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    [New] ModManager (Java) - Release 1.0 - 11/September/2012

    All-In HoN ModManager [Stable 1.0]

    11/Set/2012 - I (Shirkit) am launching the official first stable version, the first one which I think has no bugs at all. I hope you all enjoy this software, as I'm not going to develop it anymore, due to yhe Latin-America issues.

    If anyone wants to continue developing this project, please send me an email at [email protected] Don't send a PM, as it may be lost due to this LA migration, I don't know how they're going to do that. It's written in Java, it's not perfectly documented, but it has some, on the most revelant part specially. It's not also perfectly designed, as I started this while a incopetent (lol) student, and therefore there are design flaws, but they can be fixed.

    Table Of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Download
    3. Installation
    4. How to use the ModManager
    5. FAQ
    6. To-Do
    7. Feedback (Bugs | Requests)
    8. Mods
    9. The .honmod format
    10. Source code
    11. Special Thanks
    12. Tips for mod developers
    13. Changelog


    1. Introduction

    The All-In HoN ModManager is a java application designed to help both HoN players and Mod developers.
    • A simple and user-friendly interface along with customizable skins.
    • The HoN ModManager is auto-updatable.
    • An option for mod- synchronization when using different computers.
    • An integrated XML Editor for mod creation and editing.
    • It's written in Java thus working the same way in every OS.
    • Still in development - Expect more to come!

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    2. Download

    [Sourceforge Download]

    [Dropbox Download]

    Windows Only: Windows users that have problems (FAQ Question 3) with Admin Rights should download this file also. Put this in the same folder of the Manager.jar file, and from now on, just run the Manager.exe file.

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    3. Installation
    1. Install or update Java on your computer. Most users already have it installed by default, but if you're unsure verify it via this link.
    2. Download the Manager.jar file and place it inside any folder you want (HINT: Leave it inside your HoN folder).
    3. Run Manager.jar. Simple as that!

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    4. How to use the ModManager
    1. The application will ask for the MODS folder the first time you run it.
      Select the path (e.g. Program Files (x64)/Heroes of Newerth/game/mods) and press OK.
    2. Go to "Options / Preferences" to change the interface skin or the default settings.
    3. You can enable (disable) mods by clicking on the boxes on the left side.
    4. Apply and launch HoN (CTRL+SHIFT+S) or apply your preferred mods and launch HoN manually.

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    5. FAQ
    1. Q. Can't find the "mods" folder in my HoN dir! Did everything I knew and it doesn't show up!

      • This Manager doesn't create a "mods" folder for you. This is because you can put your mods folder ANYWHERE you want, and you just need to point it in the Options menu.
      • If you still doesn't know what to do, just go to your HoN folder, then enter "game" and then create a folder called "mods" there.
        • Windows: C:\Program Files\Heroes of Newerth\game\mods
        • Linux: /~/Heroes of Newerth/game/mods
        • Mac: /~/Library/Application Support/Heroes of Newerth/game/mods

      • ~ means User Home folder

    2. Q. My Manager doesn't start, or doesn't load the mods correctly.

      1. Be sure to have the latest Java version installed.
      2. Delete the "managerOptions.xml" which is located in "My Documents/Heroes of Newerth/All-In HoN ModManager" (Windows) or /~/.HoN/All-In HoN ModManager" (Mac/Linux).
      3. Still not working? Please report the bug

    3. Q. Error Message: "resources999.s2z can't be accessed", "HoN executable not found" or I need to run the Manager with Administrator Rights (Windows).

      1. Run the ModManager with admin privileges (Windows).
        • Solution 1 (recommended)

        • Solution 2 (not recommended)
          • Navigate to: Program Files\Java\jre\bin
          • Right click on java.exe and javaw.exe
          • Properties -> Compatibilty -> Check "run with admin rights"
          • PS: If you are under 64 bits, check apply this for both Program Files folder.
          • PS2: If you have JDK, do the same for all JDK versions you have.

        • Solution 3 (do this everytime you launch Manager)
          • Goto Start Menu
          • Type: cmd.exe
          • Right click
          • Run with administrator rights
          • Navigate to the folder where the Manager.jar is (for example cd "c:\games\hon")
          • Type "java -jar Manager.jar" (or another name, if you renamed the file)

      2. Close HoN and other programs before you run the ModManager.

    4. Q. My Mods don't work but it has nothing to do with the manager!
    5. Q. I'm under Mac, but the Manager says that I need to update Java, but it's already update!
    6. Q. On Windows, when I double click Manager.jar, it opens my Zip browser (7-Zip, Winrar, Winace, Winzip etc.)
      One program has "stolen" the .jar file association with Java. Simply download this file (check the author's website (Johann N. Löfflmann) for more information) and run it AS ADMINISTRATOR to solve your problems!
    7. I'm under Linux, but the GUI/Interface window (buttons, fields etc) looks a bit wrong, and/or the Manager crashes and/or do some crazy actions.
      Are you using OpenJDK? If not, pleasew report a but. But if you are, ok it's cool, it's Open Source, but it doesn't works well with Swing components and some other Java programs. You can try one of these alternatives:
      • Solution 1 - Add the alternative Oracle's JRE/JDK and have both running in your OS.
        • Code:
          sudo update-alternatives --config java

