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02-01-2010, 06:42 AM
I have 2.5 computers with random bits of kinda working and not working at all.
a 12 year old e machine, 20 g hard drive and 1.20 ghz processor 128 mb ram, and a motherboard so out of date its out the window, doesn't even have pci or ddrs... so that means the ram is useless as is the processor, so basically I'll just be using the 20 g hardrive.

a 6 year old compaq hard drive is in use elsewhere, processor unknown make (don't want to unglue to find out) on a asus a7cbx-la mother board, possible use still. 1 g ram ddr.

and a 6 year old gigabyte mother board not sure what make, amd processor unknown make, ddr x2 128 mp ram.

I know that hon requires 1 gig ram to run I only have a windows 7 copy to install. the point is to aim low with these things together to make a computer that works alright but is only good for hon. reason being I want a back up computer, since my current expensive build has an expensive motherboard that doesn't f***in want to work half the time, the harddrive failed which is why the compaqs harddrive is now in use. I've had enough of the failures in it that I want to play while I wait for reinstalls/fixes, as it's been doomed from day one.

side note the motherboard does have a warranty but when I tried to bring it in, naturally it works great... so they won't replace it.

anyways should I look for a larger hardrive, or would it not matter since all the other parts are crud anyways? or should I just not even make the attempt?

02-01-2010, 05:24 PM
Honestly, in my past experiences, franken-computers are not my cup of tea. For the money, I'd just rather drop 200-300 on a decent computer, where I know all the parts work fine and dandy.

I dunno if HoN would run well on a netbook. You could look down that route, too. Or just a really cheap old laptop. I got a nice Dell latitude for 30$ on ebay, then upgraded the RAM, battery, and Internal HDD all for 50$. I ended up with quite a nice laptop for AIM / HoN / emulators / oldies.