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    Prince of the Oasis (Summoner style)

    Prince of the Oasis

    A long time ago there was a game released on the Sega Genesis called Beyond Oasis. This was probably one of my favorite games of all time and the main character that you played was armed with a magic gauntlet that could summon different deity depending on what elements he used the armlet on.

    I was wondering how this would translate into the world of HON and the possibility of creating a unique hero.


    Obviously appearances would have to be updated for HON, but the general idea would be cloaked figure with a golden armlet. The animation would be an extended arm with a glowing orb firing from his armlet.

    The Idea

    So basically the idea would be to create an agile hero who is capable of fighting on his own, but vastly weaker damage wise to other heroes. This hero would focus on the power of his summons to do the damage and supply support, but at the same time would be capable of dealing mediocre melee damage on his own. This is a reversal of roles. Usually the hero is the strongest and summons are disposable and much weaker. However in this case the summons should be regards as "lesser-heroes" and the Prince as a "stronger-summon".

    Gameplay wise you would use your "gauntlet" skill and fire it at something on the map. A tree, water from the river, the ground, etc. ONLY ONE summon can be active at a time. If a Deity dies they are set on "cool down" and cannot be summoned for a moderate duration. During this time you can still summon your other deities.

    Elements will be the main theme.

    The Summons

    The goal would be to make each summon useful in different situations, but not one being overly more powerful than the other. So for the time being I broke down the categories into... Defense, Offense, Disabler.

    Defensive Summon - Fire gauntlet at any type/form of water (Rivers, elementals, other Heroes spells that contain water, etc.

    Summons Enki the water Deity.

    Attack: Ranged bubble attack
    Role: Int based summon with caster like HP and mana pool.

    Healing waters - Enki uses magic water to heal a small amount of HP at the cost of mana
    Bubble barrier - Enki summons a protective bubble around the target which increases armor and absorbs a small amount of damage.
    Silver lining - Enki summons a dark cloud (AOE) that brings down the moral of the enemies (-def/-speed), but blesses allies with the silver lining (+def/+speed)
    Torrential Waves - In an effort to disperse enemy forces and protect allies Enki summons a large wave to push aside enemies. Deals moderate damge, but pushes enemies back/aside.
    Offensive Summon - Fire gauntlet at any type/form fire (Ally/enemy spells and any Heroes that use fire spells. You can also target them and the fire deity will summon)

    Summons Efreet the Fire deity.

    Attack: Melee
    Role: Str hero with emphasis on tanking and damage output. Very high HP, but very low mana pool.

    Five fingers of flame! - Passive. Efreet punches with flaming hands that do more damage, has a % chance to ignite enemies doing damage per/sec and can spread to nearby enemies.
    Hot Streak! - Efreet pauses for a moment and forms himself into a large fireball and goes streaking across the area in the direction he is facing. Does moderate damage to those caught in the streak and does major damage to those caught on the explosion from when the streak ends and Efreet returns to his original form.
    Molten Punch! - Efreet slams the ground beneath him invoking molten rock to form on the ground doing moderate damage to those caught in the AOE, slows targets by %, and does burn damage as long as the enemies stay within the AOE.
    Final Meltdown! - Efreet pauses and gathers all his fire and heat swallowing it all. He is then able to move and attack, but starts counting down from 5 and explodes. This causes a huge explosion doing VERY HIGH damage based on Efreet's remaining HP. This desummons Efreet.
    Disabler Summon - Fire gauntlet at any type of vegetation or plants (Trees, grass, ents, etc.)

    Summons Bow nature/plant deity.

    Attack: Ranged (Seed spitter!)
    Role: Agility based hero with emphasis on disabling, slowing, and chasing enemies. Somewhat mediocre HP with a larger than normal mana pool. Bow moves at slightly slower speed when walking. However, Bow is very quick when he uses his Dirt Dive skill.

    Sproutlings - Passive. As Bow spits his seeds and has a % chance to grow Sproutlings that latch onto the enemy and slow them for a short duration.
    Dirt Dive - Bow dives underground and moves much more quickly. Duration extends per level. During this time Bow is NOT stealth. However, he is much harder to see as all you see is a moving trail of dirt on the ground.
    Snap Trap - Bow snaps up an enemy in his jaws and holds them for a short period of time. Dealing small initial damage, then poison damage on release. During this time Bow gains +HP regen when he is consuming the enemy. The enemy cannot be hurt while inside Bow and is realeased on Bow's death.
    Allergic Reaction - Bow spews out pollen which covers the enemies. Any enemy that is hit with the pollen sneeze uncontrollably. This lasts for short duration, but randomly stuns the enemies for 1 sec per stun for the full duration. Example: 15 second duration, enemy is running and may be stunned at the 6 sec mark and the 8 second mark. Stuns are random, but at least 1 stun per duration is guaranteed.
    Ultimate - Blessing of the Deities

    The Prince becomes closer to his Deities who he considers his friends. The Prince and each Deity share a bond that continues to grow stronger.

    Ultimate is a passive ability that grants the Prince an aura. This aura when near his deities increases their spell effectiveness. This also grants the Prince various effects to his melee attacks depending on which Deity he is using at the time.

    Enki - Enki summons a pool of healing water beneath the Prince's feet that always follows him. This increases HP/Mana regen

    Efreet - Imbues the Prince's sword and shield with the flames. Prince does additional fire damage and has an immolation effect.

    Bow - Covers the prince in spiked vines that drip with toxic residue. Any players attacking the prince has a high % chance of becoming rooted for a VERY small amount of time and taking moderate poison damage over time.
    There's my idea! No numbers because I am not in tune with HON well enough to even begin to balance such an idea. I just like the character and think it'd be a fun twist on the current heroes.

    Added a note about limitation on how many summons are available at a time (only one)
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    Um give a bit more info about the summons like str/agi/int and hp/mp and atk/def.

    can you summon all of them at a time???

    cause if you can then your going to have to be mega pro to like control them

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonynaruto View Post
    Um give a bit more info about the summons like str/agi/int and hp/mp and atk/def.

    can you summon all of them at a time???

    cause if you can then your going to have to be mega pro to like control them
    Numbers aren't going to work since I really don't know what is "balanced". However, I can state that...

    Efreet should be spec'd just slightly lower than the average str hero
    Enki should be spec'd just slightly lower than the average int hero
    Bow should be spec'd just slightly lower than the average agi hero

    1 Summon at a time with obvious cool downs on summoning to prevent abuse of certain skills. If a summon dies they cannot be summoned for X amount of time, but you're free to summon another deity.
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    controlling 4 people and each has there own skills? to balance this they would all need to be very weak. i have a feeling this wont work.

    as for the skills there is not much info to go on so im not shure what to say.

    good idea, probobly wont work.

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