      • Solution 2 - Manually add Oracle's JRE/JDK and have both running in your OS.
        • Ubuntu 9/10
          • Now, add Java server
            sudo add-apt-repository "deb lucid partner"
            sudo apt-get update
          • Install only JRE
            sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin
            sudo apt-get install sun-java6-fonts
          • JDK included
            sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-jdk
            sudo apt-get install sun-java6-fonts

        • Ubuntu 11
          • JRE
            sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/java
            sudo apt-get update
            sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre
            sudo update-alternatives --config java
          • JDK Included
            sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/java
            sudo apt-get update
            sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-jre
            sudo update-alternatives --config java

        • Additional - Remove OpenJDK
          • Code:
            sudo apt-get purge openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jre-headles

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    6. To-Do
    • Translations (Any help is much appreciated!).
    • Align icon pictures vertically.
    • Display the version number below the icon pictures.
    • Add a "Select-All" Button in the upper left interface corner.
    • Mod categorizing and / or auto categorizing.
    • You have to suggest more !

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    7. Feedback (Bugs | Requests)

    Feedback - The most important part to improve this application!
    If you want to report a bug or make a suggestion, PLEASE use the link below to do it.

    [Scourceforge Tracker]

    Don't forget to attach the HonModManager.log file when you encounter a bug.
    It's located in "My Documents/Heroes of Newerth/All-In HoN ModManager" (Windows) or "/~/.HoN/All-In HoN ModManager" (Linux/Mac)
    The ModManager automatically prints errors into this file and we need it to address the bug properly.

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    8. Mods

    Future description planned.

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    9. The .honmod Format

    Just like an ".s2z" a ".honmod" is a renamed ZIP. It contains the following files:
    • mod.xml: A valid XML file with describing "how the mod is applied", that is where to add/edit/delete code from the original files. There is a very detailed documentation given below, but you might as well just try looking at other mods to understand how this file works.
    • icon.png: A 48x48 icon to be displayed next to the mod's name in the mod manager. Note that partial transparency may not work or look fugly. This file is optional.
    • changelog.txt: Optional file. This file will be displayed in the description of your mod as a possibility for the user to see the changelog. Accepts normal BBCode.
    • Any supportive files, e.g. new files your mod adds. You need to reference these in mod.xml or they will be ignored.

    Elements and Attributes in mod.xml
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        application="Heroes of Newerth"        fixed
        appversion="0.3"                       game version requirement (shown is "anything starting with 0.3")
        mmversion="1.3"                        fixed, the version of the file format
        name="The Mod's Name"                  It is strongly recommended to keep this name consistent as it will identify the mod.
        version="1.0"                          The current version of the mod. Should grow with each new release.
        description="blahblahblah"             Explanatory text about the mod to be shown when selected in the Mod Manager (optional)
        author="Your Nickname"                 Will be shown below the mod's name. (optional)
        weblink=""              A clickable link to be shown below the description text. (optional)
        updatecheckurl="http://.../version.txt"A URL to a text file containing the newest version number. (optional)
        updatedownloadurl="http://.../m.honmod"A URL to a .honmod file that will be downloaded and replace this mod file when the text file specified above contains a higher version number than this mod currently has. (optional)
        <!-- Of the elements being described below each kind may appear any number of times and in any order -->
        <incompatibility name="Other mod" version="1.0-1.4" />
        <!-- States an incompatibility with certain versions of another mod to be abided by the Mod Manager; this mod cannot be enabled when the other mod is enabled. -->
        <requirement name="Other mod" version="2.5.1-*" />
        <!-- States a dependence on another mod to be abided by the Mod Manager; this mod cannot be enabled when the other mod is not present and enabled. -->
        <applyafter name="Other mod" version="2.5.1-*" />
        <applybefore name="Other mod" version="2.5.1-*" />
        <!-- If the specified other mod is enabled, this mod will be applied after/before it. -->
        <copyfile name="path1" source="path2" overwrite="newer" condition="..." />
        <!-- Copies a supportive file from the mod archive. If "path2" is not specified the file "path1" is copied, if it is "path2" is copied and renamed to "path1".
             overwrite specifies a controlled behaviour in case the target file already exists:
             "yes"   -> target file is overwritten
             "no"    -> target file is left as is
             "newer" -> target file is overwritten if its last modified date is newer than target file
            If the condition attribute is specified the copying is only performed if the given condition is true. A condition can consist of another mod being enabled or disabled or a boolean expression combining multiple such conditions. Examples of valid condition strings:
            'Tiny UI'
            not 'Tiny UI'
            'Tiny UI[v3.0]' and 'Automatic Ability Learner[v1.1-1.5]'
            ('BardUI' or ('Improved UI by Barter[v1.08]' and 'Improved UI Addon - Juking Map')) and not 'Tiny UI' -->
        <editfile name="path" condition="...">
            <!-- Edits a file from resources0.s2z or one that has already been copied
                If condition is specified this editfile tag is only executed if the given condition is true; uses the same syntax as for copyfile. -->
            <!-- Files are edited by executing a sequence of steps, each being represented by one of the four elements below.
                 All elements need a string as input, which can either be delivered as inner text node (between the <operation></operation> tags) or read from a file in the mod archive specified by a source attribute.
                 Every operation interacts with a "cursor" variable which points to a area in the file and starts out at the beginning of the file. -->
            <find position="end" /> <!-- synonyms for "find" are "seek" and "search" -->
            <!-- Moves the "cursor" to the next occurrence of the source string
                 OR as specified by the position attribute, possible values being:
                 "start"     -> Beginning of the file (synonyms: "begin", "head", "before")
                 "end"       -> End of the file (synonyms: "tail", "after", "eof")
                 any integer -> Move forward the specified number of characters (negative values allowed) -->
            <findup /> <!-- synonyms for "findup" are "seekup" and "searchup" -->
            <!-- Moves the "cursor" to the next occurrence of the source string, but searching backwards. -->
            <findall />
            <!-- Moves the "cursor" to all occurrences of the source string. Afterwards, the cursor will be reset to the start of the file. -->
            <insert position="after" /> <!-- synonym for "insert" is "add" -->
            <!-- Inserts the source string at the "cursor", either before or after as the position attribute specifies. -->
            <replace />
            <!-- Replaces the string pointed to by the "cursor" with the source string. -->
            <delete />
            <!-- Deletes the string pointed to by the "cursor". Does not require a source string. -->
    • Version values may only contain digits and periods. Letters will be ignored!
    • No two mods with the same name can be loaded at once.
    • "Requirements" allow mods of mods; such mods will always be applied after the mods they marked as required so that they may edit their code; note that <requirement /> automatically implies <applyafter />.

