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    My advice would be to do the Tutorial first and then play around in Practice mode to familiarize yourself with the items/heroes (if you haven't already).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keelik View Post
    Yeah you?re maybe right about sticking to LoL.
    Its like if you?re a LoL player, HoN will be very frustation for you and i bet HoN players trying out LoL will be all like "Oh this is too easy!"

    You should see the LoL community *****ing over HoN. Its crazy.
    indeed LoL is easy but again you play against other peoples so... well its pvp and not pve

    Ive been playing HoN for quite a while and then played LoL for a while... LoL is just too easy and well same amount of retards.

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    LoL is easier at the 'mechanical' level. To give an example, it is easier to manage last hitting in LoL and there is no denying. It also seems ranges of most abilities in LoL are lower compared to movement speed meaning it is easier for melee heroes (Think of Swiftblade vs a range 600 laner in HoN, compared to Garen against a ranged toon in LoL). There are less active items and generally the micro is easier compared to some of the heroes in HoN like Ophelia or Tundra.

    The competition is still there, though. Just play it at a sufficiently high level where one small misstep and you're dead, because your opponents know their abilities/range/cd/skillshots and yours inside and out, and are ready to exploit any mistake on your part. In this aspect there is little difference between the games. It's just that the execution is more mechanically demanding in HoN, so it takes more practice to play it at the same level.
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    Keelik you really already did the best thing you could do to improve your gameplay, which unfortunately only a few newcomers do in HoN. (at least it seems like it)
    you asked for help in this forum! good job everything else you should do to get better is already mentioned above.. Hon is very very competitive.. i am going to quote a post i read in a dota forum a couple of years ago which still applies:
    "to get better you should play, get owned, analyze what you did wrong, play again, get owned again, and so on until you spot the mistakes you made, being made by your opponent and pown him"
    what im trying to say is, think about what you are doing: why am i buying this item again? why am i doing this skillbuild against these opponents etc..
    it also helps alot to find someone you can play with and talk about the games you played and why you won or lost them..

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    Hey OP, not sure if you still need help or anything but this guide will help you out alot.

    I've played over 300 games on LoL and this is my first week on HoN, I agree with you on most of your points too, and had the same questions. There's so much to learn coming into this game that you really should spend the time getting in amongst it all and checking out the items and characters.

    It's totally worth it imho and I play both of them now, and unless the constant downtime/patching of lol doesn't affect you I can't see why you wouldn't get your hon account and unlock all the characters for one easy payment :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtra View Post
    Starting out in HoN is like being thrown in the deep end of your local swimming pool, wearing a straight jacket and lead boots.
    ^ This.

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    Just takes time. Just try reading some guides. Something that helped me out a lot when I started was this. I just look at it for a few secs before the game starts.

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    ^^ agreed. i even did that when i converted from dota to hon. it let me jump right in to a smooth transition because the shop system is still different than in dota.

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    I have never played Dota or another similar games when I first played Hon. This game is definitely not friendly to any new players at all.

    At that time there was no tutorial. And even they have a tutorial now, you have completely no ideas what to get until you are yelled at > 20 times. Then you can pretend you know what's going on for the first 5 mins, but after that, you team will figure out you still don't know what you to do and got trolled.

    I've recently tried LoL. It's actually way more noob friendly. I don't like their game play. But Hon did very badly compared to LoL about attracting more players. The most important thing is that LoL TELLS you what to buy. And it TELLS you what is your strength and weakness. In Hon, the only way to know is to look at how other people play, which takes more than months to learn.

    I meant, who is going to spend months to get yelled at to figure out the beauty of this game?

    erm. I got distracted. Make some friends and ask for help in game. There are still some good people in Hon willing to help. I usually help =).

    But here is my suggestions:
    1. Try playing INT heroes => Most of them are supports. Just cast all your spells far away. And if they start to aim you, run!

    2. The attack range of LoL is very different from HoN. The spells and range in HoN look way longer. You need to adjust yourself. Also, the spells in HoN is stronger than LoL. (at least from what I feel) So you need to be careful. If your hp is yellowish to red. It's better for you to go home and take a bath in the fountain.

