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12-22-2009, 03:07 PM

Q: Haven't i seen something like this before?
A: Yes, yes you have. Porting nightstalker is nothing new and porting him as a werewolf is even less new. Make no mistake, this was in no way my idea originally, but this a sweet idea so i want to see it done and done well.

Q: Dude, isn't there a werewolf in the game now? I think his name is warbeast.
A: Yes and no. No, he's technically not a werewolf since he would have to start as a human to qualify as one. Yes, the concept of him turning into a wolf-like beast is very similar which is why i have a section devoted to this later

Q: Bro, i've seen nightstalker ports, why should i care?
A: Well BRO, the problem with nightstalker i've had since dota is the reason i'm remaking him in the first place. When you boil it all down nightstalker is essentially just a weak version of himself during the day. I always hated this. The problem with changing this formula is that make no mistake nightstalker is very strong at night, so to make him strong during the day would definitely imbalance him. The goal here is to make a nightstalker that is strong, fun to play, and balanced during both day and night.


I feel this is a subject that needs to be touched on. The fact that warbeast turns into a wolf-like beast means that this hero would need some attention to detail to make him stand out from his demonic cousin(no relation). Below are details that would help with that.

1. Biped...ish? I can't stress this enough. Making the wolf form bipedal or at least semi-bipedal, like predator's run animation, would help make that distinction between warbeast's wolf form and Moonfangs.

2. The human side. This is what makes Moonfang a werewolf and what makes warbeast not one. this difference should be played out. where warbeast has some crazed demonic dude weilding a huge axe Moonfang is just a human. He is nowhere near heroic, infact, almost comically the opposite in my vision of him, which will be discussed below.

Jimmy and Moonfang,
like Day and Night.

This is the heart of what makes this hero so special. Jimmy, the name i have affectionately assigned to Moonfang's daytime form, should be so different he should feel like a second hero. This does two things. Firstly, it ideally makes Moonfang a Nightstalker remake that is strong and fun to play during both day and night. Secondly, it makes the player feel the transformation. You don't just get stronger during the night, you become something entirely different. Making the werewolf hero play just like he should.



Run for your lives!
Jimmy is a not just a coward, he's the BEST coward. His fear sends him running faster than most men can think. Jimmy becomes disarmed and gains max movement speed for the duration of the effect. The spell can be activated again to end it's duration early.

Visual: Jimmy flails his arms in the air wildly while he has the move speed buff.

Level 1 - 3 second duration, Disarm continues 1 second after buff ends.
Level 2 - 4.5 second duration, Disarm continues 1.5 seconds after buff ends.
Level 3 - 6 second duration, Disarm continues 2 seconds after buff ends.
Level 4 - 7.5 second duration, Disarm continues 2.5 seconds after buff ends.

Manacost 15/30/45/60
Cooldown 20/18/16/14

Cripple Prey
Few survive being hunted by the great wolf. Moonfang delivers a terrible slash Crippling the targets movement and dealing damage. MELEE RANGE

Visual: Moonfang makes a slashing motion and a red gash animation occurs over enemy hero

Level 1 - 80 Physical damage, Slows 40% for 2 seconds
Level 2 - 160 Physical damage, Slows 40% for 3 seconds
Level 3 - 240 Physical damage, Slows 40% for 4 seconds
Level 4 - 320 Physical damage, Slows 40% for 5 seconds

Manacost 90/105/120/135
Cooldown 10 seconds



Coward's Reflexes
Jimmy knows that the most important part of fighting is not getting hit. he can put up his guard to avoid blows.

Level 1 - 10% evasion lasts 5 seconds
Level 2 - 20% evasion lasts 6 seconds
Level 1 - 30% evasion lasts 7 seconds
Level 1 - 40% evasion lasts 8 seconds

The great wolf releases a terrible how that Silences all that hear it in a 450 Radius and slows them.

Level 1 - 5% slow and silence for 5 seconds
Level 2 - 10% slow and silence for 6 seconds
Level 3 - 15% slow and silence for 7 seconds
Level 4 - 20% slow and silence for 8 seconds




At night jimmy transforms into the great wolf, Moonfang. His familiarity with the wolf lets him move and attack more swiftly. PASSIVE AT NIGHT

Visual: a beam of moonlight shines down as jimmy transforms into moonfang

Level 1 - 15% Move Speed, 20% Attack Speed
Level 2 - 20% Move Speed, 35% Attack Speed
Level 1 - 25% Move Speed, 55% Attack Speed
Level 1 - 30% Move Speed, 75% Attack Speed



Unleash the Beast
Jimmy transforms himself into Moonfang. IMPORTANT! time continues to move normally during this transformation.

Cooldown: 200/150/100
Manacost: -

Take Control
Moonfang transforms himself into Jimmy. IMPORTANT! time continues to move normally during this transformation.

Cooldown: 200/150/100
Manacost: -