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    10. Source code

    [SVN Repository]

    New: [Github Page]

    Copyright (C) 2011 Shirkit

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
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    11. Special Thanks

    At first, I really want to thank Penn (pencilcheck) for his tremendous participation during the creation of this application and for giving me the best support I could ever imagine.
    Without him, this project would be nothing. He did as much as I did. In other words: This ModManager is as much his as mine, thank you Penn!
    I also thank Mizu Pilovina for interface design and the language translation. We owe this to him.
    Also, I would like to thank Gcommer, that helped me out with so much, 0.8 version forward I'm on debt with him!

    Special thanks to Notausgang, for making this possible. He is the pioneer of the whole mod community.

    I also like to thank the people who constantly try to improve this software.
    We were able to fix almost all remaining bugs with the help of their great feedback (Awan`Afuqya, curranius, hsramm, JollyKnight, MaxGhost, theli)!

    And I would like to thank the other community members for supporting us and helping this project.
    Our intention is to help users experience a better mod control. I hope you appreciate our effort!

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    12. Tips for mod developers

    • Don't use 2 sequential Inserts, just use one.
    • Don't use 2 sequential Delete, it doesn't make sense.
    • Delete followed up by an Insert should be a Replace.
    • Insert followed up by an Delete will delete the Insert's content.
    • Don't forget to put the overwrite attribute on the CopyFile action, but avoid using newer.
    • Avoid using lots of sequentials Find, try finding strings that don't repeat.
    • Don't use Find with both a String inside AND the attribute position. In this case, the attribute will be ignored. (<find position="start">STRING</find> is the same as <find>STRING</find>
    • After a Findall, always put a Replace/Insert/Delete operation after it.
    • After a Findall operation, if you still want to continue searching on this file, put a Find with start at the position attribute (recommended).
    • Always configure your honmod for auto-updating. If you don't a a palce to host the file, use Dropbox instead.
    • Put an easy and real description for you honmod. One line description normally isn't enough for people to understand what your mod do. Remeber, what is obvious for you isn't that obvious for other people.
    • Changelog files are important supportive files for users to know what are you changing on the mod.

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    13. Changelog
    Dates on dd/MM/yyyy format (day/month/year)

    1.0 STABLE - 11/09/2012:
    - I (Shirkit) am launching the official first stable version, the first one which I think has no bugs at all. I hope you all enjoy this software, as I'm not going to develop it anymore, due to yhe Latin-America issues.
    - Fixed a bug that was causing to not sort mods as expected, and locking up the program.

