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    ?? people trying to comprehend the meaning of a word in mechanics forums?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeraan View Post
    I think they should make it so when you're invisible you aren't hit by the hook. Thinking logically if you are invisible an object would pass through you. Also, it would add a GREAT skill factor to the multiple invisibility using classes out there. I can see many people with great skill dodging hooks by using vanish or stalk at the precise moment to dodge the hook that would end them.
    You are hit by every other targeted aoe spell when invis and since hook is aoe the only logic is that it hits invis.

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    Physics are not irrelevant for mechanics.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kayel View Post
    Invisible would mean you can still get hit, punched, and abide by all laws of physics except that due to whatever reason light does not reflect off you and the human ( or any other ) eye cannot perceive the image of the creature/person/object.
    I completely agree that an invisible hero should be able to be targeted by all targeted area of effect spells such as Hook. Add the "cannot hit invisible" to DotA and you'll see an even more overpowered Rikimaru. Being able to hit what you cannot see by predicting is one of the bigger skill factors in DotA/HoN and has always played an important role in the game. And don't tell me DotA/HoN is not a skill factor based game since that would be an obvious lie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Livianicen View Post
    Already been confirmed over and over that it is possible to be hit during invisibility. I was responding to his suggestion by saying it takes more skill to hit what you can't see than it does to dodge hooks by pressing a button. How is this off-topic when the thread title is "Devourer's Hook" and the entire thread is related to using it; does it hit invisible units, what about up and down ledges, or trees, maybe it should, why doesn't it, etc.
    This is mechanics forums, don't discuss irrelevant stuff like "What do logic and invisibility have in common?" and skill-related stuff. That belongs in the General Beta forums & Strategy forums

    Regarding invisibility and Hook, Hook should work on all units with invisibility like it does in DotA.

    No further discussion needed after many confirmations like you stated.

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