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04-02-2010, 06:07 AM
*PLEASE TELL ME WHATS WRONG WITH MY HERO INSTEAD OF JUST t-down cause it's nice to know what's wrong...*

Hello I'm oorosco, started playing Dota 5 years ago, now I play HoN. I hope to bring create an epic caster as we seem to be lacking this in HoN. Currently most of the heroes are ports from Dota, the only in off the top of my head to be new is Puppeteer and he's not really a caster (oh ya nymphora as well, but she's only have two fight-oriented spells with rather long cds).

&Also, please note numbers can be changed! Also, the skills may seem overpowered at first but look at the mana costs and you will see that a hero who's stat gain is low and base stats are low, this is quite a bit and unless you max out intelligence early game you wouldn't be able to cast more than 1 or 2 spells.&

*Side note: I have no good art for icons/concept art so I will describe*

Okay here's the raw concept: I've created a hero that utilizes timing, fast fingers (chain casting) and over all complexity to challenge the more advanced players. If used correctly his damage output is insane along with his control, however he's balanced with week statistics in low starting and progressive stats. His Base Hp and Mana pool are both low, his movement speed is slightly above normal. (If you still haven't figured it out Invoker inspired this)

Okay developmental issues, so far in HoN only one hero has a fifth move (wild soul), I wish to have a total of 6. QWER + DF

As before, QWE are all ?base? components to create spells

QWE Creates a stack of a given element. At most 3 stacks can be active at any time. i.e. pressing Q, Q, E would cause 2 stacks of Q and 1 stack of E

However once i have the 2 stacks of Q and one stack of E i can cycle them out by creating new stacks of other or the same element, the first to come is first to go. So if i press QWEW My final stack would bee WEW

Appearance: He should be ragtag and always moving, his one weapon should be his one handed mace which could either be the mace or an morning star. His left arm has tatoes spiraling around it all the way to his hand. It should be perhaps glowing. He strikes wildly and barely cares about each strike.

Hero's name: Destroyer

Role: Chaser/AoE-er/ buffer/ dps-er

Race: Beast (shaman)

An impatient beast shaman Destroyer was never allowed access to the deepest secrets of the respectful art. However he didn't let this hinder his capabilities learning how to force his basic elements into a unstable mixtures capable of causing great destruction.

Stats: Intelligence Hero

Range: Melee (one handed mace)

Strength/ Agility/ Intelligence
16+ 1.5/ 17+ 1.9/ 16 + 2.0

Base HP: 430
Base Mana Points: 230

Attacks per second: .75
Movement speed: 300

Base Dmg: 45-62

Hotkey Q:
ICON: Abstract IC

?Call forth Ice?
A ring of crisp eye spreads down his right arm (mace arm) and onto the tip of his mace causing additional weight to his mace. The attack speed is reduced -3/ 5/ 7/ 9/ 10/ 12/ 14% per stack and damage is increased by 5/ 7/ 9/ 12/ 15/ 18/ 21 per stack. Also, upon a strike the cold begins to transfer to the target of strike causing them to become increasingly fragile for next 3 seconds by taking .5/ 1/ 1.5/ 2/ 2.5/ 3/ 3.5% per stack.
0 cd
0 mana cost

Hotkey W:
ICON: Abstract lightening

?Call forth Lightening?:
Lightening an element significantly more unstable than Destroyer himself is capable from leaping from his left hand onto the enemy every [60- (3/ 5/ 7/ 9/ 12/ 15/ 18 * stack)] seconds. This is literally a second attack that has (30/50/70/ 100/ 130/ 160/ 200 * stack) range at max. The damage is equal to Destroyer's base damage (a random number in range) in magic damage. Also, if Destroyer is in melee range of target he will also lash out with mace basically dealing a ?double? strike. In addition to this attack buff ?Call forth Lightening? has a chance of creating a micro storm over the area of an AoE spell that Destroyer casts. Probability of casting storm is, 1/ 3/ 5/ 7/ 9/ 10/ 11% per stack. Storm has an aoe of 600 (radius) and causes enemies inside to be slowed by an additional 5/ 10/ 12.5/ 15/ 17.5/ 20/ 25% based on level only of ?Call forth lightening.? The storm lasts 3 seconds and during its duration.
0 cd
0 mana cost