    0.9.9 BETA - 08/08/2011:
    - This is the last Beta release. Next version will go out in stable/mature production. It doesn't make difference in the software itself, but it says that most of the bugs were properly fixed in the Beta phase.
    - Fixed wrong release date in 0.9.8.
    - Added option "deleteFolderTree" to prevent unwanted folder tree deletion. Default: OFF.
    - Added strings in english file.
    - Fixed behavior of <findall> operation not reseting the cursor to the begin of the file.
    - Added field for developers to work in one specific mod. Just enable Developer Mod to check it out. And read the tooltips.
    - Progress bar while applying is really more accurate.
    - Fixed a bug while updating mods. If the website accepts the connection, but it refuses to upload the data, it was causing an infite hang.
    - Changed the connections timeout. Now it tries with 3/5/7/9 seconds. These four attemps should avoid timeout errors for slow connections once and for all.
    - Now the Manager only updates if the version that it's trying to update is newer than the current one, not just if it's different. That should avoid wrong update releases and improve Manager development.
    - Fixed bug that cause Details View not be sorting the mods by it's name.
    - Fixed clicking on checkbox in DetailsView not updating the String in the Status column.
    - Fixed bug when a mod didn't find a file, it was throwing the wrong error message.
    - Changed the HTTP User Agent header field to identify the Java ModManager.
    - Fixed small string error while applying the mods.
    - Added counter of number of times the Manager has been launched (will be used in future versions, will be explained later). BETA - 08/08/2011:
    - Fixed wrong release date (sorry).
    - Fixed possible major bug (didn't cleaned the project before uploading it). BETA - 08/08/2011:
    - Fixed message display bug wich caused to don't load the message.
    - Fixed a bug caused by a null possibility (thanks to Trollolo). BETA - 01/12/2011:
    - Added a quick fix to show the developers where the Find actions failed to apply. Shows only in Developer Mode, and shows the line start, finish, and the string itself. BETA - 01/12/2011:
    - Fixed bug that was causing FindAll operations that doesn't return a value to fail. BETA - 11/12/2011:
    - Fixed bug in the overwrite attribute being completly ignored and, as a plus, throwing error when everyhing was allright.
    - Fixed bug that the Manager was trying to load a font that could not be present in the user fonts. BETA - 13/01/2012:
    - Fixed bug that caused to write a BOM header into a lua file.
    - Fixed bug when trying to load the 'Mods out of Date Reminder'. Now it will stop auto enabling itself and will always load properly.
    - Fixed major error on the CopyFile action.
    - Fixed bug while download a mod update. Some sites replaces HTTP error with a page to show the user, and this page kinda bugs my logic. BETA - 12/06/2012:
    - Removed all BOM Headers from written files.
    - Fixed bug when trying to change the LookAndFeel (now only the default system LaF is applied, not JGoodies as default on Windows). BETA - 13/06/2012:
    - Undid changing on the LookAndFeel, since that wasn't the source of the error.
    - Fixed again the same bug font that was fixed in BETA and BETA that was loading a font that doesn't exist.
    - When closing the Manager, the view will be hidden while the program is cleaning the files that were created in the temp folder, so it doesn't looks like as has halt. BETA - 10/07/2012:
    - Removed font changing from the Manager. Now the fonts will be uglier for 90% of the people (not a big deal) but Manager won't crash due to this bug. Chinese translations would break again, so I put up an exception only for chinese.
    - Fixed bug that was causing to not say that the file 'resources999.s2z' couldn't be created.
    - Removed the Mods Out of Date Reminder. This was causing random errors, so it's better to remove it.
    - Added Greek, Vietnamese and Thai translations. Thank you all for your help!
    - Fixed bug that the Developing Mod folder (after checking Devleoper Mode) wasn't being saved at all.

    0.9.8 BETA - 03/06/2011:
    - Removed error thrown after a developer uses a Delete+Replace, Replace+Replace, Replace+Delete and Delete+Delete. None of those make sense, but it won't throw errors saying can't apply. Future (not far) implementation of semanthics and errors check for developers will warn the mode developer about that.
    - Fixed little bug while updating mods.
    - Added copyfile attribute fromresource, accepting a boolean as it's value. Example: <copyfile ... fromresource="true"/> this will copy the file from the resources0.s2z file. Using this without both NAME and SOURCE doesn't make sense, but won't throw a error if you do.
    - Started thinking about a self repository with a automatically upload mods through the Manager.

    0.9.7 BETA - 30/04/2011:
    - Changed default font to display Chinese characters correctly.
    - Changing language doesn't need to restart the Manager anymore.
    - Tried another way to solve linux home user path problem.
    - Added auto-search for mods folder on Linux on both hidden folder and game folder. Added auto-search also from Notausgang's ModManager and (x86) Program Files folder.
    - Fixed possible crash exceptions.
    - Changed way that manager gets the current game version.
    - Little fix for launching HoN and making sure the line is called as only one argument, even with spaces.

    0.9.6 BETA - 25/04/2011:
    - New Updating System working. Now the Manager will only download the files that we're added/edited/replaced, reducing download size by, at minimum, 80%.
    - Restored new SAX XML Driver for parsing the mods.
    - Fixed problem with position attribute in a find action.
    - DetailsView now saves column order.
    - Added new method to sort mods. This shall fix some uncommon errors while many mods are active.
    - Added basic export feature.
    - Fixed bug while applying mods. Actions with conditional for 3 mods (not 'MiniUI' and not 'Bang! Misclick Master' and not 'BardUI++', the same as before) was ignoring the last word due to a little logical error.
    - Changed button size on the Preferences Dialog.
    - Set the default LaF correctly when the manager runs for the first time.
    - Fixed little bug on Linux. It was missing a '/' before the '~' to retrieve the correct user path dir.
    - Updated language files. BETA - 16/04/2011:
    - Restored older Driver for parsing XML because the one I used to retrieve LineNumbers didn't worked.
    - Added small icons feature.
    - DetailsView now uses L10n for header options.
    - Note: Changes to strings file have been made
    - Details View options "color checkboxes" and "show icons" are now properly saved

