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01-16-2010, 07:09 AM
Hi Guys, im another 1 player bored of playing alone or only seldom with some mates and have to hope for luck with random teammates, just to see i played another game i could do nothing to win it.

Im 21 years old, and atm mostly playing hon (some dota aswell), on my only ACC, Gr33nsurfer. Im looking for a team/clan or at least 2-4 mates who speak english and or german. My PSR is about 1650+ depending on how much luck i got with my public random teammates. I would rly like to be part of a team which play often together so that teamplay can be increased to maximum.

Looking for:

-Team/Mates with mid-skill (about 1650+ psr but psr dont mean to much to me)
-Guys who know the role of support/carry etc. and also play it
-Inhous matches (had my best dota games on such inhouses), CW
-English/German speaking guys
-Guys who have manners (i tend to flame if my teammates suck but usually i dont insult, and if i had to insult u, u werent at my skilllevel anyway ^^)
-Searching for a Team which accept also constructive criticism and want to improve theyr skills/teamplay etc.

I am:

-21 years old can speak german fluently, and understand/speak english usually without any problems.
-Midskilled, psr about 1650+
-Can play any role of class, but im best at carry/support
-normaly online every evening (central europe time)
-I accept contstructive criticism, but not if it starts with a flame ^^
-Played dota for several years, but never in a league or something like that
-A No-EM-Player, and i rly wont play EM even not with 4 mates, i just dont like it

If u have any questions or if ur interest in playing testgame with me etc. just contact me via pm or ingame

Mfg Gr33nsurfer

01-16-2010, 01:54 PM
If you are looking for a ingame community where you can play inhouses (mainly) or vs clans if you like visit my link. We have a clan, active forum and we aim for 1000+ members. Attitude comes before skill, but atm most are 1650+. Nothing holds you from playing with your own skilled friends inside.

Hope to see you soon.