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    HoN AI

    I haven't tried searching the forums if there was already a suggestion to implement a HoN AI (map). But well here is it (again).

    I'd suggest a HoN AI similar to the DotA AI maps. (

    I remember first starting to play DotA I found it hard to play. So I started playing DotA against bots and slowly learned the basics. (How to last hit, deny, map awareness, buy items for which hero, etc) Soon after that I started playing it with a couple of friends and they too learned how to play it.
    After a while you feel confident enough to play online and suprise, suprise you aren't doing THAT bad as most first timers do playing it online for the first time.

    This is more a suggestion to HELP new players LEARN the game in a SAFE environment where they won't get flamed or anything.

    I reckon if 1 guy can make such a map where the AI can actually last hit and deny so insanely well, buy a certain standard item build and do most things (even better than a lot of people), a company like S2 can do it even better?

    I hope this suggestion makes any sense into why I would suggest it and how this could benefit more newer players into playing HoN and not get frightened off by the difficulty of the game + attitude of some players.

    I remembered about the dota AI because of a thread I've read about the fact HoN was actually HARD to play/learn compared to LoL. (Don't know the link anymore to that thread but it has some interesting things)

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