    0.9.5 BETA - 15/04/2011:
    - Updated Turkish language.
    - Added Spanish and Norwegian languages.
    - Fixed manager updating mods to older version than the current one.
    - Fixed not closing the manager when updating.
    - Added support for retrieving Line Numbers for the actions in the XML.
    - Fixed bugs SplashScreen related.
    - DetailsView now uses L10n for column names.
    - Fixed bug while loading managerOptions.xml

    0.9.4 beta - 10/04/2011:
    - Fixed bug while auto-updaing. Now using a String Array it prevents error indepedent of OS, blank spcaes or uncommon characters on path. Problem solved now for life!
    - Added bar animation while applying mods and exiting the Manager.
    - Fixed annoying behavior that changed the LaF without pressing the Apply button.
    - Added new optional attribute to <copyfile>. "fromresource" will copy the source file from the resources0.s2z file to target destination. Althougth you can use it without using both "name" and "source" attributes, it doesn't make sense if you use just one of them.
    - Fixed another bug when leaving Developer Mode.
    - Moved "Manager.lock" file to %TEMPDIR%/Hon ModManager
    - Removed fatal log.
    - Removed 2 log files. Now there will be only one Log file with unlimited size.
    - Added auto-complement for Mods folder after finding HoN folder (only if mods folder exists).
    - If deleting a mod fails, now it doesn't vanishs with the mod.
    - After adding a mod, stopped behavior of disabling all current enabled mods.
    - Manager now opens faster, without hanging after the UI is displayed waiting for update check.
    - Loading from file now supports UTF-8.
    - Added German, Portuguese (Brazillian), Russian and Turkish languages.
    - Added a SplashScreen.
    - Details View now remembers (again, it was removed) the columns width (not it's positions).
    - If a "string" isn't found on the local language file (russian, for example), now it'll look in the english file. This will allow the ability to put new strings without having instant update on all language files.
    - Java doesn't write BOM bytes in default and ignore them on reading. Made a little hack to make sure write BOM header in all UTF-8 Files, since HoN seems to need it sometimes (famous Unread Bits error). I hope this is finally fixed.
    - Removed Synthetica Look and Feel. beta - 31/03/2011:
    - Fixed bug that would allow loading un-finished translations.

    0.9.3 beta - 31/03/2011:
    - Fixed bug with Details view. Actually, fixed bug with all views. It was processing all 4 views at the same time, independent if you are using that view or not. Changed this behavior, so improved performance on slow computers.
    - Fixed bug with <findall> operation followed by <insert> and <replace> operations. The insert I misschanged the iterator (I did that in all findall actions ¬¬ CTRL+C CTRL+V!) and corrected the difference for the cursor in for the replace action (thanks to Srs Bsns mod, with it I saw those errors).
    - Fixed the table not updating after enabling a dependency mod.
    - Fixed bug with condition checking. A condition (not 'MiniUI' and not 'Bang! Misclick Master' and not 'BardUI++') was causing the Manager to throw exception, because there was a do-while being called where a simple while should be, calling a null token.
    - Added suggestion to update all mods after updating the Heroes of Newerth.
    - Tried to fix bug that would clear the current mod enabled list. Now, if applied mod list is empty and this ain't the first time you open the Manager, it will suggest to load from the resources999.s2z file.
    - Fixed bug while loading default language to english.
    - Updated English language file.
    - Added Strings Code Table in the language list for easier translations.
    - Re-organizied the project folder and file tree.

    0.9.2 beta - 19/03/2011:
    - Fixed bug involving loading user's chosen language.
    - Started translations. All job around it is done. People who wants to help translation, just talk to Shirkit.
    - Fixed bug involving the DetailsView infinite loop affecting other views. That view is completly bugged for now, I'm trying to fix this.
    - Fixed bug while double-cliking not updating the Enable/Disable Mod button.
    - Fixed bug with <findall> operation followed by a <delete> action.
    - Added comment to resources999.s2z file. Now, if you lost the managerOptions.xml but the resources999.s2z is untouched, you can just import the mods from the file!
    - After adding a mod through "Add Mod" button, next time you press it again, it will start from the folder of the file previously selected. If the Manager closes, the folder will be the location of the Manager.jar file.
    - Fixed bug after adding mods (through any way) and the current view and the other views didn't update to show the added mods.

    0.9.1 beta:
    - Fixed bug with <findup> action.
    - Added mod to remind people when a new patch comes out to apply and update their mods again (thanks to Notausgang for the source!).
    - Fixed problem while updating the manager (thanks to Tisser! I totally forgot to put " between the arguments, leading to problems if the path had a blank space).
    - Changed timeout of the updater from 2500 to 3000 miliseconds.
    - Changed the way the Mod Manager uses the OS temporary folder. Now it'll group up the folder in %TEMP%\Hon ModManager\%RANDOM INTEGER%, instead of %TEMP%\%RANDOM INTEGER%, making it easier to delete ModManager temporary files.
    - Fixed bug with <insert position="after"> action.

