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    Slither Guide - Pub Games


    Hero Description
    The Serpent of the Seventh Pit, feeder on the sick and the weak, was summoned forth in the last days of the war between Man and Beast. A cunning conniver and whisperer of false promises, Slither delights in suffering and despair.

    This is how I play Slither and it works out for me 9/10 times. If you have different skill or Item build it will be noted and may be tested :P. These play styles were only tested on pub games, usually 1500+ or 1600+.
    With Slither I found this video on auto attacking very useful. (Known as orbwalking? in Dota?)

    Excellent slow
    Harassing damage
    Counters nearly all melee mids
    Powerful nearly all game
    Good ganker

    Ultimate is non-lethal
    Semi-low mana pool
    No disable
    No scaling damage

    Starting Health: 492
    Starting Mana: 195
    Strength: 18 + 1.85
    Agility: 22 + 2.6
    Intelligence: 15 + 1.75
    Movement Speed: 290
    Base Armor: 3.08

    Ending Stats:
    Strength: 82
    Agility: 104
    Intelligence: 77


    Poison Spray

    Slither sprays a torrent of toxins toward a target location, infecting any enemies that come into contact with the torrent. Infected enemies take some initial damage followed by damage over time and reduced movement speed.
    Type: Magic
    Range: 600/725/850/1000
    Mana Cost: 90/105/120/130
    Cooldown: 22.0 Seconds

    Deals 50/70/70/100 magic damage and applies Poison Spray to targets for 15 seconds.

    Poison Spray Effects:
    10/20/40/50 magic damage every 3 seconds. Reduces movement speed by 50% initially, recovering to full speed over 6 seconds.

    The slow caused by this move is extremely powerful, especially early game and even mid game. The damage over time may help you finish off an enemy even though they get away.
    Doesn't look like it's that big...

    Slither adds poison damage to his attacks. His attacks then reduce target's movement speed, deal damage over time, and negate health regeneration.
    On Attack Impact:
    Applies Toxicity to target for 7 seconds.

    Toxicity Effects:
    10% Movement Slow
    40%/60%/80%/100% Reduced Health Regeneration
    5/10/15/20 Magic Damage per second

    A very good addition for harassing. Deals 26/52/78/105 total after natural magic armor. Which by level 3 can effectively double your damage! Note, if you attack the same enemy twice the effect wont stack, it will just reset the 7 seconds. Note: this is an attack modifier and won't stack with other attack modifier. If another attack modifier is wanted (not recommended) be sure to switch the attack modifier by clicking on the picture directly above the mini-map.

    Favorite attack modifier xD

    Toxin Ward

    Slither summons a ward at target location that will attack nearby enemies, dealing minor damage and slowing their movement speed. The ward is immune to Magic.
    Type: Physical
    Range: 850
    Mana Cost: 20

    Uses a charge to spawn a poison ward at target position.
    One charge is gained every 5 seconds with a maximum of 1/1/2/2 charges.
    Poison Wards have 60/110/160/210 health, have a duration of 40 seconds, deal 9-11/17-21/26-32/34-42 and apply a -25 movement speed for 5 seconds.

    An incredibly useful scouting skill. Your skill build may even change depending on the heroes you fight. For example, a heavy ganking middle you might want to put a point in this to avoid being ganked. This skill can also be used to push towers and defend towers easily once you have the mana pool for it.

    Scouting that has enough range not to be in danger

    Poison Burst

    Slither expels poison in all directions. Enemies hit by the ring of poison become infected, taking damage over time. The damage is non-lethal, and as such, will not drain the target's health below 1 health. This skill can be improved by staff of the master.
    Self Position
    Type: Magic
    Mana Cost: 200/300/400
    Cooldown: 140/120/100

    Applies Acidic Poison to targets in radius for 12 seconds.

    Acidic Poison Effects:
    36/58/81 Non-Lethal Magic damage per second
    (With Staff of the Master: 58/81/108)

    Total damage: 324/522/729/972 after base magic armor reduction. Staff of the Master increases total damage by 243 (after magic armor) in comparison to a Pyromancer's ultimate +150 damage with Staff of the Master (after magic armor) is only 93 damage increase per enemy it hits. You can decide whether it's worth it or not to get it. A powerful ultimate that can do extreme damage but doesn't kill... Well, once you have inflicted as much enemies as you could with your ultimate, try to inflict as much enemies as you can with Poison Spray. This way, if enemies escape from battle with low health remaining, the combination of your ultimate and Poison Spray can kill them. Also, if Toxicity is applied to them that's another way that you can kill enemies no longer in battle.

