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    How to improve farming?

    In hopes of becoming a better player, I wanted to learn how to farm really well. So, now I spend every game trying to get every single last hit. But, sometimes I notice I spend, what I think to be, too much time farming, when I could be helping my team defend a tower or push.

    My question is, when is it right to farm and when is it right to help the team? I have also noticed that in the games I have high GPM are not even the games I get really high cs in. It's usually because someone on the other team fed me, or I had good luck with ganks. So, another question. Is it possible to remove the "luck" factor of farm?

    Look at the maide page instead of my in game stats. I just did a stats reset a few days ago so I could play with my brother who is just starting up.


    Edit: Now that I look at it, my highest 2 GPM games have a higher amount of cs and hero kills then my other games.

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    It depends on what carry you are playing. Harder carries should focus more on farming obviously. When someone picks a hero like Sand Wraith or TDL the team should be compensating for this pick by getting more heroes who is strong in early/mid game. When defending a tower they should be fine 4v5 or 3v4. Understand that getting the carry farm is a teameffort.

    Carry homecoming stones so you'll have time for that one last wave before joining up with your team, don't be afraid to use to change to another farming lane. If you really have to help your team focus on using the least time possible before farming again.

    I don't think anyone can give you a list of heroes and situations where you should/shouldn't stop farming. You just have to develop a sense for this by playing a stupid amount of games, but you probably will play that much anyway, we all will.

    Lastly I think the only place you can somewhat eliminate luck is in the jungle. When you are in there try to always stack atleast one or two camps every xx:00, use as little time possible moving from camps to camps and use hatchet to cut down shorter paths. If no support will get wards for you then 200g is so much less than what it will cost to die.

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    Well, since your job is to get items so you can beat people up, your goal would be to farm as much as possible.

    However, there are other tasks you must perform, such as defending, pushing, Kongor, perhaps save allies if your the guy for the job.

    Ofcourse I/we can't tell you what to do when, but...

    (in a scrim, pubs are kind of strange to direct)

    Make sure that you only stop farming when you can do something which is more productive to the team. For you personally, there is nothing more beneficial than farming, even making hero kills (ok, getting an anihilation into rax push is, but you can't know that beforehand)

    So, let the other 4 people gank someone in their jungle, and tp in to push tower, and retreat IMMEDIATLY for more farm. Same way with defending, be the last guy to port in, and the first to run out. Kongor should be scouted, warded and counterwarded before you even get close to him, make your team stack while you static farm, or flashfarm the entire map before returning to the jungle.

    Hundreds of tips, it comes down to time-manegement, which comes down to experience and practice.

    And btw, if you're static farming, make sure you make (at least) 90% of the last hits
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    If you are a semi-carry, like puppet and such, then you should be able to carry fairly well with good farming in lanes during the first 10-15mins.

    Just be sensible about when/where to farm. If the enemy team are gathered as 5 ready to push, go help defend, if you think your team can manage, keep on farming! Helps if you have homecoming stones ready.

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