    0.9 beta - 05/03/2011:
    - Fixed bug on the "apply and launch hon" mini-button rezising.
    - Fixed bug while exiting "Developer Mode".
    - Fixed bug while copying mods to the mods folder (it was generating a xyz.honmod FOLDER).
    - Fixed bug while updating mods with slow connections (30% of the mods fail to connect).
    - Fixed bugs while applying mods. Blank editfile Actions like the new Bang! UI Tweak was crashing the manager. Findall with Insert in some specific mods was leading into bad actions, fixed that too (Manager's fault).
    - Fixed bug while Drag'n'Drop mods.
    - Disabled Details View (until I found out a solution for that, it will remain disabled).
    - Fixed un-caught exceptions.

    0.8.2 alpha - 10/12/2010:
    - Fixed a bug while updating manager on all operational systems. Thanks to lennart_s for the help!
    - Fixed displaying a <strong>delete</strong> while trying to deleting a mod.
    - Added a new logging method to capture all unhandled problems. This should make easier to find uncommon bugs and unknow problems. This file will be called HonModManager_Fatal.log
    - Logging file cannot be larger then 200KB.
    - Only one instance of the manager will be allowed to run at the same time. This will prevent some problems with resources999.s2z being lock by another Manager.
    - Mods display interface completely remade. It will be the same outside, but more stable and easier to add to.
    - Two new view modes added: "Tiles View" and "Detailed Icons View"
    - Mods can now be enabled or disabled by double clicking them
    - Icons can now be displayed in "Details View"
    - Fixed an error that could corrupt mods while updating.
    - Cleaned up the code.
    - Added a way to avoid folder inconsistency.
    - Improved importation from older ModManager resources999.s2z
    - Fixed un-caught exceptions.

    0.8.1 alpha - 14/11/2010:
    - Fixed problem while updating UTF-16 mods.
    - ComboBoxes are now sorted.
    - Un-updateable mods can't be updated anymore.
    - Double-click enabling/disabling a mod only works if it's the left button.
    - Applying and Launching HoN now closes if not under developer mode, and only closes if the applying was successful.
    - Fixed bug while drag'n'drop files. Now, you can even delete the original file, since a copy is made to the mods folder.
    - All inputs are blocked while updating/applying mods. This will prevent a possible inconsisty of data while doing such operations, and prevent casual users from crashing the Manager.
    - Mods saved as '.zip' will also be loaded and it's extensions will be automatically renamed.
    - Fixed problem that didn't let a user delete a mod after adding it.
    - Added hon version in status message.

    0.8 Alpha - 06/11/2010:
    - Added a status message with the current mods enabled and a message while applying and updating mods, with 3 dots animation.
    - Fixed problem with Auto-Updater.
    - Fixed bugs while applying mods that uses <find position="end">STRING</find> operations. Notice that the position attribute in this case is useless.
    - Fixed various flickering in the Progress Bar, in the Main Window and while starting the Manager. (Some still continue =\)
    - Un-updateable mods can't be updated anymore (thanks to Awan`Afuqya).
    - Added option to import from older ModManager.
    - Added support for showing Error Messages with Details (for future implementation of Developer Mode).
    - Fixed align problem in the Mod Details Panel (the 2 buttons of the right resizing if the Author's name is too long)

    0.7.4 Alpha - 21/10/2010:
    - Improved logging methods to handle uncatch exceptions. This will make logging evaluation much easier if unknown exceptions are found.
    - Fixed problem with UTF-16. Although no mod developer should use it, since the specification is meant to be UTF-8, the manager can now read UTF-16 without problems.

    0.7.3 Alpha - 21/10/2010:
    - Pressing 'Delete' button now deletes a mod.
    - Fixed a bug that would turn a mod into 0KB if you click 'Add Mod' button and it already exists.
    - Added more logging.
    - Fixed a Manager-bug which caused deleting files from the places you added the mods, not in the game/mods folder.
    - Updated some strings (Thanks to Awan`Afuqya).
    - Fixed bug while using the manager and Mod Options Framework and Movable Frames dummy files. Finally found what was messing the Manager up. Thanks to MaxGhost and theli's conversation, I found the problem.

    0.7.2 Alpha - 16/10/2010:
    - Fixed bug I had generated while searching for strings. Example: 12345678905. If I search for 5, I would stop on the first 5. But on a second search, I was starting the search on the same position again, so it would return the same 5, not the next one.
    - Fixed a pop-up message with wrong reference.
    - Rebuilt the project for Relaunch. Hope this will fix issues with some users.

    0.7.1 Alpha - 14/10/2010:
    - Mod developers can now use an Insert action after a Delete. Although the developer should use the Replace action in this case, but this shall be allowed from now on.
    - '\' inside the editfile path will be replaced with '/' to avoid mistakes. File separators inside ZIP files need to be represented with '/', but since this can be fixed, it will be.
    - Added ability to navigate through the mod list using the keyboard (Arrow keys to go up or down, Enter or Space to enable/disable mod).