    Huge Radius!!!

    Skill Build
    1a: Poison Spray (If you're going for the first rune gank)
    1b. Toxicity
    2. ^The other skill^
    3. Toxicity
    4. Poison Spray
    5a: Poison Spray (Depending if you have the ability to harrass)
    5b. Toxicity
    6. Poison Burst
    (7: If your being more involved in team pushing and ganking I suggest Poison Spray)
    7. Poison Spray/ Toxicity
    8a: Poison Spray (If you're more involved in team pushing and ganking)
    8b. Toxicity
    9. Max out 1st and 2nd skill
    10. Toxin Wards
    11. Poison Burst
    12.Toxin Wards
    13. Toxin Wards
    14. Toxin Wards
    15. Attribute Bonus
    16. Poison Burst
    17-25. Attribute Bonus

    As said above, if the enemy team relies heavily on ganking, one point in Toxin Wards can be useful. This is the basic skill build I usually use.

    Laning and Team Fights
    Laning: Unless you are babysitting, where you would focus on denies and harassing, you should mainly focus on hurtful harassing and last hits.
    Team Fights: Focus on inflicting your skills on as much people as possible. If you have Assassins Shroud and aren't in a good position on using your ult, use your Assassin's Shroud and Poison Spray+Poison Burst Combo. Otherwise, you can also use your Assassin's Shroud on escaping.

    Item Build

    Starting Items
    1x Health Potion, 1x Rune of Blight, x2 Pretenders Crown
    1x Health Potion, 1x Rune of Blight, x2 Crushing Claws, x2 Minor Totems
    OR (support)
    1x Health Potion, 1x Rune of Blight, x1 Wards of Sight, x3 Minor Totems, x1 Mana Potion
    OR (Babysitter/Harasser)
    1x Health Potion, 2x Runes of Blight, x1 Iron Buckler, x1 Minor Totem

    Core (Semi-Carry)
    (Only recommended if you already have 3 or so kills already or lack of other carry on your team)
    x2 Fortified Bracelet, x1 Power Supply, x1 Phase Boots

    Core (Roamer, Ganker, Babysitter)
    x2 Fortified Bracelet, x1 Bottle/Iron Shield, x1 Striders,

    Mid-game (Semi-carry)
    x2 Fortified Bracelet, x1 Power Supply, x1 Phase Boots, Firebrand/Blessed Orb

    Mid-game (Ganker/Not-Doin-So-Good)
    x2 Fortified Bracelet, x1 Power Supply/Bottle, x1 Striders/Phase Boots, x1 Assassins Shroud

    Late-game (Semi-carry)
    x2 Fortified Bracelet, x1 Power Supply, x1 Phase Boots, x1 Geomater's Bane, x1 Nullfire

    Late-game (Ganker/Not-Doin-So-Good)
    x2 Fortified Bracelet, x1 Power Supply, x1 Phase Boots, x1 Assassins Shroud, x1 Staff of the Master

    Shrunken Head
    Charged Hammer

    I don't... ever use Slither as support but if your teammates insist, that is what I would get. Other than that, all other Slither builds have worked excellently for me so far, any other builds will of course be tested and may be added to this guide if successful.

    Allies and Enemies

    Allies: ,Stun and Slowers () (Usually will be melee)
    Swiftblade/Devourer: These two are pretty easy to explain, Swiftblade and your 1st and 2nd skill combined will be an almost guaranteed kill. If Devourer gets someone with his hook your slows combined with his slow will also be an almost guaranteed kill. Other melee stunner or slowers making your slow easier to aim.

    Enemies: Multiple Target Healers, Fayde, Holders
    Multiple Target Healers: () When they use there spell it practically negates 2-3 ticks of damage of Poison Spray on every one of their teammates around them, which in my experiences can become the difference to a Double Tap! from a QUADKILL!!!

    : With a Codex is an instant kill early or mid-game. Counter with Mystic Vestments with 2 Bracers, usually is all you need, stick with your teammates if not enough.