Hotkey E:
ICON: Abstract Fire

?Call forth fire?:
Fire begins to wrap itself around Destroyer causing him to burn enemies around him without damaging himself as he has trained his body to withstand the heat. Deals 3/ 5/ 7/ 9/ 11/ 13/ 15 damage per second around Destroyer per stack per second in an 500 unit radius. Also while the fire is called forth he has a chance to go onto a devastating flurry whenever struck or striking an enemy as the fire represents his current rage or joy/excitement 1/1/ 2/ 3/ 3.5/ 4/ 5 % chance per stack. While in flurry casting speed is increased by 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7 % per stack also movement speed is increased by 2/ 3.5/ 4/ 4.5/ 5.5 / 6/ 6.5% per stack. Flurry lasts for 10 seconds and can be reset during its duration, however if flurry runs out, then player cannot gain ?flurry? for next 20 seconds.
0 cd
0 mana cost

Hoteky R:
ICON: Explosion between hands

Causing his element(s) to collide together forcefully he creates a new force which can be used once before dissipating each new element causes adverse effects.
Passive part: For every spell cast Destroyer will gain 0/1/1/2 charges, these charges are called, ?chain cast?. Some spells have additional benefits for being cast while ?Chain cast? charges are active. Charges share a cool down timer which is reset every time Destroyer casts a spell (not QWE). If 18 charges are reached then all spells are refreshed and combo counter is reduced by 9.

*NOTICE: When you create a spell it takes the hotkey D or if it's unavailable because it's taken by another spell it takes F. Also, if you cast a created spell you may only cast it once. You will have to re-create it and it will STILL BE ON COOL DOWN. Basically the Icon disappears but the cool down starts*

CD: 15/ 8/ 3/ 1.5
Mana Cost: 5/ 10/ 20/ 30

Elements (Spells):

ICON: http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=3727&stc=1&d=1270202389

Rorak (QWE)
Is an element similar to Plasma, it is extremely unstable and somewhat mushy, it is in the shape of an orb which can travel up to 2000 units before detonating. Rorak element flies from Destroyer in direction of click for 2000 units, or until it strikes an enemy/neutral unit, or until player presses hotkey/icon used for spell again. When Rorak explodes (400 radius) it deals 100/120/140/160/180/210/250 damage based on level of ?Call forth Fire?, caused an implosion which pulls in all enemies towards its center over 1/ 1.2 / 1.4/ 1.6/ 1.8/ 2.0/ 2.2 seconds based on ?Call forth Ice?. After implosion all units become 4/ 6/ 8/ 10/ 12/ 13/ 14% more viable to spells based on level of ?Call forth Lightening?.
Base stats:
CD: 45 seconds
Mana cost 205
Range: 2000
Casting time .1 seconds
Radius of effect: 400 units


Destro (EEE)
Due to amazingly high temperatures of the fire that is combusted, Destroyer creates a ?dark flame? which burns hotter than both blue and white fire. This dark fire is extremely reliant on oxygen and thus its duration is 1 second. Fire spew forth from destroyer in a 250 unit radius. Then the fire leaps from trees/ or units/ or buildings at a maximum of 20/ 40/ 60/ 80/ 100/ 120/ 140 units away. A maximum of 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 11 + (number of ?chain cast? charges) units may be caught fire. All units affected by this will be dealt 100/ 130/ 150/ 180/ 210/ 230/ 240/ 280 damage. An additional (charges) * (level) *1.5 damage will be distributed amongst units affected by Destro over 3 seconds.