    3. It's harder to see your heores in Hon compared to LoL. I always don't know where my hero is. LoL is way clearer because they have less graphics effects. They also circle every effects, which I think make the game easier and less realistics. Tips: press F1 twice to center your heroes or just use Ctrl+1 in the very beginning to group your heroes.

    4. HoN is a much faster game compared to LoL. LoL has a slower pace. (That's why i like Hon more!) In Hon, you always need to get last hits, deny creeps, defend towers, etc. Get used to a game that is full of actions.

    5.Gold in HoN is much more powerful compared to LoL. We don't have summoner skills in Hon, but you can do most of the things using Gold here, like tp stone (teleport to any allied building around the map) and buyback (instant respawn).

    I will say for gameplay Hon >> LoL

    for new-player-friendlines. LoL >>>>> HoN
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    Trust me when I say that I know exactly how You feel. I was a straight transfer from LoL as well and when I started out it was difficult as hell. The layout was different, the shop was confusing as hell and I got pwned by every single enemy.

    Look at the shop system like it's in LoL. Combining some items make up bigger, better items with the difference, that some items need a recipe to complete which aren't very different from other items with the exception of not giving You any benefits on its own ( a long, complicated sentance, yeah, I know =_= ). Just stick to the recommended tab for now. Seek out guides for heroes that seem interesting to You. Seek out heroes that's abilities seem easy-to-use and start studying them. Trust me, You'll end up with making up item-builds for heroes by yourself in no time. It's just a matter of getting use to it really.

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    While LoL is easier, there is a lot less satisfaction in winning.

    HoN is 10x harder to get into and get used to, let along excel in, but when you win, you WILL feel awesome when you win and you've had to put in effort to do so.
    (this is also why people rage a lot in HoN, because nobody enjoys putting in the effort to be let down by people who aren't putting in the same effort as them to win)

    I can confidently say that every HoN player plays for that experience of winning at something more difficult than the standard norm of games, whether they realize this or not.
    Good luck with it.
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    1. Find a hero you want to get good at

    2. Play about three games (nostats if you want) with your own item build. If the item build doesn't work, try another one for a few games.

    3. Master the hero.

    4. Repeat 60+ times.
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    Better stick on your quest as moralfag seek forums etc and stop playing this game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stinglock View Post
    Hey OP, not sure if you still need help or anything but this guide will help you out alot.
    Glad you appreciated it.
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    HoN is a completely diffrent beast from LoL (Much more complex, but much more rewarding). Probably the biggest thing for me when I started playing HoN, was that I got distracted by all the shiny graphics, I'd be like "Woah that spell is really - CRAP I'm dead." and my team would be like, "Why'd you sit there?" and I would be like, "Ummm... Lag?"

    Anyways, its difficult learning HoN, but once you get the swing of things you'll have a ton of fun. I personally always suggest Strength Heroes to start for new players, they typically have a higher base health and armor and can usually live a little bit longer, than their agility and Intelligence counter parts.

    Heroes I suggest would be...


    If you don't like any of thoes, no problem! Other heroes that are easy to start with include...


    Also part of the game (Just like in dota and LoL) is learning what you're up against. However this will only come from experiance of playing. When you have a general idea of what every hero does, you'll be better to combat them. So just keep playing games and you'll get the hang of things.

    Eventually you'll learn more about why things like Wards of Sight, Hatchet, Portkey, Tablet of Command, ect are all very important items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bladeknight5 View Post
    HoN is a completely diffrent beast from LoL (Much more complex, but much more rewarding). Probably the biggest thing for me when I started playing HoN, was that I got distracted by all the shiny graphics, I'd be like "Woah that spell is really - CRAP I'm dead." and my team would be like, "Why'd you sit there?" and I would be like, "Ummm... Lag?"
    Funniest thing I've read on the forums all week, including quite a neat joke from S2.

    Heroes I suggest would be...

    Electrician is pretty hard to die with. Haven't tried the others.
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    I haven't read through most of this, just what some of the OP's replies were.

    Being a past LoL player I SUPPOSE I might be able to help you more than others in some ways.

    Homecoming stones, think of them as basically the teleport summoner spell in an item and on a considerably shorter cool down and with a small mana cost. You can teleport into your base using them.

