View Full Version : Recipes sell for 75% instead of 50% of their original value

12-31-2009, 03:44 PM
Hey everybody, quick and simple suggestion. I'm not intending to cite it as a valid source, but DotA has had a system that allows players to sell back item recipes for 75% of their original value instead of the 50% for all other items for a while. In HoN, this sellback value is 50% like with all other items.

The reasons I believe HoN should have the 75% recipe sellback value as well is because buying an incorrect recipe away from your stash for whatever reason (misclick, bump a hotkey by accident, space out etc.) is much more harmful than buying an incorrect item.

All items provide you stats or abilities in some form or another, but recipes provide absolutely nothing for you except an occupied inventory slot that could be used for something else. This is precisely why they should retain 75% of their value - so that selling them back doesn't harm the player as much. The extra 25% makes up for the item having absolutely zero benefits while in your inventory.

Please post any feedback why and why not this should be implemented. Thanks a ton for reading this. :D

Arguments I would not like to hear but am expecting anyway:

"This is just copying DotA for the sake of copying it."

DotA has it for a balance reason, HoN should too, unless we come up with something even better. I'll be all ears then. It makes sense when compared between normal items and recipes: normal items give stats and sell for 50%, recipes give nothing but sell for 75%.

"Then don't misclick or press the wrong hotkeys or space out."

This doesn't even merit a response.

Again, thanks in advance.

01-01-2010, 09:04 AM
Hey, come on, I'd like to hear some reasoning why or why not. I don't mean to imply every single voter should make a response, but I'd really like to hear peoples' thoughts why this shouldn't be implemented so I can tweak anything I can other than just receiving ninja-votedowns.