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    First look...

    Hey all, I am a big fan of dota, and ive been playing it for like 4-5 years.

    I heard alot about HoN, and got an invite recently. I really think that the game is great! first time i played it, i had max resolution and it was spiking alot, im like EW this game graphics suck, but when i put it on minimum (i didnt rly find a diference in the grafics), it went WAYY more smoothly, and i found it perfect.

    Here are a few things i dont like.

    -Hack and Slash is the worst name ever for Sange and Yasha. Its really abominable, id rather die then buy it now, just bkuz of the name.
    -BooBoo for Syllabears bear, is also a rly ugly name. i know that they are trying to put some humorous stuff, but booboo is plain stupid IMO.
    -Also, when u hex someone, he turns into a freaking pair of biting teeth (?!) Pls change, it has to be more creative.. rly ugly!
    -I donno if this is makable now, but the 2 minuts wait for hero picking is so painful.... Wouldnt it be better if theres a "Ready" button, so that if everyone is ready b4 2 m inutes, the game starts? I think it would be great!

    Ill add some other things, the more i get to know the game. But really, i find that this game is just Purly Genius! i thought it was gonna suck, because "nothing beats dota", but rly, the graphics rock! (League of legends sucks.)

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    There is a ready button. Everyone just has to hit it.
    The rest is personal opinion, I guess.

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    There is already an individual ready button in lobby!

    - Hack & Slash doesn't sound too bad for what they are!
    - I don't mind with Booboo... Yet, could have found a better name!
    - I agree with the biting teeth, at first I thought it was some kind of weird toilet seats.

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    lol @ toilet seats, but what it is cureently isnt that much better u know..

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