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    Classic REMIX

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbCyber View Post
    Classic REMIX

    tweak it with better lettes and im buying it
    Sup kids. u mad?

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    Someone make one with legionnaire with the text
    Pollywog needs to do some announcer work! Vote for the most ambitious amphibious announcer HERE

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    My t-shirt design :- )
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails my contest submission.jpg  

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    In this thread: S2 Outsource graphic design to the forums for $100 because they're too cheap to hire a professional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Son View Post
    Can you please confirm whether the maximum dimensions are in inches or cm? I assume it's inches, but would like to be 100% certain.

    I also have a couple of other questions:

    1) Is there a specific or preferred t-shirt template that submitted designs should be placed on?

    2) This might sound silly, but are submissions permitted to use existing S2 art assets (such as concept art and icons)? If so, is it possible to get very high resolution versions of said assets from somewhere? I downloaded the fansite kit and whilst it had some high res concept art, the collection was incomplete. It also only had low res versions of all the icons.

    Still looking for answers to these questions.

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    Anyone like my nighthound shirt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotDan View Post

    Anyone like my nighthound shirt?
    lolz, 49,99$ right? :s

    DEC 13th, 2010
    “We will NEVER allow player to gain an in-game advantage for money, ONLY COSMETICS”

    JUL 29th, 2011
    “Players will be able to PURCHASE EARLY ACCESS to new heroes to play them before they are released for free to the rest of the legacy players”

    ch Power!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masakari View Post
    HoN is not about doing what YOU want, when you want it. HoN is about empowering your TEAM to be able to do what you ultimately want to do - win the match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoLeY View Post
    rofl sir u win the internet

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    Had to remake legionnaire a little, original image didn't have half of his axe.
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    Thought something like this might look cool.
    Not meeting requirements and could be better.
    But an idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizzs View Post

    Had to remake legionnaire a little, original image didn't have half of his axe.
    Best (serious) ones imo. Great choice of font especially on the trap one.

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    Armadon Xing, just something i tried for fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorDamage View Post
    l o l

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    I was born with decent ideas but worthless paintskills.
    I'd love this theme. Feel free to use this idea if you feel you can do it Justice

    Hero concept, Plumber, any feedback will be rewarded with an e-hug!

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