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    Controlled Ward Destruction

    Quote Originally Posted by Shask View Post
    As a jungler my game is often killed by the enemy team using wards to block my neut spawns.

    I try to counter it with wards of revelation, but there are problems involving this.

    The box in which the ward can be placed, to block neut spawns, is stupidly huge. Why should a ward in the trees block the neuts spawning?

    Secondly, you cannot destroy your own ward of revelation, so if you place it anywhere near the neut spawn, you will block your own spawn, even though you have used intuition in your gameplay.

    I'm not a competitive or pro player, but please make it so that you can destroy your own wards.
    All Shask's idea.

    Makes sense doesn't it?
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    Just make the shortcut button D (1st secondary skill) when you clicked on the ward.

    Q is to prone to accidents. Alies being able to attack it can cause too much rage.
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    If at all, then this only must be working by the wardowner attacking his own ward to prevent him being able to deny counter-warding.
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