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02-17-2012, 01:13 AM
THE CASE: (skip this part if you don't like reading)
He is a towering strength hero that is designed to be a teamfight initiator, relying mostly on a portal key to become relevant during mid game. Unfortunately, this hero lacks the early-game survivability and farmability to successfully reach this point in the game.

Early game, behemoth has a limited mana pool, very low armor, and no escapes. While it is true that a well-placed fissure can save a retreating behemoth, his low mana pool forces a cautious behemoth to save specifically for such an occasion. With heavyweight and enrage, a very skillful timing can save you from a would-be melee gank, but does nothing against ranged.

In addition, behemoths slow attack speed, and low attack damage makes last-hitting very troublesome unless you focus on leveling enrage or heavyweight, which can put a hole in attempts to kill enemy heroes.

On the other hand, leveling fissure primarily will help you to assist with kills, it won't help your farming problem, and your mana pools will be quickly drained, again returning to the 'cautious' behemoth problem.

In the long run, only by intensively focusing on farming and possibly stealing a few kills, behemoth is able to obtain his core portal key. Which, to do this in any standard game would cause grief amongst team mates, both from the non-sportsmanlike behavior and (short-of text communication) absences of the hero.

By properly playing behemoth as you should, you could (in a perfect world) get your portal key by 30 minutes into the game, which by that time, your relevance with damage has dwindled, and as soon as your stuns wear off, you become mince-meat to enemy carries and more able nukers.

As it stands, Behemoth’s Enrage ability grants his next attack +50%/100%/150%/200% (so at max level behe deals 300% base damage with one hit) base damage; at the cost of 50 mana, in addition to a 1 second cast time with a cooldown of 7/6/5/4 seconds.

Other hero abilities such as legionnaire’s “Charge,” deals (notice no plus sign) 150%/200%/250%/300% base damage, +100/150/200/500 movespeed, +0/2/4/6 physical and magic armor towards target, applies a debuff that causes -50% damage and +50% attackspeed, all at the cost of 40/50/60/70 mana, with a 30/26/22/18 second cooldown. Of course, a spell should not be weighted on its own merit- but how it adds to the overall hero composition.

In Behemoth’s case, having heavyweight at maximum level will benefit his enrage. With heavyweight and enrage at maximum level (behemoth level 8), casting Enrage will cause 115 bonus magic damage and a 1.5 second stun in a 280 range around himself. With his standard attack being 62-73 at this level. attacking an opponent with enrage will cause ~202.5 pre-mitigation physical damage and (assuming opponents did not dodge your heavyweight) an additional 115 magic (pre-mitigation) to all opponents in a 280 range in an instant time frame.
In 4 seconds, you will have two casts of enrage, dealing 405 pre-mitigation physical damage 230 pre-mitigation magic damage, and time enough for one auto attack for an additional 67.5 physical (total of ~472.5 physical, 230 magic, and 3 seconds of stun, at 100 mana cost)

-Average damage against 1 (mitigation not calculated) with this combo= (472.5+230(x1 opponent)+67.5)/4seconds=192.5DPS +additional value of stunning 1 opponent – 2 seconds of vulnerability (enrage cast time)
-Average mana per second= 100/4= 25MPS

-Average damage against 5 (mitigation not calculated) with this combo =(472.5+2309x5 opponent)+67.5)/4=422.5DPS +additional value of stun against 5 opponents -2 seconds of vulnerability.
-Average mana per second= 100/4= 25MPS

To compare, we’ll look at a level 8 Lord Salforis with lifetap and darklord’s presence against one target, and then calculate against 5. Lord Salforis (L.S. for short) deals 63-73 damage per autoattack at the same speed as behemoth. Attacking an opponent with lifetap will cause ~188 UNMITIGATED damage, grant 100% lifeleech, and a 20% movement slow. Additionally your presence will caused an additional 50 true damage for a total of 238 unmitigated damage (dodging this ability is severely harder as lifetap does not have a cast time).
Over the course of 5 seconds, L.S. would get in 2 lifetaps (376 true damage), five seconds of darklord’s presence (additional 250 damage) and 3 auto attacks (204 physical damage) (total of 626 UNMITIGATED damage, 204 physical damage, at the cost of 80 mana)

-Average damage against 1 (mitigation in auto attack not calculated) with this combo= (376+250(x1 opponent)+204)/5= 166 DPS + HP regen + (376/5)life leech+ slow from lifetap.
-Average mana per second= 80/5= 16MPS

-Average damage against 5 (mitigation in auto attack not calculated) with this combo=(376+50(x5 opponents)+204)/5=166 DPS+ HP regen + (376/5)life leech + slow from lifetap.
-Average MPS= 80/5= 16mps As we can see, in a purely hypothetical situation, behemoth deals better with large groups of enemy units.

Unfortunately, no game is hypothetical, and in most cases, behemoth’s cast time on Enrage is the opening opponents use to lock you down and take you out before you have a chance to follow through, Additionally, as seen with both lord salforis and legionnaire, Behemoth’s enrage ability is lacking in “bang for buck.” The two examples all gain additional beneficial effects from their comparable abilities which behemoth must use TWO spell slots in order to be on par.

There are countless other heroes I could reference to, but my case would only get much longer than it already is and my point is generally proven with previous examples

Behemoth needs a buff


My suggestion would be a re-work of Behemoth’s “Enrage” Ability which would give him greater survivability, farmability, and most-importantly, passively encourage behemoth players to stick to team-fights.

Manacost: 50
Cooldown: 7/6/5/4
(Cast time: 1 second)

Applies enraged to self for 14 seconds or until your next attack

Enraged effects
+50%/100%/150%/200% base damage on next attack


Manacost: 50/60/70/80
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7
(cast time:0 seconds)

Applies Enraged to self

Enraged effects
Increase damage done by +10%/20%/30%/40% and movement speed by 40 for 4 seconds
In addition, Behemoth gains a charge of +1%/2%/3%/4% Damage and +2/3/4/5 movement speed for every enemy creep around him for 4 seconds in a 280 range around self. Gain a charge of +5%/6%/7%/8% Damage and +7/8/9/10 movement speed for every hero. Maximum of 10 charges

(Will gain charges from heroes before creeps)
(at max level, a total possible of +100% damage and +115 movement speed)


I believe that my change to Enrage will increase behemoth's survivability (removal of cast time, additional movespeed given), make him more engaging to play (i.e. enraging around enemy creeps to get maximum damage and speed, using it to catch escaping enemies, or to escape), and adds to his overall theme of engaging enemies in large clusters. Thank you very much for your time :D, i hope this post is not in vain