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    Ancient Wisp (hero)

    Ancient WispGender: None
    Race: Wisp
    Affiliation: Legion

    Strength: 14
    Agility: 18
    Intelligence: 25

    Advanced Statistics:
    Damage: No attack
    Armor: 1.7
    Movement Speed: 300
    Attack Range: None
    Attack Animation: none
    Casting Animation: 0.4/0.5
    Base Attack Time: 1.7
    Missle Speed: Instant
    Sight Range: 1800 Morning/800 Night

    Communing with Nature
    Cost: 100 Mana
    Range: 600
    Channel time: 3 seonds
    Area of Effect: 100
    Cooldown: 3 seconds
    Targeting Type: Tree
    Ability Type: Active
    Ability Hotkey: Q
    Description: The Ancient Wisp channels its energy into a tree becoming one with it and reduces the channel time of its next tree jump by 2 seconds. Immune to damage until the wisp moves.

    Level 1: range 600 cost 100
    Level 2: range 800 cost 80
    Level 3: range 1000 cost 60
    Level 4: range 1200 cost 40
    Comments: Used for traveling around the map and escaping people.

    One with Nature
    Cost: None
    Range: 300
    Area of Effect: Self
    Cooldown: None
    Ability Type: Passive
    Ability Hotkey: W
    Description: When Ancient Wisp is near a tree it draws from the tree strength regaining its health and mana.

    Level 1: 3% health and mana every 3 seconds
    Level 2: 4% health and mana every 3 seconds
    Level 3: 5% health and mana every 3 seconds
    Level 4: 6% health and mana every 3 seconds

    Comments: Nice passive to help the wisp survive.

    Wrath of Nature
    Cost: 100 mana
    Range: 600
    Area of Effect: Target
    Cooldown: 3 seconds
    Targeting Type: Instant
    Ability Type: Active
    Ability Hotkey: E
    Description: The wisp channels natures wrath into the target dealing 25% of its total mana as damage. Slows the target by 50% for 5 seconds the slow is reduced by 10% every second.

    Level 1: 25% damage cost 100
    Level 2: 30% damage cost 120
    Level 3: 35% damage cost 140
    Level 4: 40% damage cost 160

    Comments: The way the wisp deals damage by blasting down its target.

    Strength of Nature
    Cost: 100% mana
    Range: 800
    Cooldown: 120 seconds
    Targeting Type: Tree
    Ability Type: Active
    Ability Hotkey: R
    Description: Ancient Wisp posses a tree bring it to life. the tree has 150% of the wisps health and deals damage equal to 40% of the wisps mana pool. lasts 20 seconds

    Level 1: 150% health 40% damage
    Level 2: 150% health 50% damage
    Level 3: 150% health 60% damage

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    Ridiculously powerful. Practically unkillable with any control of skill #1, endless health/mana with skill #2, an insane nuke with incredibly low cooldown with skill #3 (With 3k mana pool, you'd have a nuke that'd be doing 1200 damage at 600 range AND you would regen the mana back without any items with skill #1) and the-super-malphas-from-holy-tree-land which would melee for absolutely crazy amounts (3k mana pool again, 1800 melee swings? Okay?).

    At least rethink of the numbers...

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    So it has no attack, just spells? And it insta regens more of it's health n mana than just bout any other hero....Also, l2grammar? Noooooooo.

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