    Holders: ( ) Not only are you 100% useless while being held by one of these, if your ally is grabbed by one, you can't really do much to save him because of your lack of disables.

    Change log Versions:
    1.0 Guide Created
    1.1 Skill Pictures, and wording changed
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    Behind you
    Decent guide, but not worthy of premium yet. Something that especially caught my eye was you considering Blood Chalice. Its definetly not worth it on Slither, too squishy.
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    Hmm... I agree Slither doesnt have enough health and later game when he does he doesnt need the mana as much
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    [IMG]file:///tmp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG]suck it?

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    You should definitely include Tablet of Command in your item builds, especially for support/ganker Slither, as it is probably the best item for the money on Slither. He doesn't need good items because he doesn't scale, so you get an item that isn't about scaling at all but about utility. It's probably the best way to help your team (in a timely fashion that is, Sheepstick is better but too expensive) giving you increased ganking, escaping, and crowd control power. I get ToC in 90% of my Slither games.

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    Playing Slither as a carry is a huge're basically spending gold on items that won't even let you do enough dps to take down a Glacius. He is 99% of the time best played as support. The only "carry" item I would get is Nullfire.

    Also, Assassin's Shroud is terrible. Anyone with half a brain will counter it. Much better to get portal key.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghidoran View Post
    Playing Slither as a carry is a huge're basically spending gold on items that won't even let you do enough dps to take down a Glacius. He is 99% of the time best played as support. The only "carry" item I would get is Nullfire.

    Also, Assassin's Shroud is terrible. Anyone with half a brain will counter it. Much better to get portal key.
    Well, this build works extremely well for me, and if you want to play your Slither as a support, go ahead. Also, as mentioned above this is for pub game 1500+/1600+ not many people will have half the brain to counter it (in all my games anyways)
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    [IMG]file:///tmp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG]suck it?

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    :HelmOfTheBlackLegio on slither... pretty much always. you are wasting your time with bracers.

    :NomesWisdom::chal: solid pick ups for mana issues. pick one

    :GeometersBane: or :NullfireBlade:


    :WardOfSight::WardOfSight: :WardOfSight::WardOfSight: if you are not one of the top 2 carries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogrim View Post
    :HelmOfTheBlackLegio on slither... pretty much always. you are wasting your time with bracers.

    :NomesWisdom::chal: solid pick ups for mana issues. pick one
    QFT, :chal: is not terrible once you have helm, but typically I like having :RingOfTheTeacher: based items because it makes him an even more powerful tower pusher.

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    core: :HelmOfTheBlackLegio:Steamboots::chal:

    after that: :GeometersBane::BarbedArmor::Nullstone::ShrunkenHe ad: :ShamansHeaddress:aemonicBreastplate

    or if need cc: :KuldrasSheepstick::FrostfieldPlate:
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    ^^ Basically what the guy above said
    Replace chalice with RoT (turn into nomes after helm/steamboots)
    Shamans/barrier is situational
    Geos is good if you're having amazing farm otherwise nullfire or a puzzlebox will increase your utility since nullfire is awesome against hb/jere and the purge will ensure kills on fleeing targets. Puzzlebox on slither is devastating because it boosts your already high push potential

    Starting items
    Guardian ring
    Two runes
    Four minor totems
    (Buy scarab at outpost)

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    For pubs: :Portalkey: & oombringer: or :Mock:.
    CC @ 25.

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    No mention of Nome's, Shroud, or Tablet? Three cheap items that are worth getting on slither in any 1500-1600 pub.

    Also, you should provide a little more information about useful ways to use slither's abilities. For example, you should point out in your description that toxicity will nullify an enemy's Runes of the Blight, as well a regen from an item like Helm or Bloodstone.

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    As I remember, Runes of the Blight were blocked by Toxicity's health regen block for only a short period of time. I don't think it's that way now.

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    If you're playing against a slither have someone get a barrier idol. It does wonders.
    Hahahah hey.

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    The other thing is, I don't see why no one ever gets Spellsharts on Slither. If you're going to be dying every team fight anyway, might as well rape people that much harder with your dots.

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    Staff does the same damage as Spellshards for his ultimate. If you're playing suicidal, I would definitely go for Staff over shards as you get a boost to your HP, your **** mana pool, and you get a better cooldown reduction for your level 3 ultimate.

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