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08-11-2009, 03:31 PM
Hi guys :)
[ well at first let me make this clear to you, I am pretty new to HoN and I came a long way from DotA so I don't know all the names and spells yet, so excuse me please if I am using some DotA names :) ]

So what i want to discuss with you is Scout and his invisibility spell (the "wind-walk" - I hope you know what i mean :) )
how many times did I play a game and during the levels 4-8 Scout just kept on going invisible, waiting till the cooldown wears off, attacking me and then going invisible at once. My problem with that is the fact, that the cooldown wears off BEFORE the duration time of the spell is over. So this hero cann annoy you all the time and there is nothing you can do, cause let's be honest, no one can react in 1 single second and stun or disable him while he is still visible .... 'cause of this "hit and run" strategy I always end up annoyed at the beginning when I am playing with a low-hp hero.
Well many will say now you can prevent this by:
1) buying invisible-units-deceting-items like wards for example .... -> well i think this is nonsence since they cost a lot right at the beginning. First off you don't even KNOW if scout is going to be on your lane or not so buying wards is pretty risky. You might just end up spending money on something you won't need in the early game and you will have a stats disadvantage this way because you won't have spent as much money on stats-giving-items as your enemies on your lane
2) stay at the tower or go with a healer on your lane ... -> yeah great idea, either i waste a lot of exp or my mate ends up wasting his mana :(

So in the end i would suggest to improve the cooldown in a way, that Scout will be forced to stay like 5-10 seconds visible untill he can use his "wind-walk" spell again. I think this would be balanced since you only have problems with this annoying hit and run crap in the first levels. Later on this strategy loses effictivity cause more people can actualy effort invisible-detecting items ...
so long story short, what do you think about all this ?

08-11-2009, 03:33 PM
Lots of other scout threads exist, including on the same page. Please consolidate your discussion.