    0.7 alpha - 13/10/2010:
    - Optimized code for better performance and understanding.
    - Fixed bug while updating mods in Linux and Mac.
    - Added option to auto-update the Manager.
    - Removed unused message header in the logging method.
    - If the mod path or game path doesn't get changed in the preferences, it won't load all the mods again (old behaviour).
    - Added support for BBCode in the mod's changelog.
    - Improved program starting speed.
    - Fixed wrong display in the progress bar while applying mods.
    - Reduced size of managerOptions.xml file (it was storing a large number of unnecessary information).
    - Fixed bug while starting the Manager and not loading the last used X, Y, Height and Width.
    - Temporary solution for Mod Options Framework and Movable Frames mod's requirements.
    - Changed annoying behaviour when the Manager starts. It was pop-upping an error message if a mod failed to load before the main window actually loaded, so the balloon wouldn't be displayed as a program in the task bar, but you had to press OK to continue. Now the main window loads before it shows pop-up messages.
    - Added developer mode. For now, it just builds the files in a folder tree, instead of generating a resources999.s2z file. Future plans include pop-up every possible error for the developer to avoid syntax errors.
    - Fixed bug in the layout while displaying mods with author's name or mod's name too long.
    - Fixed message display while adding a honmod file while drag-dropping or pressing the "Add Mod" button.
    - Fixed bug while updating new mods, if the newly downloaded mod was corrupt, the manager could stop working.
    - Duplicate mods can' t co-exist anymore. They won't load, just the first one. The rest will be ignored.
    - Changed behaviour when the manager quits. If you had unsaved operations a message will pop-up to remember you.
    - Fixed bug while restarting the manager. It's height, width, x, y and columns width could be loaded wrongly.
    - Some changes in the language file (let's hope I don't need to change anything else so that I can start with the translation).

    0.6 Alpha - 23/09/2010:
    - Fixed bug while reading corrupted ZIP files.
    - Updated messages displayed to the users.
    - Fixed bug with file encoding (files saved with different encodings caused heavy problems, but we managed to fix it).
    - Another fix with appVersion, last one didn't solve it for 100% of the cases, now it does. If a developer didn't specify an AppVersion, the Manager assumes the value is '*'.
    - Fixed bug with ApplyAfter (not being correctly loaded) and incompatibility (e.g. Mod A and B. B has an incompatibility with A. It was possible to enable B, then A, in this order).
    - Fixed some UI bugs.
    - Updated messages displayed to the user.
    - Progress bar now works when applying mods and while updating them.

    0.5 Alpha - 04/09/2010:
    - Fixed bug while trying to apply mods and saying they aren't compatible (and they were, examples in appversion=1 should accept version 1.*).
    - Added a popup menu when right clicking in the table.
    - Fixed a few graphical bugs while applying a new Look and Feel.
    - Improved auto search for HoN and Mods folder.
    - Updated Strings file.
    - Fixed bug while trying to open Mod's Website (it was opening another's mod website).
    - Improved logging methods.
    - Changed behaviour on Manager first launch.
    - Added auto-update 100% working and functional.

    0.4 Alpha - 25/08/2010:
    - Updated compareModsVersion (it will ignore all letters. All commas ',' will be replaced by dots '.' to be inside honmod format).
    - Updated aboutBox to display ModManager Changelog.
    - Updated ManagerOptions.getVersion() to return the full string, instead of an array of strings, each one with one word. If needed, we'll create another method for that.
    - Updated string in language file.
    - Enabled mod enabling if double-clicking in a table (can't navigate through keyboard yet).
    - Updated the way how mods are updated, trying to avoid error pages.
    - Added a changelog.txt file for the Manager.
    - Almost finished manager update only need a place to host the file.
    - Fixed bug while searching for strings (find operation). It was completely wrong when used with <find position="start"> and reworked entire method to work with findall operation correctly.
    - Added keyboard hotkeys.
    - Added support for mod's changelog (see Honmod format for changes).
    - Changed interface a bit (Mod's title resized, added buttons for mod options [update, website, changelog]).
    - Fixed method to get HoN's folder (if you set the path correctly, it wouldn't use this data).
    - Added tooltips.
    - Set connection timeout for mod-update to 4 seconds and 1.5 seconds to the Manager.
    - Fixed bug while launching Manager (combination of null arguments).
    - Fixed bug after launching Manager for the first time.
    - Updated most of error messages.
    - Fixed resources999.s2z file not being generated bug.
    - Added button to apply and launch HoN.
    - Updated logger file for more detailed information.
    - Fixed bug while saving options if a value was null.
    - Fixed bug while updating mods and not updating the table.
    - Added a button to apply and launch HoN.
    - Added a Refresh Menu item for mod developers.
    - Fixed bug while loading the mods if mod's path not set yet.

    0.3 Alpha - 06/08/2010:
    - Major fixes in the core structure.
    - Added a progress bar (only works with File -> Download Mods Updates currently).
    - Fixed File -> Download Mods Updates function.
    - Added a way to change mods folder through preferences menu.
    - Manager will remember the last position (X and Y on the screen), width and height. Applies to columns too.
    - Columns can be sorted now.
    - Users with Java 1.4 or 1.5 will be warned to download a new java version.
    - Manager will just skip a mod if it isn't working (currently not working for MarioSmith and mods which use "findall" operation. If found the manager will halt. Please, remove this mod from the folder to test the manager. You can add it later).
    - Logging improved a bit.
    - Probably more, but I forgot to log them =\.

