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    LINE WTB players!

    Hey guys.

    I've been meaning to get into the HoN competative scene lately, as I feel that there is no more room for me to evolve in pubs.

    Therefore I'm willing to try to start a team (Luck is no Excuse) with a couple of guys from the forums. This team should consist of 5-10 players who are highly active.
    The team's goal is to get picked up by some sort of community later on, when the team-experience is at a good enough level.

    As of now, I'm just trying to get a feel for how many might wanna be interested.

    This team will most likely has it's center in EU as I'm Swedish myself.



    * Luck is no Excuse (LINE) is looking for high-skilled members to fill the rooster.

    * Communication will be on either skype or ventrilo (if someone can get a good/stable vent-server).

    * I'd like the applicants to be 18+ (I'm 21), highly active and at least 1700+ in psr.

    * KDR will be depending on your main role, but preferably over 1:1!


    I will mostly be managing the team, not playing too many tournaments as the main players will. I'll most likely be playing scrims / inhouses as a stand-in and just try to learn as much as I can from the other members.

    PM me on account "Kurtbulle", mail me on [email protected] or just bump me on the forums (check the forums all day long more or less!).

    Smurfs / ragers will be shot!

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    On this acc played a lot of my friends thats why kd is 0:8 ;/

    Im rly highly active.

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    add to friends ScreenGray (more or less main acc now) and SexWithCat ( SMR acc )

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    Hey =) we are 2 m8's who are looking for a team to start playing HoN with, pubs are killing our spirit.
    my friends ingame name is: waxter and is at 1850 psr
    and mine is: politibilen and is at 1880 psr
    we are both danish, and 21+. feel free to add us ingame, or simply give us a whisper.
    we can play what ever roles that a needed, although waxter is the best supporter/babysitter. while i prefer gank/roam/carry. dont mind playing support though.
    i'll add "Kurtbulle" to friends

    Edit: we got a vent server aswell. if you can behave ofc. e.i. no page spam, no bothering ppl who dont play HoN.
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    I'm interested... I'm usually around 1760 PSR, I'm in Canada but on frequently. Can play any role!

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    Okay guys. I've got quite alot of replies, both via mail, msn and in-game pm's.
    As of now, I'll most likely accept every1. Gonna try to get some sort of game up today. When I have 5 ppl online who are interested.

    I would like ppl to get either vent or skype (as I said I don't have a ventrilo server up and running so preferably skype).
    If you have a vent-server yourself, I'd love for u to PM me / mail me the IP / PW!

    I'd also like every1 to add my account Kurtbulle and PM me in-game when you are online!

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