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    The Importance of Timing
    Poor timing loses towers, heroes, farm, Kongor and can cost you everything. We've all experienced it at some point or another. A silly Kongor attempt ends up getting stolen and that 22-13 game suddenly turns into 23-18. Two raxes later you end up losing. Perfect timing wins you the game. You push when your carry JUST finished shrunken head and theirs is three hundred gold off. The push ends up with 3 of their heroes face down and your netting 500 gold for two solid towers pushes. Solid, well thought out timing dictates the flow and direction of games, ultimately deciding them

    What is timing?
    Timing is the ability to determine the correct action for the current situation or set of situations. Pushing a lane while all your other lanes are pushed up is an example of good timing, while going for Kongor when your team has no map control is an example of bad timing.

    There are two sub-types of timing.

    MicroMicro timing involves making smaller, less impactful decisions. Micro timing involves using an item at the correct moment, or utilizing a juke spot at the right time. Micro timing usually benefits heroes in a small scale.

    Macro timing involves using every factor available to you to make a concerted, impactful effort. Using your minimap to determine when the opportune time to push would be is an example of macro timing. Macro generally benefits your team and your effort to kill the enemy throne (and win the game!)

    Why is timing important?
    One of the main differences between higher tier players and lower tier players is the integrated sense of timing. Timing cannot be overanalyzed. Timing comes as a sort of sixth sense as to when something should happen. A high tier player knows when to push and when to farm. When to gank and when to retreat. When to jungle and when to Kongor. A "scrub" wants to push because he's bored. A "baddie" wants to Kongor because you're close. A "trash player" wants to gank because that dude's just there. Timing dictates the outcome of all these things before it happen. Before you can apply almost any other guide out there, the battle has been mostly decided because of your timing.

    So why is timing important? It wins games.

    The Basics
    You would never leave base without any items, right? It's suicide. You can easily get overpowered, and it's absolutely foolish! So why would you leave without a Homecoming Stone? It costs 135g and can save you a whole lot more. It denies your enemies a lot of gold, a sizable chunk of experience, and a good amount of time. There's no more devastating mindgame than being able to simply teleport away in front of a pair of gankers. You don't NEED to be hidden for the full 3 seconds. You just need to be hidden long enough to get away.

    Being prepared includes knowing who can STOP you from doing something. Many heroes have stuns or ministuns that can stop a teleport dead in its tracks. Knowing when it's safe to teleport is as important as being able to teleport. If they've used up all their chain stuns and ministuns, teleport away!
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