Example of use: Say Destroyer runs into a group of units, the fire will leap over 1 second from unit to unit, but will at most leap X amount of times prior to extinguishing. The fire chooses priority as so: Heroes/ Units/ Buildings/ trees. The fire expands outward in all directions; if fire reaches trees, it will skip over trees to following trees based on the range.

Mana cost: 160
CD: 30 seconds
Range: From caster's origin
Casting time: Instant


Joltiz (WWW)

A self-buff on Destroyer he becomes energized for 5 seconds increasing his attack speed by 30/50/65/ 70/ 80 90/ 95% but damage is reduced by 10/15/25/ 30/ 35/ 50/ 70%; movement speed is increased by 5/ 7/ 9/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14%. All spells cast during its duration have 100% chance of restoring 5/ 10/ 15/ 20/ 25/ 30/ 35% of their mana cost. In addition to these effects ?Combust!? has a cool down of 0 seconds for its duration.

CD: 25 seconds
Mana cost: 95
Duration: 5 seconds


Recn (QQQ)

This cause an extreme drop in temperature causing all units to move at a slower speed including allies with the exception of Destroyer and allies within 200 units of his location.
Speed Reduction: 10/15/ 17/ 19/ 21/ 23/ 25% for 3 + ( 0.2 * (charges)) seconds. If spell is cast with more than 9 charges then 100 damage will be dealt to all enemies in area of effect. This area can be exited and upon exiting the area of effect the slow will last an additional 1 second (this includes a prolonged effect after the spell expires of 1 second.)

Mana cost: 140
CD: 20 seconds
Range: 1000 units from caster
AOE: 350/ 400/ 450/ 500/ 550/ 600/ 650 + (15* number of charges)


Wafir (EEW)

This is a ?blink? based skill in which Destroyer would ride a wave of fire 300/450/ 550/ 600/ 650/ 700/ 850 (based on level of ?Call forth lightening?) units in the direction of point of casting. While riding this fire he can deals damage to all enemies that he passes 30/ 70/ 100/ 130/ 150/ 170/ 180/ 190 damage (Based on ?Call forth Fire?). Upon landing he ?crashes? down upon his landing zone causing all units within 100 unit radius of landing to be stunned for .3/ .5/ .7 /.9/ 1.1/ 1.3/ 1.5 seconds based on ?Call forth fire.? While riding this he has a (number of charges)% chance of dodging incoming damage up to a total of (number of charges) * 20 damage from individual sources.

CD: 25 seconds
Duration: 1 second.
Casting time: 0.2 seconds
Mana cost: 130


Frebz (EEQ)

Target Buff

Summons a ?cloud? over target unit's head, target must be ally. All enemy units within 100/ 150/ 175/ 200/ 230/ 260/ 300 (based on level of ?Call forth Fire?) units of unit with cloud over head will be slowed by 3/ 6/ 8/ 10/ 12/ 13/ 14 % (based on ?Call forth ice?) and dealt 10/ 15/ 20/ 25/ 35/ 45/ 55 (based on ?Call forth Fire?) damage per second.

Radius: Based on level of call forth fire
Duration: 7 + (number of charges * .5) seconds
Mana cost: 170
CD: 24 seconds
Range: 750 units


Yize (QQE)

Target Ground location

After a .5 second channeling time Destroyer forces a flame imprisoned in a sphere of ice to be hurled into the air for 1.5 seconds towards target location on map. Area of effect is: 50/ 65/ 80/ 100/ 120/ 150/ 200 units based on level of ?Call forth ice? dealing 100/ 120/ 150/ 180/ 200/ 220/ 230 damage based on level of ?Call forth Fire? and if during collision is below 1/ 2/ 4/ 5.5/ 8/ 11/ 13 % (based on level of ?Call forth Ice?) maximum health they will be dealt their current life + 100 in magic damage.

