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    What type of games do you enjoy losing?

    Title explains it brahs.

    My favorite games to lose are the ones where you have actualy teamwork (to some degree), you have decent picks, you get decent farm.
    Nonstop ganking. Nonstop farming. Nonstop pushing. Epic teamfights.
    At the 30 minute mark or so, you've gotten 3 of their towers and they got as many of yours. The score is around 29-32.
    Around the 65 minute mark, you rack their mid lane, and victory is soooo close.
    Then they change their plans, instead of going all on one lane, they let their hag push one lane, soulstealer push another and the rest of the team goes all-in on the mid lane. You know you can't gank Hag or Soulstealer, because they can both escape (blink and pk respectively) and while you whack the 3 players pushing together, you'd have lost a total of 4 barracks.

    They simply outplay you. They get closer and closer to your towers, and proceed by dropping the towers at immense speed. Barracks go down. Everybody stunned. Ults everywhere. One epic teamfight to end all teamfights.

    They get mega creeps around the 70-75 minute mark and the game is over after one final push by them.

    That is my definition of "gg".

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    But... I prefer winning! Losing makes me sad
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    cool story bro

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    No-stats games.

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    Ones I enjoy losing: An even game or a drawn out game due to cautious play on both sides. Eventually it comes down to one misplay or mistake or an all out throne race.

    Ones I hate losing: Total stomp and suddenly a leaver/AFK changes the entire game.
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    <@shawn> chalice, q, regen all the health you lost
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    <Zennousha> Or to rape the poor bastards in lane.
    <@shawn> heh
    <Zennousha> Can I get a confirmation on Balph minions raping in 3 seconds?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShibuyaX View Post
    No-stats games.

    /troll off
    I completely agree with you.

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    Games where i am at a decent score don't bother me at all, i prefer them over a 70min victory where i was used as a 6-15 meatshield.

    What bothers me are those games that i just can't help but die, they always find me, they target me first and they'll even tower dive and kill me so the only thing left is for me to wait by the base.

    In short i dislike games where i feel i have no control even when playing like a *****.

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    But those are the worst losses. I can deal with getting roflstomped 15 minutes in, but losing after playing for an hour and being so close to victory just sucks.

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    The only games I enjoy losing are ones where We have 4 people Ganking constantly destroying Pubs. You ask the 5th guy who is just Vietnam Bubble Tea ricing to come push and he refuses, then you lose cause you hate.

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    A game where you get 40 assists
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    -maybe you should czech the kitchen
    -im russian to the kitchen
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    -we have some but its covered in greece
    -eww norway you can eat that

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    a game where you're winning so you decide to get 3 doombringers and you drop them all and an enemy scout picks them up

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    The games with great players and that have been fun ^^
    And the ones with -0 PSr xD
    Quote Originally Posted by Nigma View Post
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    What Corpsy say. If I am playing a great early game 7-0-5 bombardier where I really feel things are going well, and then transition into a midgame where their carry starts owning us and end up being 14-6 or something, I don't mind - They won by having a better or more farmed carry, more map control, something. As long as I feel that I did my job, I am usually satisfied.

    The worst games I have had have been the 60 minute games where I end up as a 0-14 behemoth just jumping in for a desperate stun before dying, leaving my team to mock up. Winning a game like that isn't a win for me: it is a win for my team. When you don't care about PSR it is far, far worse than an early concede.

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    Best is like my last replay

    Me pro, 4 teamplayers = total idiots, U place them wards and dw kills them both after seeing him going to kill him and so on and on and on for whole game, I get imba items like allways and get them thru 4 5 teamfights, I carry like whole team

    and in last fight I tell them to w8 till I farm 600 more gold (30 seconds max) and say them b, no they go mid and die, Then they blink me go def I just say u dont deserve to win and let the other team win, simple and funny all banned ofc

    Thats my definition of gg, im never outplayed, but im allways with idiots

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    The games were your team plays realy bad, but somehow flukes some teamfigths and has a chance to take it. I often have this feeling "We sooo deserve to loose this !" when half your team does this slapstick chase on the enemy armadon and i myself do sth. incredible stupid.
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    My favorite games to lose are when the mid player buys bottle first. I then buy 600g worth of tangos, kill it and leave. Happens about 30% of the time. Prood: my hundreds of losses with 0/0/0.

    U mad?

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    I remember one no stat game where the entire other team went and all my team went . We got rolf stomped, but it was entirly hillarious, it ended up 200 kills to 10

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    none game

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    devourer wars are always fun even if you lose.

    My favorite so far are the games where I pick a good burst damage hero, usually int. I then proceed to get alot of kills. When I start lose effectiveness and the other team starts to win, our team usually realizes we are not going to win and we concede with me still having the most kills in the server.

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