 2 threads out of this, my bad
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    How the hell did I end up in this thread??

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    First thing doesn't happen for me, shows up and an enemy on the mini-map.

    Confirmed second point.

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    Yeah the first one didn't repeat itself for me either.. maybe I was wrong about that one.. but it did have the icon of a white box when you moused over it. It didn't in this last game I played though. Oh well
    How the hell did I end up in this thread??

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    Maybe that was a while ago because there was an old bug that gave you white boxes when you hovered over the white trapezoid on the minimap.

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