Thread: "Hold ground" not working properly.

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    "Hold ground" not working properly.

    When I send the 'hold ground' command (bound to the back button on my mouse) whilst hovering over a creep - it doesn't register it.

    It's rather annoying having to move my cursor off of the creep just so I can cancel the attack animation.

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    Erm, it's the button that you use to go "back" a page in internet explorer - I just mean the side buttons.

    100% sure it's not a hardware/software issue on my end. Earlier I had a few other people mentioning something similar in games that I was playing in.

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    I cannot test it as my mouse does not have extra buttons :/

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    After further testing, it does seem to be an issue with the binding of the key to the mouse button - since when I press 'h' manually it works perfectly fine.

    To clarify:

    When binding 'hold ground' to "MOUSEX1", the command does not register if hovering the cursor over a creep or any part of the UI. If just hovering over the ground then it works fine.

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    It's rather bizarre how it works all of the time except for when hovering over a creep/the UI.

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    I use MOUSEX1 a lot and the same thing happens with me for items usage (well as of like 4 patches ago since I haven't played since then) so you can consider this me half confirming.
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    I tried it using MOUSEX2 also, and I had the same issues.

    Also, upon further testing - this doesn't occur with neutrals, only hellbourne/legion creeps.

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    How would my hardware recognise whether or not I'm hovering over a creep or not? Also, it worked fine before the 2.0 patch.

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    Well, if you insist that it was working fine pre-patch...

    Can you go to your startup.cfg and paste the following lines that contain these keywords at the beginning of the line?

    GameBind OrderCancelAndHold
    GameBind OrderHold OrderHold

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    GameBind OrderCancelAndHold OrderCancelAndHold "" impulse game "INVALID" "INVALID"
    GameBind OrderHold OrderHold "" impulse game "H" "MOUSEX1"

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    I hope you saved the file and restarted the game to see if the changes applied.

    Anyway Bug Reports can't help you with this issue anymore - try Tech Support and see what they can do.

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