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    SHENS -- a very nuby clan

    Hi there, I'm from a clan called "shens" and "mgt" (we use both tags, lulz) which is short for Shenanigan's House of MAGGOTRY, which is a TF2 server that all the members play on.... On HoN our official tag is "mgt"...

    Being a TF2 clan, we're pretty terrible at this game. Be there any other noob clans out there that wanna have some scrims? I think that would be very fun. I'm going to try and get in the habit of visiting the beta forums often, but a great place to find me (and other mgt/[SHENS] members) is #shens on gamesurge... We also have a TF2 (obviously) branch and a WoW branch of shens, if any of you also play those games...


    Disclaimer: We're filled with lulz. I know a lot of DoTA players hate fun, so I figured I'd give warning :P

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    I got like 6 friends that literally started last week i could prolly help set something up between you, im helping them learn most of them havent even played dota either so it would be good practice for both. Just hit me up with a PM.

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