Casting time: .5 seconds
Radius: Depends
mana cost: 160
CD: 30 seconds

Snazzle (WWE)

A spark of ?Fire? does the worm throughout the AOE dealing damage and stunning enemies it hits. Size of Worm's AoE: 10/ 20/ 30/ 40/ 50/ 60/ 80 units based on ?Call forth Fire? and speed of worm: 200/ 250/ 300/ 350/ 400/ 450/ 500 Units per second based on ?Call forth Lightening?). Stuns last 0.5 seconds and cause 50 damage a hit along with an additional .5% of max mana burned. Amount of worms: 1/ 1/ 2/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 worms based on level of ?Call forth Lightening.? All worms bounce around the radius meaning they cannot simply keep circling you, they will follow linear paths. An additional .1 second per charge is added to stun duration.

Radius: 600 units
Mana cost: 200
CD: 50 seconds
Cast range: 1200 units
Cast time: .1 second

Liafz (WWQ)

Destroyer creates an electrical sphere of ice around him reducing all incoming damage by 10/ 15/ 20/ 25/ 30/ 32.5/ 35% based on ?Call forth Ice?. Movement speed is set to 450 and cannot be decreased nor slowed. Deals 40/ 50/ 70/ 85/ 100/ 120/ 130 damage per second around his position in an AoE of 100/ 130/ 150/ 180/ 210/ 230/ 250 units based on ?Call forth Lightening?. During this time he gains ?unit walking?.

Mana cost: 200
CD: 50 seconds
Duration: 4 + (Charges *.2)

Shielz (QQW)

Creates a shield with (1/ 1/ 2/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 ) based on ?Call forth ice?+ 1 (if more than 9 chain cast charges are active) counters. Each time a debuff would effect ?buffed? unit then a counter is removed, meaning poisons, curses, stuns, etc. All damage during its duration or until last counter expires is reduced by 10/ 15/ 20/ 25/ 30/ 35/ 40% based on ?Call forth ice.? Each time that a unit casts a spell on buffed unit, the caster is mana-burned for 10/ 20/ 40/ 70/ 100/ 140/ 170 mana based on level of ?Call forth Lightening?. When a unit is mana-burned it loses the mentioned mana and is dealt the same amount in magical damage.

Duration: 10 seconds
CD: 18 seconds
Mana cost: 150
Range: 800 units

Inner-synergy: The synergy of this character isn't forced, rather he has several moves which increase his capabilities on the battle field and along with capabilities of his allies. He has disruptive spells, AoE slow/damage spells, buff spells. Basically despite his low stats, if played well he is capable of crazy combos and over all support.

Play style: Because he's melee he would be played as an aggressive support, one that can support but also go out and kick butt fighting against individual heroes. Because of the ?Charges? that the hero gains it'll promote players playing fast and switching spells. He will have a huge mana-defficiency throughout the game but if played well early he will be able to purchase and farm for late game.

Spells that would work well together: I will just use 2 spell combos.

Liafz + Shielz: Woulld create a HUGE AoE dps around Destroyer, he would be impossible to slow due to Liafz, and stuns would be negated by Shielz. All the while he'd be taking reduced damage from all sources as the percentages would stack in the sense that, if one spell had 50% block and the other had 50% they would block 75% damage (50% + (50% * 50%)).

Rorak + Wafir: After the units would ?implode? you'd ride in and stun all the units again. Afterward you could activate the dark flames move, or Liafz, etc.

Basically any 2 moves would work well from this...

Where this hero will excel: Team battles and drawn out fights (over 8 seconds long)

Where this hero will struggle: Fast fights, small scale battles, mana, and being targetted.

Recommended Items:

Nomes Wisdom: Because of high costing spells you would heal a lot of HP back, PLUS Joltiz would restore mana back AFTER you paid the cost meaning you'd heal 25% of 200 mana and then get 40% mana back due to Joltiz..

Storm Spirit: Would allow you to play even more of an support by gaining yet another move. Also it would give mana and mana regeneration which is extremely important for Destroyer.

