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05-12-2012, 11:51 AM
Polite Mode

Alright, so my idea is:

Creating a mode where you are forced to play politely with your team-mattes in Matchmaking. This means:
Raging and bad manner of ANY KIND is reportable. If you blame somebody or start an arguement where you start being rude and create hate and also used flawed logic such as: "You fed, so we lost this game. cc15" when the real reason why the person had so many deaths were that he got ganked often and no misses were called / no wards were put out.

Why would this be any different from the current matchmaking?

The current Matchmaking has too many "kids" in it. The idea is, to make the people play together that actually enjoy the game and are ready to help each other to becomming better. I myself see people that are polite often playing better than people that aren't. The most people that AREN'T polite and spread hate against thier teammates are often playing very bad themselves.
Also, only verified accounts should be able to play this mode. To keep out f2p accounts from trolling.

How would this work out with the RAP system?

As far as I know, the RAP system is already overused.
Therefore, a lot of people that play polite mode for a longer time without being reported should gain the oppertunity to work with RAP cases where people are reported in the polite mode.

What Pro's and Con's does this have?

The pro's are already stated above. Playing politely, not raging at each other results in a more giving and nice expierience. The community of HoN is what makes this game worse. In this mode people aren't allowed to "hate". They shouldn't be allowed to express any kind of hate / rage. Else they won't be able to play this mode for about a month.

The cons are the longer queue times. Everyone will of course try to play on the Polite Mode. So early on, the normal matchmaking will have longer queue times. After a few weeks though, a lot of people won't be able to play polite mode anymore for their obvious rage behaviour. Which will make waiting time in Polite Mode longer.

This idea is still open for changes of course.
Write your thoughts in the comments. This is currently only the version 1.0 of the Polite Mode.