View Full Version : Achievement Icons in Chat/Lobby

12-11-2009, 11:33 AM
Where this comes from:
In Warcraft 3, you could unlock special icons in chat, either by winning in tournaments or playing enough games.

What I'm Suggesting:
I'm suggesting a system like this be implemented in the chat channels and in the lobby. In the chat channels, it would be just like Warcraft 3's system, with the options being changeable and placed next to your name. They would be replaced if you were an administrator in the chat channel.
They would appear exactly like the golden shields do now, everywhere they do and could be changed while in the chat channel (but coded so that a mod could be created for it to be changed elsewhere). There should be an option of no icon.
I am also suggesting that they be toggle-able, so that I can disable all of them if I want to.


Some Examples:
I opt that the golden shields be kept as an option, including the text color change. I think this color change should be kept for some of the more exclusive and prestigious achievements, along with accompanying icons (but still toggle-able with the icon), such as: winning major tournaments, being in the top 100, pre-ordering the game, doing something especially great for the community, red text for S2 employees, etc.
However, most icons should be simple, such as a picture of Thunderbringer for having played a hundred games in the matchmaking system, or some pictures of critters for playing enough games outside of matchmaking.