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    Problem using -F- Hud

    There is the problem, and i cant understand this part of the tutorial

    Now you're closer to having it set up, but there's an issue here: Different resolutions require different placements, so, for now, your only chance is to copy one of these startup.cfg files, or to move the layers by yourself.

    To change a startup.cfg file with the information provided below you will have to open your startup.cfg, which is found in c/Users/yourname/My documents/Heroes of Newerth/game/

    Open the cfg file with a text editor, dreamweaver is a good one, but if you don't have it, you can do it with notepad too. Find the code that belongs to each addon, for example, SetSave "miniui, and you will be able to replace that code with the one provided below.

    If you copy it properly, the only thing you will have to move ingame is the courier button position, I recommend using the top right for that, but up to you.
    Already downloaded the Honmods, and the -F- Hud...
    Already Copyed the Diablo UI folder in heroesofnewerth/game folder
    Already opened textures.s2z with winrar and changed the 00000000 folder
    My resolution is 1024*768

    Im reposting this because i would have no feedback in the -F- hud v2.01 thread..
    Any help is welcome, thank you
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    Just started HoN again, and its a little bit different now

    If you dont know how to solve the problem, but you know how to get my normal HoN back plz tell me :x i want to play
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    Make sure you've also uncompressed the HP and MP bars folders, those black and white squares means you're missing textures.

    Also, with movable frames, disable the wooden UI thing.

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    I reinstalled HoN because i did something wrong with the textures.s2z, i deleted 0000000 arquive and all disappeared, my bad, then i got the -F-hud again and all the mods... Did all the stuff needed again and still not working...

    After that, i moved some things by miself, its playable now, but without the Diablo stuff, i can only use mini ui stuff...

    Those are the stuff that get me black and white squares:
    Diablo- Death Blood, XP Bar, Left Orb Gloss, Right Orb Gloss

    I can still use:
    Diablo - Mana Number, Health Number, HP Cracks, Health Orb, Mana Orb

    Mini UI stuff are working normal

    Ill try to get a pic
    Sorry about the bad english

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    I dont think im supposed to get my screen manually, the minimap has a difference to the Left texture... i really need help ._.
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    There it is x_x

    Did it all manually... Hoping double post is not forbidden :z
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    Read the directions...and ask questions in the thread. You are failing at this because you cant take the time to read simple directions.

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    Ment game :x

    This is what ruin the game ^^
    Diablo - XP Bar
    Diablo - Left orb gloss
    Diablo - Right orb gloss
    What does they do?
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    they are files that f-hud has no textures for but diablo ui had. Since Flevia did not edit the honmod to no longer include those files, Movable frames still generates the frames even if the textures are not present. NOTE that they do not hamper any performance nor do they hinder anything, hide them and its fine, no harm no foul.

    ALSO, i am working on a honmod (specifically for the F-Hud) to remove some of the extra frames/files that F hud does not use and eliminate the necessity for additional honmods (torchlight, Diablo) ill post it here: NOTE that this just replaces the need for the diablo UI and torchlight UI honmods and replaces them with 1 honmod. Also this does not add any default placements, so you will still need a cfg or move them yourself

    edit: please re-download if you dl'ed before the edit. some things needed fixing
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    Dude i love you <3
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