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04-07-2012, 09:16 PM
Hi, i'm posting this cuz i've never been lower on mmr even though i'm not a terrible player, and i realized that hon mm system is just a bad joke, over the last 30 game, around 10 has been lost due to leavers, other 10 due to hardcore feeders, and maybe the other 10 with well intended noobs that didn't know how to play (and some of them fed, but not like they wanted to), low mmr brackets have a ton of decent players that can't get out of those brackets due to clowns/feeders/leavers/ragers/trolls etc..., and mm system just sticks a couple of those on every team.
The idea of this thread is group together (the not so cheese players, who are kind of like me) and have better chances to crawl back to the normal world (around 1500 mmr) where there are less ragers. So what do we need?
Well, first we need to have a nice amount of wanting to join players (there is other thread just like this, the idea is to make it bigger, not to be against them).
Then, while this is a low bracket, there are some desirable things on the players such as:
1.-Versatile: Even if you are not a legacy players, there are always atleast 15 f2p heroes, being able to play just a couple is terrible, so if you want to join, you should be able to play more than few heroes.
2.-Even if you are paired with bad players, your kdr should be above .6, and k+adr should be above 2, also, having around 1 ward per game is highly desirable, and if you play mostly carries, your kdr should be around 1.
3.-No leavers, 2 leaves every 100 games max, if you are a leaver, we want you on the other side, fighting against you.
4.-Well mannered, this has a lot in common with the one above, if you start raging when you die a couple times,a common symptom is then leave, if game is not lost, and you leave, then you greatly reduce team chances to win.
5.-Assume your role: While i don't care (and i barley play carries) who gets the kills, i'm aware some carries need to farm a lot, if you as support like to ks (knowingly, like buying codex to martyr), then you surely are confused about what role playing means.
6.-No one is the boss, yes, there are better experienced players which can guide, but you have no right to command anyone (no matter who you are), so, if you want wards, don't demmand wards, ask nicely, and if you are in dispair for wards, well, observatory is for everyone, go buy some.
7.-Coordinate with the team, i hate this bracket where everyone spams carry and then do nothing, carry teams only wins against terrible teams, coordination is needed.

There are few other desirable things, such as buying AND sharing a new courier if you got killed the free one. And, if you want to use scoutt or nh, you have to prove you can actually do something for the team, and not just ks (like 99% of the users of those heroes in this bracket). Other subject is here: http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?399447-Looking-for-low-MMR-Players-Let-s-carry-ourselves-out-of-HoN-s-armpit/page2

Soon, i will set up a chanel for this, i also can invite to a clan which is most likely dead and we can use it to crawl out of mmr hell