Kuldra's sheepstick: Yet again the mana and the spell

Sacrificial stone: HP, Mana, Regeneration.

Steam Boots: To get an additional 10 intelligence.

Talisman's of exile: More intelligence

Frost wolf''s skull: More stats and a passive slow to help out during your battles where your entire team isn't involved.

Frostplate: Mana, armor, and an aoe spell.

Bad items: Anything that causes him to lose any more of his precious mana. Pure strength gain items, etc.

Good Hero Combos:
Demented Shaman
Wretched Hag

Destroyer's nightmares:

04-02-2010, 06:54 AM
Like the concept but numbers are way of and OP and should be signifigantly decreased, also saying that he has low statgain per level and manapool makes up for it.

Well it dont becuse it makes him OP earlygame example lets say zeus Thunder would deal 200 more dmg but cost 100 more mana. that would be OP, Same thing here, Well i guess you get my point.

One more thing this hero has highest basedamage ingame of all heroes, Says everything for example the dmg stacking buff stacking it up 3 times at lvl one would make him kill a hero in like 3-4 hits like chronos that is pretty op :)

04-02-2010, 01:49 PM
I see your comment regarding the base damage, but the spells don't seem op to me even after rereading them today. The most potentially OP spell he has for early game is Liafz and that can't even be cast until level 3 and requires him to run into heroes as it is a self buff. And if you look at the damage, early game he's trading like 150 damage for 200 mana for most spells. That's more than some ultimates. Arrow costs 120 and deals 360 and stuns for up to 5 seconds, fireball does 250 and can be double on a frequent basis. Can you be more specific and point out what part is OP?

04-02-2010, 08:33 PM
So any thoughts guys? Like things you like/dislike?

04-02-2010, 09:06 PM
Thumbs up, but I'm a huge fan of everything invoker. I especially like how the skills are creative and not just boring copycat skills with different names like alot of these characters. Check out Khal Jengka and The Wizard in my sig, and see if you like em.

Also, just noticed your poll is public. You should request to make it private so your hero can make it in the popular section some day.

04-02-2010, 09:46 PM
How do you make the poll private once it's public>

04-02-2010, 10:59 PM
You just request a mod to do it for you.


request there say can i get http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?t=96494#post1320658 changed from public to private poll?

04-03-2010, 01:06 AM
Changed it :D

04-03-2010, 01:54 AM
Well.. I'm sill reading and analysing all that info.. :D

Until I post something really worth, check my heroes too!!!

They are right below... lol

04-03-2010, 06:23 AM
invoker is one of the best dota hero..need to be imported

04-03-2010, 03:32 PM
Always like Invoker, but never mastered him...
I noticed some skill, but some I isn't my type of skill play....

And I can't say much without testing the skill to have more detailed opinion....

Anyway... Its a good port, just need more skill with no dmg finallity...

Good job... T-Up

04-03-2010, 05:01 PM
What do u mean about that "Damage finality" statement???

04-03-2010, 05:28 PM
Invoker had sme crazy skill just to annoy enemies... Like Ice wall and another one I can' remember the name, that pushed enmies around and panic them (or something like it)... Those were cool and made hell difference early game...

04-03-2010, 07:12 PM
QWE is such a move it is based on the deafening blast but rather it's amixture of javellin light and deafening blast by imploding. There're a few other annoying moves to slow/dispel magiic i dunno, i tried making him more of a fluent caster but in a different sense than invoker to not copy cat too much.

04-04-2010, 12:38 AM
Please tell me what you like/dislike before you t-down.

04-04-2010, 04:06 PM
So.... any comments? lolz.

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04-07-2010, 11:10 PM
lol any suggestions again? hahhaa.

04-08-2010, 07:48 PM
Thumbs Up-
I like the new-style of invoker, basically how you recycled an old concept and made it new.

04-09-2010, 12:23 AM
Thank you for the comment.

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