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12-19-2009, 01:32 PM
Dis' prolly gon ta take a wile to splain how dis gon work.

Dis boy is beeg... I meen, reel beeg. Shootas wanna be em, fir gud reesan. Dis boy livs by one sayin... "Need more Dakka." So dats wot he doz, gitz mor dakka. Lemme splain.

His regular attack will work like crystal maidens ult, With the target being the center of the PBAOE and his attacks landing in the vicinity, all of his attacks have a small splash... I'll update this when I can think of some better way to explain it.Skeel nomba won.
More Dakka.
Guzzils been nown ta git dakka werever 'e fines it.

For every ranged creep/hero he kills he gets one dakka charge, dakka charges can be used as described below.
Skill levels:
Level one Maximum of 1 charge
" two " 2 charges
" three " 3 charges
" four " 4 charges

Using this skill will cost x mana and remove a charge, has the following effects.
lasts for x seconds (long enough to have time after the fourth charge)
Increases attack speed by x
increases aoe of where shots land by x
increases splash radius of shots by x

getting to the 4th charge will put guzzil into a rage state (will affect his ult somehow.)
Skeel nomba too.
Grot bommas.
Dem grotz ar alwas shoin up wen da enemee is dyin. Guzzil haats dem grotz, so wen one of dem grotz sho up 'e grabs won of dem boms 'e carrees an fitz a grot up wit it.

This skill will work like forsakens pseudopets. If a grot is killed next to guzzil he will explode and damage guzzil... maybe?

Level 1: max x grots
level 2: ""
level 3: ""
level 4: ""

grots will fire along with guzzil dealing minimal damage (5-10ish) in the same fashion he does, he throws the grots when he uses his ult in the rage state.. maybe? Just tossin ideas around.gotta go for now(sat dec 19 132PM EST) will continue later.

12-19-2009, 01:35 PM
Let's just get some more warhammer-esque heroes while we're at it.

12-19-2009, 01:40 PM
Better than porting dota to hell imo.

12-19-2009, 02:22 PM
Unfinished ideas are for the sandbox. Sounds impractical at the moment, with a completely different attacking style and AoE attacks, which would just make a large factor of randomness as well as cause bad lane-pushing earlygame.