    There's no AP in this game, this game is has a form of a early game, mid game and late game. In LoL casters scale. This game the idea of casters is to be your legs at the start of the game, they deal a lot more damage than you think they do usually. The auto attackers like Yi and Trynadere would be the carrys here who get carried by the casters with their early game prowess and can grow to the point with items and auto attack scaling abilities in such a way that they can solo whole teams and carry his past casters and team to victory if he was carried well when the game was young and he got a lot of farm.

    You've already heard the don't play EM bit and imo a good starting hero is Accursed or Plague Rider. This game is -aimed- competitive, LoL is -aimed- casual so umm yeah.
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    If id have proper teammates id easily be 2000-2100

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    HoN is a completely diffrent beast from LoL (Much more complex, but much more rewarding). Probably the biggest thing for me when I started playing HoN, was that I got distracted by all the shiny graphics, I'd be like "Woah that spell is really - CRAP I'm dead." and my team would be like, "Why'd you sit there?" and I would be like, "Ummm... Lag?"
    Thats a brilliant quote.

    @OP: I want to avoid repeating too much of what is alread said so ill go for dot points. I played LoL for a little while but after HoN and found the game was like from going from chess back to checkers. Same map, same idea (take pieces), both are turn based but ones a ****-tonne easier and alot less rewarding.

    My advice + other stuff
    - Dont touch EM its terrible.
    - Join a Clan for noobs so you get help
    - Read guides
    - Play a stack of games so you get used to seeing who is who
    - In HoN a hero cannot be played by both teams
    - Learn what wards of sight are and use them every game. Nome wrote a guide on it.
    - Look at the minimap
    - Focus on not dying
    - Last hit

    And for a small monologue.

    Pick plague Rider. Recommended it several times now and have recieved several thanks afterwoods, so i believe he is probably the best "noob" hero.

    Reasons why?
    - Above average movement speed (MS is very important in HoN)
    - Above average stats and gain
    - Has a built in armour skill to help you and your teammates live and saves money
    - Has a built in anti-carry slow on his armour to help you and teammates live and saves money
    - Has a built in free mana skill to save you money
    - Has a built in free deny skill if your bad at last hitting
    - Has a very strong nuke that also is a small AoE and slows to boot and a decent cooldown
    - Has a digustingly strong ultimate that can literally lead to a teamdown on its own and late game it has a short cooldown.
    - He is ranged so its easier to stay safe
    - You get to riding a ****ing dragon
    - Your hero has everything built in so your not dependant on items so even if you play bad your not useless
    - He has no skill shots that you can screw up, just click to hit. The ultimate does teach about when to use circumstantial skills without being as harsh as "You missed you fail".
    - Your a viable ward-whore and as wards pretty much can determine winners and losers in mid levels of play thats a pretty cool thing. It also looks awesome on your stats page when people realise your a warder
    - He is one of the top tier heroes in competitive play so your mastering not only an amazing noob hero but one that has viable play throughout all levels of gaming.

    Hit me up with a tell in game or on the forums if you need anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yyr_ View Post
    - You get to ride a ****ing dragon
    ^^ this.

    no really though, well said and 100% agree that he is probably the easiest hero to learn. I just remembered now that I played a ton of lich king (plague rider is hon equivalent) when i started dota because he was easy as **** and you can literally own with him.

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    I must say, when I transfered to dota to HoN, I found it completely new to me. HoN for me, is very demanding, you MUST know every single spell that each hero contains, learning them inside out for you to know what to expect or just simply to know what your allies can do - it's a team game after, and if you don't know what the hell they can do, you'll muck around doing maybe things in which you shouldn't of done or wasn't necessary.

    I must also say, I had also had the problem of wondering "Who the hell is on my team and who isn't!" - Like you

    I really have no idea how I stopped asking this question, I guess you got used to it - I really don't know, but I just positive that it took me quite a few games for me to get this bloody question out of me.

    And your conclusion exactly, it all leads to practice and practice doesn't it? Good luck.
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    Pebbles is also very much a no brainer. Even while having no range, he got very high base dmg, relatively good stats and after lvl 5 a "I-use-my-2-nukes-and-you-are-dead"-Combo. It maybe needs 3 - 4 games for a newb to get used to it, but after wards its only about running close to someone, hit 2 buttons and get a kill. I loved to do the same when I started playing dota and found out how wonderful tiny is.

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