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    Play HoN offline / on a LAN

    Are there any plans to create a LAN mode for HoN? I'm a veteran DotA player and I play it almost exclusively on a LAN connection with friends. Of course it's fun to play it online but that's kind of a problem when you are trying to host a LAN tournament.

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    i vote no, hence this will make some people not pay for the great game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMetnik View Post
    i vote no, hence this will make some people not pay for the great game.
    Not pay? If anything it would make me want to pre-purchase it even more!

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    Easy Solution, log in, then play locally.

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    Yes please.. The lan gaming function was there to begin with, please bring it back..
    And if you want to be sure that people pays for the game.. Make some kind of a key that they need to download from the game to play locally..

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    S2, 42 people voted yes to this, please listen to your community. =)

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    This has already been on the way since ages. S2 just doesn't do it to prevent hacks.

    Now kkthxbai.
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    this would be a great idea

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    I'd like to play HoN offline - we're sitting some guys in school with a crypted network - so we can't play online - would be nice to play vs eachother - we all bought the game ofc and playing online at home. I think the idea with a key so you can't get an account for free is a good idea

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    In closed beta there were unclickable button to play lan. They removed it when they changed the UI.
    The problem is it can then be played internet without paying.

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    Since it is a semi free game now I think this would actually be a great idea for everyone!

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