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01-18-2010, 07:23 AM
Stay a while, and listen, so Kros, after all these years did you think you could really hide from me? Do you think I can not remember your transgressions? Let me retell them for you incase your memory is fleeting. It was a warm summer night in 1998, together we sat on my deck, at my house in Sweden. You kissed me passionately as I sensually caressed your rock hard nipples. Soon we grew impatient of this tiring charade, so I took you to my bedchamber to lay you; making you a real woman. When we finished you lay softly on my chest as I fell into a deep slumber. Through my telekinetic link to you I saw you rising in my dreams, reading through my journals. As you came to the realization that I was infact Nelith the prophet and keeper of the Maliken.

You drew up a plan in your mind, then slipped away into the kitchen. You located a knife and came back in the room. You slit my wrists then yours, causing the blood to flow out of me and into you and vice-versa. I stirred in my sleep, but you covered my lips with your own putting me at ease. Thousands of years of knowledge and understanding flew into you with my blood as my body weakened, grew older and became mortal. My telekinetic link to you faded and disappeared. In the morning I awoke, old tired and broken. I looked for your soft embrace but it was gone. On the floor all my personal possessions were scattered. I soon understood your vile treachery, vowing to hunt you down before you corrupted the Maliekn for your own needs.

I hunted for decades, as HoN became more popular it seemed you weren't yet influencing the Maliken I took this to mean you hadn't found the Maliken. Soon however your corrupting presence was known to the HoN world. Maliken, thinking you were me accepted you. He empowered you giving you the power to lead the poor yet devoted people of the country OT. These were my people! I was shocked and appalled at your lack of humanness, you shamelessly terrorized the people of OT into submission forever ruining my good name. It was then I came to realize you were infact Mephisto the lord of hatred. And I knew your goal was to rally King Leoric's horde of the undead and lesser demons to seek and free Diablo the lord of terror and Baal the lord of destruction.

I was outraged, but your minions Chavo and TWILIGHTFAN3 sought to repress me, warning me away and banning me. But I fought the ban and returned once more to try and save my world from sure destruction, Maliken corrupted by your lies had grown cold and distant from his people. HoN continued to grow but it was filling with your minions. The minions of the truly damned. I grew older, walking with a limp, cane in hand I tried to rally my good ally Desirablle but he was corrupted by your promises of power. Desirable soon realized what he had done and committed ritual suicide to escape the guilt. I went on, appealing to Nome but he had his own lands and was concerned about protecting them from your evil influence and under too much pressure from your greatest servant Glorify to assist me.

I cursed your name day and night, it seemed you had me blocked at every turn. Then a startling idea came to me, why not show the people that it was I who was truly Nelith the prophet and keeper of the Maliken? Knowing that you would strike me down for revealing you, I knew I had to be efficient and loud. So my plea to you inhabitants of OT Kros is not the prophet, I am infact Nelith. We must raise quickly and strike him down for he is in truth Mephisto. He seeks to use King Leoric and and his horde to free Diablo and Baal. If this happens the rivers will run red with blood and Maliken will be destroyed, giving the game permanently to the brothers three.

If you have any sense of morality or justice, please help destroy Mephisto and save DotA from his evil, corrupting clutches.

I beg of you,

- Nelith the prophet, and true keeper of the Maliken.

01-18-2010, 10:34 AM
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