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02-16-2010, 04:34 PM
Hello world!

I am a low-mid skilled Swedish HoN player, currently around the 1600's while pubing, looking for an active team to stomp with. I am a great teamplayer and prefer to play whatever hero the team needs me to play. I am not really the person who likes to play hard carries, I prefer support or nukers (errh, killstealers :thun::pyro: ).

What I am looking for is a team that likes to both pub and go on tournaments to try out against other organized players. I like to play fair games and hate when I get into a game where one of the sides fails so much that the game is one sided. I am also beginning to hate pub because the picks are unorganized and I always seem to end up in a team with 4 carries and one irrelevant hero (:madm::scou::corr::nigh::legi: urgh).

Considering myself a player with high potential I am ofcourse looking for teams looking for people like me, um yeah, that's right, looking. So if you're in such a team, don't hessitate on contacting me.

I have TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Skype and a working mic. I have 24/100 (up/down) mbit connection and play without problems on any kind of server, my computer can also take on any current game so lag is not a problem.

I have no prior DotA experience, and HoN will be my first competitive RTS game, yes - I consider HoN an RTS. Before HoN i used to compete in BF2 so I have a minor experience with such things.

This post is getting out of hand, so just stop reading now and post if you want me.



P.S. The clan, [30s] which I am in now is just with terribad friends, don't get scared by it.

02-20-2010, 01:54 PM
Also, my PSR is around 1600, and this is not a shameless way of promoting this post nor a bump... *cough*