View Full Version : Language barrier elimination suggestions

01-13-2010, 01:04 PM
O.K. first of all this is not a derogatory attack on foreigners, this is a pre-suggestion before posting to the forums to get some general feedback from the community and hoefully a mod post to see how viable an option this is.

Nothing is more annoying than for someone like me to host on a USC server only to have numerous foreigners join who do not speak english. There is no way for a host to tell if a person speaks english or not or to know their country of origin. So I have a few suggestions on how HoN can be better developed to make this game more enjoyable for everyone and to allow us to play with people speak the host's desired language.

Suggestion 1 - Country tags

Within the game interface, there should be a small picture of the player's country's flag. This, I believe, should be relativly easy to do by having the server ping the player's IP and gathering this information. The flag could be posted on the in-game interface, possibly a hover-pop, an additional right click menu item, or possible in their chat listing instead of the red circle for kicking. This will also help control lag for other players becuase if we choose a USC server and someone from lets say...Greece, who speaks english, joins the game -- they will undoubtedly have lag issues on this server.

Suggestion 2 - lag postings

Underneath the player's name in the lobby screen, there is enough room to post a player's latency. High latency from a US server, for instance, would indicate players from EU, Asia, or BR. There is a chance, I realize, that it could very well be a person in the same city as me with a high lag, but I would argue that more often than not, it would be a good indication of a player's location from the host's server choice.

Suggestion 3 - Tab-translations

I don't know how many of you played FFXI but it had two very big player language bases: english and japanese. It was impossible to segregate these two groups so SE decided to impliment an in-game chat translation tool. It worked very quickly and easily. Lets say you neeeded help, you would type like normal in english, and start typing what you would say in english, so I would start typing "Hel..." then hit the TAB button, and a mini-list would pop up with a list of pre-translated words or phrases to choose from, I would select the <Help me out!> phrase, which would show up on the others' screens in japanese. Conversely, if they needed to find out where I was, they could type out Doko ni imasu ka <OR> in their kanji characters, start typing out the equivilant of the first word of this phrase, hit TAB, and be able to select the kanji phrase "Where are you?" which would show up on my screen in english. Pressing tab multiple times would toggle between languages.

I would ask that a simple database of pre-translated words be implimented that contains the hero names, colors, skills, items, locations, units like neuts, kongor, and simple common commands like "back."

I try really hard not to care who I play with but in a game based so much on teamwork, it is nothing less than frusterating when I cannot effectivly communicate with my team. If you would please read through my suggestions and let me know which youl ike the most or offer your own. I already know that 95% of responses will be some kind of retarded statement or "meme" but I also know there's nothing I can do about it, I just hope that SOME people take this seriously, as this is a beta, and we're supposed to be telling S2 what kinds of improvments/fixes/ect... they should/need to do so they have the best possible final product.