    0.2 Alpha - 31/07/2010:
    - Minor fix while checking for manager update version.
    - Updated the license for using Synthetica Look and Feel.
    - Major fix while running the manager for the first time.

    0.1 Alpha - 28/07/2010:
    - First release.
    Back To The Top!
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    its WHOLE

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    I liked the idea until:

    Quote Originally Posted by Shirkit View Post
    I'm making it in Java

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    How will this be better than the Hon_MadMan manager that is already out? That one already has a nice UI, as well as lets the user know when to update mods and re-apply them when a new patch is released. Maybe you have some more/better ideas to implement, but I think as far as managers go, I think we're set...

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    We all have a mod manager, with a nice UI, nice function, why bother porting it to JAVA (yeah it's the JAVA)

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    Maybe because Java support all platforms? Not only Windows..

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    buuut JAVA is sloooooooooooooooow

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    I think java is better than 10+ package dependency of mono for linux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poop View Post
    I liked the idea until:
    If you tell me a reason why you thought like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by nicalobe View Post
    How will this be better than the Hon_MadMan manager that is already out? That one already has a nice UI, as well as lets the user know when to update mods and re-apply them when a new patch is released. Maybe you have some more/better ideas to implement, but I think as far as managers go, I think we're set...
    The main idea here is to give support to the Mod Developers. Integrating with a WebSite to easily give a space to the Mod Developers, and integrate a XML Editor to simplify the Mod Creating. And any ideas appear here. That's the point of creating the topic. What else you see that would be nice to have in the ModManager?

    Quote Originally Posted by Funnnny View Post
    We all have a mod manager, with a nice UI, nice function, why bother porting it to JAVA (yeah it's the JAVA)
    I'm porting it to all operating systems in a easy way to give the same function to all users, and give them the same resources.

    Quote Originally Posted by reminator View Post
    buuut JAVA is sloooooooooooooooow
    Wow, that's is news for me, who uses it for 2 years.

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    in any case, this does not belong to this forum since there is nothing complete atm

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    Quote Originally Posted by theli View Post
    in any case, this does not belong to this forum since there is nothing complete atm
    Where exactly does it say only complete applications?

    Seems like the right place to put it to me.

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    - If you want to post a newly created mod, post it in appropriate sub forum, if your mod is a work in progress, keep it in the main Modifications forum.
    He is right, this doesn't belongs here, but I didn't mean to call everyone's attention, that's why I choose to post here. I think here calls much less attention than in the main forum, feel free to move to the main forum.

    Back to the topic, anyone suggest anything else to be implemented? Cause the main focus here are the mod developers, but how about the users, what is missing for them?

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    As someone who has two macs with HoN on them (and one PC), I'm for this.

    Saying that a nice UI is a plus is obvious to most people, but using mono makes everything look like windows 95.

    TBH it seems like this is going to be the "mac version" of the modman, as using mono is incredibly confusing to most mac users (yes I'm implying that most mac users aren't very tech savvy).

    In summation, +1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azpitt View Post
    As someone who has two macs with HoN on them (and one PC), I'm for this.

    Saying that a nice UI is a plus is obvious to most people, but using mono makes everything look like windows 95.

    TBH it seems like this is going to be the "mac version" of the modman, as using mono is incredibly confusing to most mac users (yes I'm implying that most mac users aren't very tech savvy).

    In summation, +1.
    Glad to hear that. I'm a Windows user, but I know that some players around here don't use it, I decided to do in Java because of that. And because I have Linux installed here, but when I want to play, I restart the computer to load Windows

    Edit: Looks like someone moved to the right forum

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    Why not write it in python?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulutions View Post
    Why not write it in python?
    I thought using Python and AspectJ, but I just don't know both languages. I would have to learn a hole structure before starting the project. It's really a good idea, but I think it would take some time before I could start doing some work. A plus is that AspectJ is so new and I didn't see so much material on the web like Java, and Python was focused on web applications, and this project doesn't really involves web.

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    Sorry, I didn't know Modman only worked on windows. Alright, this seems cool then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicalobe View Post
    Sorry, I didn't know Modman only worked on windows. Alright, this seems cool then.
    It works on Linux and Mac with Mono, which is .NET Framework simulation, but that's not very convenient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxGhost View Post
    It works on Linux and Mac with Mono, which is .NET Framework simulation, but that's not very convenient.
    well, lol... the same as saying that Java/Python version would work through vm 'simulation'
    also, not simulation, its Ecma standard compliant implementation of CLR + tools/etc
    Quote Originally Posted by Shirkit View Post
    Python was focused on web applications, and this project doesn't really involves web.
    rofl, where did you get that idea from? python is and always been a general-purpose high-level programming language

    also, i dont get why could anyone be against this, the more alternatives the better (considering they all follow the same mod format). if someone would like it to be implemented using his favorite language/framework/paradigm just go ahead - it would be an experience for developer and a contribution to community

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