View Full Version : [Gameplay] MM Ragequit/AFK Ban and AFK safe timer..

05-05-2012, 09:50 PM
So I was playing this game today. 3 team members was raging about nothing at all
They was raging directly when we started the game, No real reason to why they was raging 'SO MUCH HATE'
And then they left one by one until we was 2 left, it was 4-1 in scores.
So we had not lost the game I even think we would have won if they stayed
Hell we even gave them a good fight 2v5.. But their cc got us down

*And here comes my Idea! Add a BAN timer in and alround the fountain and in the woods where people can teleport and just stand alround..
if they stay there to long they get banned from mm for a 1 days and give them a kick, or maybe 10 kicks so they wont do that many times until they cant join mm again.
*Also if people ragequit they should get banned or get 10 kicks instead of one,
There is one thing if the team kicks but when you just leave you are really rude and selfish!

In so many games people just give up and goes AFK and just tab out from the game or leaves,
Games can turn alround and it is very annoying when your team are doing good but
then the AFK,RAGEQUITTERS stop playing because he dies or dont like somebody in the team or just have lost all faith of winning.
There should be something that punish them hard for doing that..
MM is not a PUBLIC game and if they want to play MM they should try to play the game atleast

*And there should be an option where the team may allow one player to go AFK for maybe (3-5) minutes, You make an AFK vote and if the players agree, Then
his AFK safe time ticks down and at (0:00) his real Ban timer will start ticking.. Some times people leave because they need to eat. And allowing a AFK vote will let your team play even if hes AFK while eating or something, Without the AFK vote he will probably get kicked and there will be 5v4 and the game are probably lost..
If the player are disconnected, you only need 4 votes, if hes online he will need to vote himself

This was just some ideas by me, If this is done the right way it would save a lot of games where people normally just ragequit and ruins the game