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Grave Guard
STR: 26 + 3.2
AGI: 12 + 1.2
INT: 14+ 1.8
Damage: 55-68
Armor: 3.6
MS: 290

Overall scary guy with ornate armor, rusted and worn. He dual-wields shields, of course.

Fear Death
15 second CD
Fear pervades the edges of all life - like a predator with eyes keen. When confronted with Death's visage, there are those who will freeze in their cowardice, and those who will be compelled to fight beyond the grave.

When activated, enemy heroes/units facing away from him are snared for a duration.

Snares for 20/35/50/65% for 5 seconds.
The snare also effects turn rate.
550 AoE.

When activated, allied heroes/units facing towards him cannot die for a duration.

Buff lasts for 2/3/4/5 seconds.
550 AoE.

Planar Shift
8 second CD
Through some kind of necrotic power, one is able to assume an ephemeral phatansmal form. This extends to all those unfortunate enough to meet the cold touch of death, and as near the living can get to the realm of the dead without belonging to it.

When activated, himself and all heroes/units near him transported to a designated location.

Acquisition of units within 175 range.
Transports up to 400/550/700/850 range.
.35 second fade period.

Considering having it deal 50/100/150/200 damage at Point A and Point B, allowing a user to deal up to 400 magical damage. I feel it would be too much to add to the hero, though.

Vengeful Spirits
His hatred of life pervades the spirits of the dying - granting them an immutable last will. Often times, it involves bidding farewell to a loved one. In all times remaining, it usually involves some breed of bloody vengeance.

Whenever an allied hero/unit is slain, that hero/unit storms after its killer for a duration.

Hero/unit chases for 1/1/2/3 attacks.
Hero/unit is granted true damage.
Hero/unit is granted maximum MS.
Hero/unit is granted treewalking.
Hero/unit is granted unitwalking.
Hero/unit dispels after suffering one attack instance.
Hero/unit is immune to spells.

Undying Gaze
100/80/60 second CD
He only does this when he's upset.

When activated, this skill deals damage equal to the damage received within a set duration to all units facing the hero.

Passively registers damage received constantly.

Registers 3/4.25/5.5 seconds timeframe.

1.25 second activation period.
650 AoE.

Note: I like making my heroes relatively simple, but attempt to retain a complexity and dimension to them. I severely dislike overcomplicated heroes, and attempt to make spells concise yet effective, while retaining an air of originality. I hope that this hero is well received, for I have rather large experience in designing/balancing heroes in many AoS in WC3.

Also, I like leaving synergy to the readers - this hero has plenty of it, and it's cute finding out all the little tricks and implications each skill has within its skillset and with other heroes. Things like recommended items I also leave up to you to think of. Note the hero also lacks direct damage, but makes up for it with outstanding utility.

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