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    Grimm's Crossing - Stuck Spots

    If you can view this replay

    I was Predator and I leaped on an enemy near the rune spawn just as he went invisible from rune. The leap caused me to hit the large cliff and then I was stuck in place.

    The only way I was able to get out was to have a teammate pull neutrals close enough to leap on them. I could not move in game.

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    lol, dude u are so badlucky XD

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    I saw a myrmidon who Waved into a cliff near rune and got stuck there.

    Too bad we were busy killing his teammates and he managed to Homecoming Stone in a fly and tp away in time before we came after him

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    Stuck as wreched hag at Grimms crossing

    Dunno if this is a know bug but today i played a game as hag at grimms crossing and used blink to teleport onto the cliff thingys at the middle of the map at north outpost and well, i got stuck. Couldn't move, wasn't autopathed dwon or anything.

    Warning; pic is huge!

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