Thread: [1.0.9] Games with Flint not recording to Stats

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    [1.0.9] Games with Flint not recording to Stats

    104922471 Match ID

    Played in the game and won... but now I'm not in the record for it? I was Flint Eastwood, brown player on hellbourne. I can't download it either because I get an error when I tried to. Help?

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    Happened with Fayde too, you're stats just aren't being displayed correctly.

    Dunno why you can't download the replay though, probaply just needs some time to process.
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    I can confirm this bug. Happened with someone else playing as Flint again. Match 10494556. I can, however, download and watch the replay.

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    Flint doesn't show up in replays as of right now and that is a bug already posted
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    They should be now

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