Thread: Question about psr gain and loss

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    Question about psr gain and loss

    First off, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question. I'm not really sure where it should be.

    Anyway, here's my question. Let's say you have a 1v1, just for simplicity's sake. Player one is at 1500 PSR and player 2 is at 1600 PSR. Why is it that if the 1500 PSR player loses, he loses more PSR than the 1600 player would lose if he lost, when it is expected that the 1500 PSR player would lose (assuming that their PSR shows their true skill.) Like, for example, and I'm going to use made up numbers based on the actually trend of PSR gain and loss, the 1500 PSR player will gain 20 PSR if he wins, but lose 15 PSR if he loses. And the 1600 PSR player will gain 10 PSR if he wins, but lose 5 PSR if he loses. If it is expected that the 1500 PSR player will lose (based on the percentages before the game start) why does he lose more PSR when he loses than the 1600 PSR player? Shouldn't it be vice versa? Shouldn't the better player lose more PSR if he loses to someone at a much lower skill level?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    PSR Formulas thread. Check Guides & Lists first next time. Post inquiries over there.


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