- Skill level (high, medium, low) A good Low or a mid.
- Time zone you play in with respect to GMT: gmt +1
- Primary language you speak: Swedish
- Average age of the members of your team: 16
- Number of players you are looking for: 2+
- Both in-game and out-of-game contact into: Poilo and emil_Gebl@hotmail.com on hotmail
- Requirements for your team (e.g. age, past dota experience, etc)
Must be decent, can't feed all the time, 14+, fun to talk with. SKYPE AND A DECENT MIC IS REALLY REQUIRED.

Having Mw2 sure helps!

- Talk briefly about who you are and what you do (e.g. casual play, competitive tournaments, etc)

Well, Me and some friends are HoN players and mw2 and used to be css and such, we're friends and play ''ALL'' Games, We're currently looking for 2 or more people to pub stomp with, we're 3 friends at the moment.

We play publics alot, Single draft 80% And NO EM!!

Skriv g?rna, vi vill spela med folk s? mycket som m?jligt, det g?r ej n?got som du ?r d?lig och f?r typ 0-5 ! alla kan vara d?liga ibland!

Om ni vill kan ni adda mig p? skype: EmilGebl
Steam: EmilGebl

och liknande! eller skriv h?r! skype info eller n?got!