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    [UK] Gamerbase Reading 5v5 (August 8, 2010)

    Gamerbase Reading is proud to announce it's first 5v5 Heroes of Newerth tournament - Damnation!

    View the live stream here !

    Sunday 8th August - 12PM - 9PM

    Current Sign-Ups

    • Team 1 - DaBomba - Re1ease, darkhearted, Exiia/oxox, xoxo, Jowslash
    • Team 2 - Project Origin - Recognition, K19widow, aT_RMPage, aT_Sykesy, u
    • Team 3 - C4E - Sparex, Burningchips, Dbubble, GuNnErPwN, Tomsaka, bringinpain
    • Team 4 - No! - Lewis, RossiB, T, Ex_wife, Grombot
    • Team 5 - Clan Cheese - Holahu, Tuxy, Broon88, Tuzzo, GameFaceOn

    Damnation is a turn-up-and-play lan gaming tournament - with the focus on providing competing teams with a level playing field. All our PC's are high spec, state of the art Scan 3XS machines. With 40 PC's at our disposal - each team will have their own bank of 5 PC's reserved for their own use. We will be running a double elimination bracket for the 8 teams to provide a memorable day of gaming. In addition - competitors will be able to enjoy the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles in the centre free of charge in between matches!

    We've put together an excellent prize pool for our first 5v5 tournament with a total of ?600 worth of prizes including top of the range peripherals from Logitech!

    Entry Fee

    Entry fee is 5 Pounds (GBP) per player (to be paid on the day of the tournament) which will include casual use of the computers/consoles inside the centre for the duration of the tournament. To register your team for a qualifier please click the link below. You will need to make a Gamerbase website account which is quick and easy.

    --> Register Your Team <--

    Tournament Format

    • Tournament :-Double Elimination
    • Team Size :- Five Versus Five
    • Gametype :-Banning Pick
    • Map:-Forest of Calvadar

    Tournament Rules
    • Only Team Leaders are allowed to use all chat.
    • Team leaders are the first players of each team (blue and pink)
    • Legion/Hellbourne team sides will be decided by /roll
    • Games have to be hosted exclusively on servers located in Europe, using UK servers when available.
    • Pauses will be allowed for setup/lag reasons only if both teams agree.

    Denying and Creep Pulling
    • Team Killing / Denying is permitted. If a teammate is denyable, his team is free to kill him to get an advantage out of it.
    • Pulling creeps into the lane is allowed.
    • Pulling ancients into the lane is not allowed.
    • Players are not permitted to enter the opponents base without a creep wave.

    Registration and Venue Rules
    • Teams must be registered by August 1st, we will not be accepting team registrations on the day.
    • Each team must consist of a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 6 players (5 players and 1 Reserve).
    • The entry fee is ?5 per player. If you choose to register 6 players then all six players must pay the registration fee.
    • Upon arrival you will be designated 5 seats. These will be your seats for the duration of the day.
    • Gamerbase Reading will open at 11am on Sunday 8th August, players are expected to be set up and ready to start the tournament by 12.30PM at latest.
    • Teams must be ready to play their allocated matches on time. If any team members need to leave the venue, players must contact an event admin.
    • Players may bring their own keyboard, mouse, mousemat and headset. USB ports and minijack mic and headphone sockets will be available to use. Players may use PS/2 keyboards and mice, but will be required to bring their own USB adapters.

    For more information and to register for the tournament visit our site --> HERE <--

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    Short guide to using the Registration System

    1. Only one member of the team needs to submit the registration.
    2. Go to and register an account
    3. Go to the Registration Page
    4. Choose to Create A Team
    5. Fill in the relevant details - Add your team lineup to the description with all member names
    6. Go back to the Registration page, choose to Register your team and select the team from the dropdown menu.

    Any questions feel free to send me an IM

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    Update :- First two teams signed up; DaBomba and Project Origin!

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    Where exacly is this tournament going to be ?

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    The tournament will be hosted in the Gamerbase Reading LAN centre, located in central Reading.

    More information about the centre including the location can be found here :-

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    Two more teams signed up :- C4E and No!

    Spots are filling quickly and with just two weeks left to go, it's time to get your teams registered!

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    No! Lineup will be


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    CHS signed up on the Gamerbase site and we were accepted, just unsure if we were confirmed as we havn't been added to here yet

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    Sorry, it should've been done, but to let you guys know, you are definitely confirmed for the tourney!

    UPDATE :- Team 5 added - CHS

    We're also going to hold the registration page open for a couple more days in the hopes of getting some last minute teams to even the numbers out
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    RossiB renamed Ross btw

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    I currently have 3 players who want to play in the tournament:


    But we need 2 more - anymore people wana come join this team for the sunday event in reading?

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    Check out the scores here:

    Stream available now!!
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