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04-11-2012, 12:54 PM
Hi S2 and hon-gamers :-)

I have a question about your hero creation, who comes with the ideas, you in S2 only? or do take help from your trusty gamers? Becuse i promise you i have the coolest idea about a hero you can make, you not gona be disappointed, and i im not asking for you to take my idea and i want money. No way i will give you this idea for free. And why i know why you guys/girls not will be disappointed is becuse, i have play this game alot, and have played all classes, and learned them and how the attack,spell system woorks so iknow this hero i have idea for, gona be so awesome if you make him, iknow players that play the game will like him to, i have talked with friends that plays the game, and i have write in game with hon-players that i dont know to and they all say the same, go for it write to S2 and ask if you can give them this hero idea!

I will be glad to hear from you and im happy with this post and hope you want to hear my idea :-)

You can contact me at - txmholden@hotmail.se - ingame at hon = TxmHolden .

Best regards /Bjorn

04-11-2012, 01:34 PM
This section is made for artwork and your thread does not really fit this category.

Please re-open a thread in the suggestion - heroes secion.