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    "Unable to Select Hero Alternate Avatar/Skin/Courier" - NO SUCH THING

    - If you are trying to select Hero Alternate Avatars/Skins in the hero pick screen in Practice Mode, it will not work & is intended.

    - Hero Alternate Avatars/Skins will work if you do it in a real game. Sometimes though, there is a small glitch that if you buy the alt avatar in the game you're in, it won't work until you're finished that game.

    - It is the same thing with Alt Couriers. It won't work in Practice Mode . However it will work 100% fine in a real game. You have to click on a button below the unit information panel as circled in red.

    - If it still doesn't work, disable your mods or email about this issue.

    That is all. No more threads about this issue please, they're going to get auto-rejected.
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